Delivery 48: Special Present

"Okay Tifa, you can do this," Tifa told her reflection. She was alone in her room after having closed the Seventh Heaven early that day. She had enough of hinting to Cloud that she liked him and getting no response in return, unless the response was a misunderstanding. Those were eventually forgiven, but in the end things were left at that. Nothing changed, nothing new developed, they were stuck.

With Cloud seemingly unable to get over his embarrassment about past mess-ups, it was up to Tifa to make things clear for him. "I can't believe I'm doing this," she grimaced, was she really going through with it? She took a deep breath, "it's okay, even if I make a fool of myself it'll be worth it in the long run... I hope."

Tifa put her plan into action. She changed into her red bikini and picked up the golden wrapping paper. She wrapped it around herself, holding together with red ribbons. Once she was all wrapped up as a present, she picked up the gift box she had prepared and went to Cloud's room.

Tifa set the large gift box down in Cloud's room and crawled into it. He just had one more delivery to make so he would return soon. She tried to relax as she waited and soon she fell asleep.

xoxox xox xoxox

Later, Cloud returned to the Seventh Heaven and let himself in with his spare key. There didn't seem to be any signs of anyone there. The kids must still be visiting the Gold Saucer with Barret. Cloud could picture Marlene and Denzel being all hyper and driving Barret insane.

The exhausted delivery boy noticed that there was a big box in his room, with shiny golden wrapping paper and a red ribbon on top. The box had no address and the lid seemed to be loose as if it could be easily lifted off without breaking the wrapping.

Cloud shrugged and carefully picked up the box. When in doubt, assume the content is breakable; that was one of the rules of survival for delivery people that he learned the hard way. The box had to be for Rufus, all the fancy looking boxes he delivered these days were for Rufus. He though he was done for the day, but what was one more delivery? Besides, Rufus might give him a tip.

xoxox xox xoxox

Tifa didn't wake up until a voice called her name, "Tifa?" Cloud had already left, oblivious to the trouble he caused. The box's lid was removed and light invaded the space inside, where Tifa had been sleeping curled into a ball.

"Rufus?" She examined her surroundings. What was she doing in Rufus' office?

"I have to say, this has been the most original marriage proposal I've received this entire week," Rufus commended. "I'm surprised Strife played along and actually delivered the box, or did you trick him into it? I suppose I could do you the honor of going out with you, since you went though all this trouble." Tifa's glare was so potent that Rufus had to back away. "I should warn you," the president stammered, "I prefer women who are not murderous sadists."

Tifa growled at him, her glare still deathly. However, Rufus was not her target. As soon as she got back home and changed out of the wrapping paper into decent clothing comfortable for combat, Cloud Strife was dead.

End of Delivery 48

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VII. Delivery 48 is a companion drabble to Mission 76, which I will post very soon.