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One More Adventure

a Kingdom Hearts novel

Takes place two months after The Taste of Darkness

Chapter 1: A Party Here in Agrabah

"Pooh-koo! Pooh-koo!"

In the world of Radiant Garden, Queen Kairi Hikari opened her eyes lazily. Stupid clock. she thought. The Pooh-koo clock, a gift from the Hundred Acre Wood, was set to go off every morning at nine o'clock sharp, much to the chagrin of Kairi's husband; who, speaking of which, was dozing very peacefully beside her. Kairi looked him over once, taking in the now familiar sight of a man with spiky, caramel-colored hair and nicely toned muscles sleeping next to her. He's cute when he's asleep. Kairi thought. Who would ever ruin something that sweet? The answer came to Kairi before the question even formed in her head. She smiled devilishly. I would! She tapped her husband on the head softly. "Sora! Time to get up, lazy bum."

King Sora Hikari's eyes flew open, instantly meeting the indigo orbs of his wife. She was the most beautiful thing Sora could hope to see, with her shoulder-length auburn hair and her bright smile... and those aforementioned indigo eyes. He inhaled once, taking in the mixture of strawberry and honeysuckle that was Kairi's scent. Sora donned is trademark goofy grin as he said, "All right already, Kairi. Do we have to go through this every day?"

"You know it, Mister Keyblade Master." Kairi retorted before they kissed.

A moment later, once the kiss broke, Sora rolled over and looked upon his dresser, where he kept his very short To-Do list. Today, he noticed only one item: Go to Aladdin + Jasmine wedding. "Uh-oh." he muttered as he read.

"What?" Kairi asked. She never bothered to read Sora's To-Do list--she thought Sora would warn her if something important was happening.

"Kairi, remember a few days ago when Genie popped up here and invited us to Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding?" Sora questioned.

"Yeah." Kairi nodded, still not quite sure where this was going.

"It's today." Sora told her.

Kairi instantly leaped out of bed. "We gotta get ready!" she exclaimed. She grabbed Sora's hand and pulled him out of bed.

Sora only rolled his eyes. He would never understand what the big deal was when it came to women and parties. Oh well, he thought, I guess some things are better left a mystery.

A few hours later, Sora's private Highwind Lv. 8 class Gummi ship--appropriately named My Dinghy--descended into the world of Agrabah and landed a few hundred yards away from the city. By this time, the afternoon sun beat down upon the desert sand. Although she wouldn't admit it, Kairi was grateful that Sora had talked her out of wearing a dress. She was hot enough in her usual clothing, which was of Destiny Islands make (being a queen hadn't affected her fashion sense much). She had never been to Agrabah before, and felt all the excitement of visiting a strange--and potentially dangerous--new place.

Sora led Kairi to the city gates, where a guard named Razoul was watching camels and people come in by the ton. Sora pointed out one short, elderly gentleman carrying a heavy pack upon his back, who was talking to Razoul. "Ooh," the old man exclaimed, "in all my years, never have I seen the streets so full of bustle and hustle and assorted commotion."

"Our princess is to be wed." Razoul grumbled. Apparently, he wasn't very happy.

"Oooh, wonderful!" the old man marveled. "And who's the lucky prince?"

"He's not a prince at all." Razoul grumbled. "Just a no-account street rat."

Suddenly, the old man disappeared, replaced by a large man with blue skin. It was Genie! "No way!" Genie cried, piling the very heavy pack upon Razoul's shoulders, squashing him beneath the weight. Genie grew to the size of a house, then lifted Razoul into the air. "It's... Aladdin!" Large, floating neon lights spelled out Aladdin's name into the sky, but they quickly blinked out. "Aww," Genie sighed, "some of you don't believe."

The lights disappeared. Genie began to parade through the streets, magically decorating the entire city of Agrabah. "Come on, Kairi." Sora told his wife before they followed Genie to the wedding pavilion.

