The adventures of Cloud Strife, being a delivery boy is much harder than it looks.


Delivery 01: Championship Belt

Cloud Strife parked his motorcycle, Fenrir, as close as possible to the cart that would take him to the Gold Saucer. For reasons unknown to him, there was a large crowd gathered there that day. Cloud picked up the box he was to deliver to Dio, and pushed his way through the crowds to board the cart.

He clutched the box close to his body, hoping its unknown contents were not fragile. Now he knew how canned meat felt, pressed between the wall and the people around him. He could have sworn someone's hand brushed him, several times, in a non-accidental way, but he had no idea whose hand it was and thus preferred not to think about it, making an effort to convince himself that it was mere accident.

When the cart was emptied at the Gold Saucer, which left Cloud flattened on the floor after being stepped on by the crowd, his nightmare was far from over. A long line formed in front of the entrance, which Cloud skipped since he was not a customer, he was only there to make a delivery.

"Where do you think you're going?" A large hand pulled Cloud by the back of his shirt. "Cutting in line is so insensitive, but walking by without even saying hello is even more hurtful!" The tall muscular man pulled Cloud into a big bear hug before the delivery boy could protest.

When Cloud was finally free, as if he hasn't been crushed enough at the cart, the delivery boy simply gave the man an odd look and promptly turned around to be well on his way.

"Wait! Aren't you going to say anything?" The man pulled Cloud back.

"I don't know you!" Cloud mentally counted to ten, his patience nearly dry. It took an incredible amount of control to stop himself from slicing this man to pieces.

"How could you say that?" The man dramatized in a suddenly high pitched voice, his eyes becoming watery. But with another sudden mood swing, the man's face brightened. "It's the hair isn't it?" He ran his fingers through his long brunette hair. "You don't recognize me because I changed my hair style. C'mon take a good look."

Cloud backed away as the man leaned close to him. "I have to go now..."

"Mukki!" The muscular man finally revealed his identity. "You remember now, right? I'm Mukki, from the Honey Bee Inn!"

Cloud's eyes went wide as he muttered, "Mukki..."

"Yes, you do remember!" Mukki gave Cloud another hug. "It's been such a long time; we must catch up!"

Cloud slipped out of the embrace and continued to back away, "a delivery, I have to make a delivery!" Then he ran for dear life leaving Mukki talking to himself at the line.

"You have to wait in line, sir," the employee at the entrance instructed.

"I'm here to make a delivery," Cloud tried to explain.

"You have wait in line, sir." She repeated as if she had not heard Cloud at all.

"I'm not here to visit the Gold Saucer; I'm here to make a delivery to Dio." Cloud just wanted to finish his job and get out of there, the noisy crowd and creepy experiences were really bothering him.

"Security!" The girl yelled.

A tall muscular man wearing sparkly purple came out and pushed Cloud back by the shoulders. But Cloud had more unwanted physical contact than he could take in one day and shoved the man away with all his might. The bouncer went flying back and crashed against a wall with a hash impact that knocked him out.

There was a collective gasp from the crowd, followed by a mixture of cheering, critiques and loud gossip. The commotion brought out Dio, who shook his head in disapproval at the state of his bouncer. "I was supposed to wrestle that guy as part of the show."

"Sorry Dio, here's your package." Cloud did not expect to receive a tip after what happened, so he intended to leave right after tossing the flattened box into Dio's arms.

But Dio stopped him. "Wait just a minute, do you know what's in here? A championship belt, I had it specially made. This would have been the belt that the winner of the wrestling match would take home. You knocked out my opponent so you'll have to take his place."

At first Cloud didn't think it was so bad, since he was used to fighting, and he thought wrestling would be the same but without a sword. But even if Dio would forever think of him as a coward and ban him from the Gold Saucer, Cloud ran away as fast as he could when he saw the sparkly pink underwear that would have been his attire during the wrestling match.

End of Delivery 01

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VII. Delivery 01 was requested by Hikou. I'm taking drabble requests, post a place and item, I might use them for a drabble. :D

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