A/N: This is my first Twilight fic. I have been sitting on it for about a month now. Fear of being hated. But I thought Shattered would make me hated. I was wrong. Maybe I'll be wrong about this, too. The characters' personalities will be a little different from the ones you know. I couldn't make this work unless I changed some of them. And for the record, I have nothing against Jacob. I just don't think he should be with Bella.

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Chapter 1 Just the Beginning


Isabella Swan had always been a stubborn person who stuck to the decisions that she made. Which is what made leaving Edward Cullen for Jacob Black so much harder. She knew once she chose, it would take a lot to change her mind. Did she still love Edward even a month later. Yes, but she felt she had to give things a chance with Jake. He had done so much for her in the time that Edward was gone that she couldn't just walk away.

Though, in the month, that she'd been with Jacob, she spent most of her time thinking about Edward and his family. Her family. She hadn't spoken to any of them since the day she broke Edward's heart. She knew they probably wouldn't want her hanging around making things worse for Edward. She decided to sever all ties for Edward's sake.

She did love Jacob, as well. Sometimes, though, she couldn't help but feel that Jacob treating her like a prize. He would take her to places, he knew Edward would be just to show off that he won. She hated that part of him, everytime she had to look into Edward's hurt eyes.

"Bella, you okay, babe?" Jacob asked pulling her out of her thoughts. They were sitting on the couch in his garage.

They had just spent the day riding their motorcycles and were now killing time before they met the pack at Sam's.

"Yeah, why do you ask?" Bella replied.

"You just seem kinda quiet is all." he replied. He put his arm around her shoulder. She snuggled closer to him. Partly because she wanted to but mostly because she felt it was expected.

"I just have a lot on my mind." she replied trying to sound nonchalant. She could tell by his breathing that she had failed.

"It's him, again, isn't!" he all but yelled.

"Not him, them." Bella responded and pulled away readying herself to run in case he phased. He took a couple of deep breaths and pulled it together.

"Why?" He asked still sounding angry.

"They're like my family, Jake." she said.

"And the pack isn't?" He questioned.

"Of course they are but that doesn't change how I feel about the Cullens." she said.

"If you were so important to each other than why haven't you been in contact for over a month?" Jacob asked.

"Because Edward needs time to get over and we all want to respect that."

"That's what you wanna believe isn't?"

"No, it's the truth!"

"They don't want anything to do with you anymore. The only reason they tolerated you was because he wanted them to! Now that you no longer want him, they no longer want you. You deep down that is why, not even Alice, has called you in a month."

"No, it's not. They all wanna respect Edward's space. Just like I do."

"It doesn't matter what the reason." Jacob said getting inches away from her face. "Whether they want you or not, I forbid you to have anything to do with them."

"Jacob, you don't own me. So don't act like you do. If I want to see the Cullens I will!" she replied not flinching away from his stare.

She couldn't believe what happened next. She felt the sting of the back of his hand against her cheek and fell to the garage floor from the force. She looked back up at Jacob. He was staring at his hand shocked at what he had just done. She blinked the tears from her vision, stood up and walked out of the garage. She jumped into her truck and drove away ignoring Jacob's pleads for her to come back. She knew it was hard for him to control himself when they discussed the Cullens but this was the first time he went that far.

Without thinking, she pulled out her cell phone and punched in the first number that came to mind.

"Please answer!" She begged as tears started to fall hard.


Alice was sitting on Japser's lap, reading her favorite novel, A Tale of Two Cities, while Jasper stroked her hair absentmindedly. As hard as she was trying to concentrate her thoughts kept drifting to Edward. He was hurting, bad. They all knew it but only Jasper knew how bad, the break up, as well as, Bella's silence was hurting her. She didn't know if the others felt the same way but, for her, it was like she had lost a sister.

"Babe, she'll come back when she's ready." Jasper said sensing her sadness, knowing what it was about. "She's probably keeping away to make it easier on Edward."

"But what if she thinks we don't want her because of her choice." Alice replied. That had been her biggest worry since that stupid dog came into the picture.

"If you're worried about it, why not peek into her future?" Jasper suggested.

"I've tried but she's always with the mutt!" Alice replied putting on a pouty face. "I hate him."

Jasper smiled slightly but before he could speak, Alice's cell went off. She jumped up, confused about who it could be. The enitre family was home. She picked it up off the dresser and it was flashing Bella's name.

"It's Bella!" she squealed and flipped it open. "You know just because you and my brother aren't together anymore doesn't mean I want you out of my life."

"I know, I'm sorry." Bella replied and sounded like she was crying. "Is your brother home?"

"We're all home." Alice answered. "Why?"

"I need to talk to you but I don't want Edward to see me, right now." she sound anxious now.

"Bella, what's wrong?" Alice questioned.

"I'll tell you when I get there but please get Edward to leave." she begged. "Please!"

Alice couldn't deny her as upset as she sounded.

"Okay." Alice replied.

"Thank you, Alice. And I'm so sorry to call you like this. Especially after..."

"Don't worry about it. I'm still here for you."

"I'll be there soon."

Alice heard the line click off and snapped her phone shut.

"What's up?" Jasper asked suddenly alarmed, no doubt from the anxiety that was radiating off of her.

"She's really upset. She needs to talk to me but she doesn't want Edward to see her." Alice replied. "She wouldn't say why. She just wanted me to get him out of the house."

"Well, Em and I can take him hunting for a few hours." Jasper suggested.

"That would be great Jazz." she replied.

"Okay, I'll go get them. Should I block myself?" he asked heading for the door.

"No, if he knows Bella's coming, he might be more inclined to leave." Alice replied. He left and she followed.

"Esme." she called walking down the stairs.

"In the kitchen." Esme responded.

"Jazz and Em are gonna take Edward hunting and I'm gonna need some comfort food." Alcie stated as she entered the kitchen.

"Why?" Esme asked.

"Bella just called. She sounded pretty upset and wanted me to convince Edward to leave. She wants to talk but doesn't want Edward to see her." Alice answered. "I have no idea what's going on, yet?"

Emmett, Jasper, and Edward came down the stairs.

"Alice, what was worng with her?" Edward asked.

"I don't know. She just said she wanted to talk but didn't want you to see her." Alice answered. "We'll talk when you get back."

Edward nodded. Jasper kissed her goodbye on the cheek. All three boys hugged Esme as Alice grabbed some potato chips out of the cabinet. Shortly after the boys departed, there was a knock on the door.