What everyone failed to notice was the bunch of twenty camels, each carrying two large baskets. In each basket was a thief from the notorious Forty Thieves. Their leader, a man wearing a blue cowl named Cassim, was to sneak into the pavilion from behind while the other thirty-nine thieves rushed into the pavilion to create a diversion.

Ignorant of the impending danger, Sora and Kairi walked into the wedding pavilion. They were instantly greeted by a short, fat, bearded man wearing a large turban. "Hello! You must be Sora! I thought you might drop by. Princess Jasmine has told me a lot about you."

Sora raised an eyebrow. "And you are?"

The man chuckled. "Oh forgive me! I seem to have forgotten my manners. I am the sultan of Agrabah, as well as Princess Jasmine's father."

Sora and Kairi both quickly bowed. "We're sorry!" Sora cried. "We didn't know!"

Sultan (the only name I know to give him) smiled warmly. "Oh, no need for all that formality! After all, you are the hero of Agrabah! Along with Aladdin, of course."

Sora and Kairi resumed their original postures. "Thanks." Sora said with a grin.

Sultan waddled closer to Kairi. "And who might you be, my dear?"

Kairi smiled. "My name's Kairi." she answered. "I'm Sora's wife."

Sultan laughed warmly. "We're very glad you could make it. Unfortunately, we have a bit of a problem."

"What kind of problem?" Sora asked.

"You see," Sultan said sadly, "I'm afraid the groom has gone missing."

Sora's and Kairi's eyes widened in surprise. "That's a pretty big problem, don't you think?" Kairi questioned.

Sultan nodded, then smiled. "But not to worry! I'm sure Genie will find him with plenty of time to spare. Now if you'd care to take your places over there, I have many other guests to attend to."

Sora and Kairi nodded and took their places.

Aladdin was in his old home in an abandoned attic overlooking the palace. He was dressed not as a royal groom, but as a street rat. Abu, his faithful pet monkey, followed him. Aladdin reached into a hidden hollow of the stone floor and removed from it an old chest. Abu, having never seen the chest before, scratched his head in confusion.

Suddenly, Genie's enormous eye peeked through the large window of the attic. He was again as big as a house. "Hello?" he called inside. "Somebody's about to be late for his own wedding!"

"Hold on, Genie." Aladdin told his friend as he glanced at the chest. "There's something I need."

"Oh, I got'cha." Genie said with a wink. He disappeared, and a large cake appeared in the attic. Genie burst from the cake, dressed like a belly dancer. "It's a bachelor party, big boy!"

Carpet, the flying carpet who had accompanied Genie, snatched a mug of beer in one of his tassels. Genie quickly took it away. "None for you! You're the designated flier."

"No." Aladdin said with a weak chuckle. "It's for the wedding."

Aladdin opened the chest to reveal a small dagger, the symbol of a golden hand emblazoned upon the handle. "Uhh, that's..." Genie said awkwardly, "that's a nice dagger. Interesting nuptial accessory. It's... uhh... a bit sharp."

"It belonged to my father." Aladdin sighed.

"Your father?" Genie repeated. "You never said a word about your father! I gotta let the caterer know!" Genie, of course, teleported in front of Aladdin, dressed as a waiter. "Chicken or sea bass?"

"He's not coming to the wedding." Aladdin chuckled weakly. "He died a long time ago."

Genie backed off, his waiter uniform disappearing. "Sorry." he whispered sheepishly.

"That's okay." Aladdin assured him with a shrug. "I never knew him." Aladdin sighed and looked out the window. "Maybe if I did I'd feel ready for this."

"Al!" Genie cried, transforming into a pair of bunny slippers. "Are you getting cold feet?"

"No, Genie." Aladdin sighed. "It's just that... I've always been a street rat: stealing what I need to survive, running from the guards... I lived my life alone. I'm taking a big step today... into a new world."

A headset appeared atop Genie's head and the mist of his lower body now ended in a microphone. "Today's topic: fears of a future family man, Al from Agrabah. Share with us."

"I never had a father to show me how to raise a family!" Aladdin cried.

