A/N: I hate hate HATE JeffxMaria, but this is the only couple that would make sense for this. The only other option was JohnxMaria, but hell the fuck no.

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Happy 100th story.

She thought she could escape her troubles. Every relationship she ever had was doomed to fail miserably.

She thought that RAW was a safe haven for her. She had great friends in Mickie, Candice, and Melina. She had fabulous brother types like John Cena, Jeff Hardy, and Ken Kennedy.

But it was the night of the draft that changed it all for Maria.

When CM Punk was drafted to RAW, Maria felt numb. Once again, she would be working side by side with the one man that had shattered her confidence ever so greatly. Was it possible to steal the confidence of a gorgeous woman and Playboy cover girl? If it was, it was CM Punk's greatest accomplishment that he was very proud of. He boasted his newfound single lifestyle and lived it to the fullest, taking out a new girl every night. But in all honesty, what guy wouldn't?

Still it tore Maria up. No, she didn't care about him anymore, but it still hurt to see someone she cared so deeply for just running around having fun. Her blood boiled even thinking about the person who hurt her the most.

This was certainly going to be a distraction.

And when Jeff and Kennedy were sent to SmackDown, the pain only increased. Two of her best friends would no longer be backstage with her. She'd see them once a month at the pay per view, and maybe once more if she was lucky.

Luck was never on the side of Maria Kanellis.

She was dreading the time she would have to spend with Punk. Granted, they wouldn't really be spending that time together, per se. He would be spending it with random women while she was feeling sorry for the poor girl…and herself.

But then, a ray of shining hope laid it's sheen on Maria's life. As luck would have it, she wouldn't have to spend her days missing her friends and worrying about her past on RAW.

She was drafted to SmackDown the next day. She could be with Jeff and Ken. She could make new friends.

But Maria's shattered confidence got to her conscience. This wasn't her home. She didn't know everyone on SmackDown. What if they didn't like her? What if she couldn't make friends? What if Jeff and Ken changed and wouldn't talk to her anymore?

Right now, Maria was feeling like a loser. She was missing the confident butterfly that she used to be.

Things have to get worse before they get better, and Maria was no stranger to that notion. And by the way things were going, it looked as if she would have to live through that again.