Maria sat in the locker room, crying her eyes out. She missed her old home, even if she thought she hated it at the time. The Divas here were so mean.

Natalya wouldn't even look at Maria. Anyone less than a second generation Diva was scum to her, with the exception of Victoria.

Victoria thought that Maria was a pathetic piece of eye candy with no passion for the wrestling business.

Michelle McCool was too busy sleeping with The Undertaker and trying to keep her Divas Championship snapped around her waist as long as she could.

Maryse didn't notice anyone unless they were in the reflection of the mirror next to her.

The newly drafted Bella Twins were her closest hope for friendship, but they were too busy with each other all the time.

Maria was alone in her world, hating herself more than ever.

Jeff walked around the arena, trying to make friends with as many new wrestlers as he could find. Some of the guys on the ECW roster were pretty cool, like Evan Bourne and Ricky Ortiz. He could see himself hanging out with those guys after a show.

But then she crossed his path.

"Maria, wait up!" he yelled down the hallway, jogging to catch up with her.

Maria turned around to see her best friend running up to her. She was on her way to the gorilla position, ready for her match against Natalya. "Hey."

"You look cute. Got a match?"

"Yeah, against Nattie."

"Gah," Jeff grimaced. "Be careful. She's tough."

"And she hates me…" Maria frowned.

"She doesn't hate you. How could anyone hate you?" Jeff asked. His best friend was the sweetest girl in the world, and he didn't see how she could dislike herself so much.

"Well, for one, I'm not the best wrestler. Two, I posed naked for a magazine. Three, I dated CM Punk. Four, I don't—"

"Okay," Jeff said, stopping Maria's pity party rant. "You are amazing, Maria. I just wish you could see that."

"Yeah, okay. Sorry to cut this short, but I need to go…"

Jeff sighed as he watched the girl he loved walk away with such low spirits. He needed to fix her.

Maria was sore and tired after her match. She had lost to Natalya, and the girl took stiff shots. Maria felt every single move that was performed on her.

After she changed back into her street clothes, she examined her ring attire. It was her favorite outfit, a leopard print one piece dress with a long sash over one leg. She frowned when she saw that during the course of her match, a large hole had been ripped in the sash. She had made this outfit herself and it was very dear to her.

It was just another reason to hate SmackDown.

She packed up everything in her travel suitcase and headed for the door, ready to go back to the hotel. With her low level of confidence, she looked at the ground the whole time she was walking, so she easily saw the note that was slipped under the door.

She picked up the folded paper that read Maria on the outside.

"Ugh," she muttered. "Probably a hate letter."

She unfolded it and saw an untidy scrawl belonging to a man.

You are beautiful just the way you are. Hold your head up high. I can't see your gorgeous eyes if you're always looking at the ground.

The note made Maria smile for about three nanoseconds.

Then her mind got to her.

This note had to be a fake. Someone was playing a sick, cruel joke on her.

She shredded up the note and put it in the garbage bin near the door before she left to get some sleep.