A/N: Just a moment that could have happened in New Moon. Typical Bella and Jacob. Something to pass the time.


It was my favorite part of the day. And not just because she was here (okay, mostly because she was here. But that's not the point). It was a good day, for La Push, with moist, light air and the heavy scent of rain from the night before. Everything was so green—I would never quite get over that. The clouds were framed with pink-tinted sunlight, surrounding the beautiful white shapes with a silver ring of day. The humidity was enough to keep me warmer than usual, which was saying something, and it had to be at least in the high 70's. I loved days like this. They made me want to lay on my back in the grass and moss all day, soaking in that wonderful green-ness, staring at the sky until it was imprinted on my closed lids.

But I wasn't staring at the clouds. I was standing in my garage, looking carefully at the engine of an old, black motorbike, my hands black with grease and my naked top half shining in the bright reflection of sun that made its way into the otherwise dark space. Bella was sitting across from me, watching me work. There was something so incredibly thrilling about having her here, watching me, being with me. She could be a million other places on a day like this, but she wanted to spend it with me.

I turned my head slightly, pretending to look for a screwdriver, hoping not to disrupt her daze. She was staring at my back with a strange intensity and I wanted so badly to know what was going through her head. What was Bella Swan thinking? She smiled softly.

"Hey, Bella?" I said quietly. She looked up quickly and blushed, like she had been doing something wrong. That just made me more curious. "Watcha thinking 'bout?"

"Nothing," she said quickly. She moved her head down to her tiny hand, picking at the edges of her nails.

I set down my tools, squatting in front of her. "C'mon," I urged.

"No," she mumbled, a small smirk forming on the edges of her lips. "It's none of your business, Jacob Black."

I shot her her favorite grin, stretching my wide beam all across my face. "Seriously, Bells, it can't be that bad."

"I didn't say it was bad," she snapped, turning her attention closer on her fingers.

"If you're not telling me, then it must be bad."

"Well, it's not."

I leaned closer to her, placing my hand on her knee. She finally looked up at the contact, flashing me her sweet brown doe eyes.

"Bella, honey," I said, trying to keep a straight face. "If you continue to stare at me like I'm some piece of meat, and then refuse to tell me what you're thinking, I'm just going to assume that you were counting all the different ways you wanted to fu—"

"Jake!" Bella squealed, clamping a hand over my mouth. I felt her cool palm touch my face, and all I wanted to do was kiss it. It was so pretty. "That was so not what I was thinking."

She pulled her arm back and I immediately missed the feeling of it. "Oh yeah?" I smirked, crossing my arms over her thighs and placing my chin on them. "Then tell me."

She blushed again, a warm red spreading across her heart-shaped face. "I was just thinking…" Pause. Breath. Blush. "Justthinkingabouthowhotyoulooked," she mumbled, barely audible. "You know, working on the bike. Manly."

Ohmygod. Did she just call me hot? And manly? Manly?

It was my turn to blush. An involuntary smile widened my features. "You think I'm hot?"

"Well, you are," she replied, dipping her head down. "I mean, you must see the way girls look at you. Even I notice it, and we barely get out of the garage."

"I guess I never really looked."

Bella let out an adorable kind of snort. "Liar."

"No, really," I shrugged. It was true. Whenever I was out, I was either with Bella or thinking about her. No other girl had ever caught my interest long enough for me to notice them staring.

"Right," Bella rolled her eyes. "You never noticed how every girl you pass immediately starts checking you out."

"Never," I said. "Honestly. I don't care about other girls." I looked at her, trying to make her understand. She must of, because she quickly looked away, pulling back as far as she could, which wasn't very much, considering I was still half-lying on her.

"Jake…" she said, half-groaning. "You know I don't…"

"I know," I said, quietly. "It's okay."

"Is it really?" she whispered, suddenly leaning very close. I could almost feel her breath on my face. I wanted so badly for her to move a little closer, close the distance between us. I wanted her to tell me that she did; that she could. But I knew she wouldn't. It wasn't so bad. She still loved me. Just not in the same way.

"I promise you, Bella, honey," I said firmly, taking covering her small hands with mine, "for as long as I live, I will always always be thinking of you. No matter where I am, or who I'm with, yours will be the face I see when other girls are looking. Yours will be the voice I hear whenever they call me hot. And it will forever be okay that you don't imagine me. I promise."

Quiet. Soft, sweet breaths; long, deep ones. Her fingers brushing across my chin.

"Forever is a long time, Jake."

I nodded. "I know. I'm planning on it."