"No role model." Genie murmured. "Get a little deeper."

"What do I know about families?" Aladdin questioned, taking Genie by surprise and causing his headset and microphone to disappear. "Genie, what if I'm no good at it? If he were here..."

"Al, little buddy," Genie assured his friend, "if your father were here he'd be just as proud of you as I am."

Aladdin nodded and looked out the window again. "I just wish he could see this."

"Well," Genie said, "I know somebody else who came by to see you."

"Who's that?" Aladdin asked.

"Why, it's Radiant Garden's own Sora Hikari, part-time keyblade master and full time pal!" Genie exclaimed in an announcer-like voice.

"Sora's here?" Aladdin cried. "We gotta go!"

"Hold it, little mister." Genie stopped him. "You can't go anywhere dressed like that." Genie pointed at Aladdin, and the street rat was now dressed in robes fit for a prince. "You look fabulous!" Genie exclaimed. "Let's go!"

Meanwhile, the camels loaded with thieves made their way through the back entrance of the pavilion. Once they reached a secluded location, from one of the baskets burst forth three golden claws, which proceeded to tear the basket neatly in two. From the basket stepped a pale-skinned, muscular man with a bronze knuckleduster to which the claws were attached. His name was Sa'luk.

Sa'luk placed a hand angrily on Cassim's shoulder. "Why do you walk in the open while I suffocate like an animal?"

"Someone has to keep a cool head, Sa'luk." Cassim retorted, casually brushing Sa'luk's hand away.

"Someone will have no head if this is another wild goose chase." Sa'luk growled, brandishing his claws.

"The Oracle is the real thing." Cassim urged. "This time, I'm sure."

Aladdin walked into the auditorium and was surprised to find how many people had appeared at his wedding. He spotted a familiar face and rushed over to greet him. "Sora!" he called. "You made it!"

Sora nodded. "Sure I did. You didn't think I'd miss anything this big, would you?"

Aladdin smiled too before averting his gaze to look at Kairi. "I guess you're Kairi." he said. "Sora wouldn't shut up about you last time he came."

Kairi laughed, making Sora blush. "Nice to meet you, Aladdin." she said, shaking his hand. "And good luck."

Aladdin nodded and grinned before walking up the stairs at the frontmost end of the hall and standing before the altar.

Genie stepped through the doors at the opposite end of the hall, bearing a trumpet. As he made his way up the aisle, he was followed by three women casting flower petals in their wake. Behind them were four guards, each bearing the end of a pole upon which a litter sat. Upon the litter was a throne, and upon the throne sat Sultan. All the people in the audience bowed before him until he got to Sora. Sora smiled and waved at Sultan. Kairi was quick to pull his hand down, but Sultan only smiled and waved back.

The guards lowered the litter and Sultan sprang to his feet. He waddled beside Aladdin, who bowed humbly. Sultan nudged Aladdin with his elbow. "Don't look so solemn, dear boy." he said. "This is a happy day."

Genie waved his hands and four doves appeared, each carrying the corner of a long white carpet. The doves stretched the carpet across the aisle. Everyone turned to look at the doors at the end of the hall. There stood two peacocks, one on each side. As the peacocks folded up their large tails, Princess Jasmine finally came into view. On her face was a rather shy smile. "Wow." was all Aladdin could say.

"Oh yeah!" Genie added, pumping his fist.

"She looks beautiful." Kairi commented.

"Maybe so," Sora said, wrapping his arm around her shoulder, "but I've got the prettiest woman in the room."

Kairi smiled up at Sora and watched as Jasmine proceeded up the aisle. She stopped at the foot of the stairs, where Sultan was waiting. "I never thought this day would come." Sultan sighed. "Now I'm afraid it's come all too soon."

"Oh, father." Jasmine said, giving Sultan a warm hug.

Jasmine took Aladdin's arm as they walked up the stairs together. "Well," Aladdin said thoughtfully, "we're here."

"Together forever." Jasmine added.

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