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Chapter Ten

When I woke up the next morning to find Edward flipping through my chart instead of Carlisle I totally took advantage and began begging to be released. Edward was very firm, saying I still needed to be observed for a few more days.

"Edward," I whined, as he put my chart up. Edward walked back to the bed, and took my hand in his.

"Bella, its not my choice, its my father's. You are his patient; I'm just covering for him today. Esme had a doctor's appointment. She thinks she might be pregnant, but she's never been able to have children before."

"What? You're her son, right?"

"No, my parents died when I was very young," Edward mumbled.

"Edward, I'm sorry –"

"There's nothing to be sorry for, if Esme is pregnant it's going to be a dream come true." Edward's voice was so sincere I couldn't even imagine doubting it. He pressed a gentle kiss to my hand.

"When do you get off?" I asked, as he checked his watch.

"I get off in a few hours; I've been working the night shift. I'm going to come up here tonight and we're going to have a date right in this room," he told me, grinning.

I scrunched my nose, "In the hospital? Edward," I whimpered.

"It will be fun, I'll bring chocolate," Edward promised, standing up.

"Cheater," I mumbled, at the mention of chocolate – it was my drug and I would have to accept as I could never deny myself chocolate.

"Goodbye kiss?" I whispered, offering my lips"Of course," he said, already leaning down for a soft kiss.

"Hey," I whispered, my thoughts still on Edward.

"How are you feeling?" Alice asked, as she sat down what seemed to be a bag full of clothes.

"I'm fine, they won't let me out!" I pouted.

"You're not fine, you were in a very bad accident." Alice said, pointing her finger at me like a mother would.

"What's in the bag?" I asked, desperate to change the subject.

"I bought you some clothes. I know you're not going to get to dress up for your date tonight but I'm still going to do your make up."

"Alice," I whined, I hated people buying stuff for me.

"Bella, please don't make a big deal about this today. Edward will kill me if I upset you while he's supposed to be watching over you." Alice pleaded, taking my hands in hers.

"Okay," I mumbled.

By the time Edward entered my room that night, I was all dolled up with make up. I mean Alice just doesn't give up.

"You look like Alice got a hold of you," he chuckled, kissing my cheek. Edward handed me a single red rose. I blushed, as Edward took it and placed it into a plastic cup that was filled with water.

"How was your day? Besides Alice harassing you?" Edward asked, that crooked grin settling on his face again.

"It was fine, it would be better if I wasn't stuck in a hospital room." I said, glaring at him playfully.

Edward smiled, taking my hand in his. What were we going to do for this date? Sit here and chat?

"I'm brought Italian food," Edward said, setting down a to-go box in front of me, throwing away the lunch that still sat there untouched. I sat up excitedly, Italian was my favorite, only to gasp from a sharp pain in my side.

"Are you okay?" Edward asked, rushing over to the other side of them bed to take a look at my side.

"I'm fine, just sat up too quick." I said, smiling reassuringly.

Edward went back to his seat and pulled out two big bottles of blue gatorade. Edward insisted I needed the fluids in my body to help me heal quicker, when I had protested. We were halfway through our dinner when Alice burst through the door. She had a frantic look on her face.

"Edward, it's Esme she's in emergency room!" Alice cried, casting an apologetic look my way.

"Oh, shit. Bella, I'm sorry but I need to go down there." Edward said, standing up and pushing his food away.

"It's fine but can I go? I'll go in the wheelchair if I have to, but I want to be there for your mom." I said, clutching onto Edward's hand. Edward and Alice looked at each other before Alice rushed to get the wheelchair that sat across the room. Edward lifted me from the bed and into the wheelchair that Alice held still.

"Why is she in the emergency room?" Edward asked, as he pushed me down the hall towards the elevator.

"She was spotting, they were afraid something might be wrong. Esme doesn't want to lose this baby," Alice said, pulling out her cell phone to check the time.

"Is she okay?" Edward asked, carefully.

"We don't know right now, she's just been in there for a while." Alice said, worriedly.

Edward sighed quietly, I knew he was worried about his mother but I didn't want him upset. I sat silently, staring at my hands until we arrived in the waiting room, where Carlisle paced back and forth across the room. At the sight of Edward, Alice and I he rushed over to make sure everything was alright with me.

"I'm fine," I said, as Edward started to explain that I had wanted to come. Carlisle gave Edward a look that clearly said I shouldn't be out of my room. A doctor emerged from the emergency room a smile on his face. Carlisle rushed over to him, and they began talking quickly; Carlisle rushed over to us a smile on his face.

"She and the baby are fine, but she's going to need to stay on bed rest until she's out of her first trimester. After she gets past the first trimester she won't have to worry about losing the baby as much." Carlisle said, while Edward sighed in relief.

"Can we see her?" I asked, I wanted Esme to know I was here for her before they forced me back to my room.

"Of course, you and Edward go in first so he can get you back in bed." Carlisle said, patting my head softly.

I watched as the rolled Esme down the hall into a new room. Edward pushed me into the room after the nurses cleared out. I excitedly bounced up and down, while Edward just laughed at me.

"Bella!" Esme cried happily, as she saw me being pushed through the door.

"Hello to you too, mom." Edward said, jealousy in his voice.

"Hey," she whispered, as Edward leaned down to give her a hug.

"Roll Bella closer, I want to talk to my future daughter in-law." She said, making me blush.

"Mom!" Edward gasped, his eyes flickering back and forth between us.

"Don't Mom me, you know you're going to marry her." Esme said, her hand reaching out for mine. I took Esme's hand, it was having another mother, a real mother. My mother had been more the child in our relationship.

"How are you doing?" Esme asked, ignoring Edward – who was still staring at us astonished.

"I'm fine, your husband won't let me out." I said, inching myself closer to her bed. Edward finally pulled out of his trance and began pushing me closer, until I was right next to the bed.

"That's Carlisle for you," She giggled, I smiled – it was so nice to see they were still in love. There was a knock on the door and I looked up to see Carlisle and Alice.

"Edward you need to get Bella back in bed, she needs her rest. If she's lucky she'll be released tomorrow." Carlisle said, smiling at the sight of Esme holding my hand.

"Goodnight," I said, as Edward pushed me out of the room. Once I was back in bed, Edward leaned over and pressed his lips to mine, with a passion I'd never experienced before. I lifted my arms to encircle his neck. I pulled him closer, his knees braced themselves on the edge of my bed. Edward's lips moved from my lips and onto my neck sucking gently. I moaned quietly, my hands gripping his shirt in fists. Edward nibbled softly before biting down fully, leaving me a nice little hickey.

"I should go," he whispered, pressing a final kiss to my lips before backing out of the room. I closed my eyes, drifting into a deep sleep, dreaming of Edward.


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