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Exhaustion was finally taking its toll; unable to force himself to stay awake any longer Darkwing sagged miserably against the huge pane of glass in the window at the top of the tower lair. His hands trembled with fatigue and he felt as though he was moving in a tub of molasses but the caped and masked figure refused to move to the bed that lay just behind him.

Grimacing he locked his knees and braced himself against the cool glass. He knew that fatigue poisons were building in his body and were contributing to irrational thinking and lack of coordination. Logically he knew that his body craved sleep but his emotions insisted that another round of terror induced nightmares was worth avoiding for at least a little while longer.

Launchpad McQuack, Darkwing's loyal sidekick and best friend, watched worriedly from the floor below. His normally good natured and kindly face was creased with unfamiliar worry lines and dark circles lurked under his eyes.

Coming to a decision he reached carefully into the Ratcatcher's engine and removed the couplings and wiring that stated the engine. Then he quietly drained the gas tank into a portable gas can and locked it in with the supply of jet fuel making sure to take all the keys. He then hit the failsafe on the Thunderquack and set the security code so that no one could start it.

Launchpad knew that if Darkwing realized what he had done he would be angry, but it was better than him killing himself driving the motorcycle in his condition, or worse trying to fly the plane. Darkwing had never learned to pilot an airplane but with him getting so little rest and even less sleep for the past week it was better not to take chances.

Launchpad went carefully up to the circular platform where Darkwing leaned in the window and said quietly," Do you need anything DW?"

Darkwing jerked visibly and said in a tired voice," No LP, listen just because I can't sleep doesn't mean you have to stay awake. Why don't you go home and check on Gosalyn? I checked on her about two hours ago but I'd feel better if someone was home with her.

Launchpad grimaced a little and decided to try and convince Darkwing to at least try to get some sleep." Why don't you come home with me and we can both check on her. You know she never really sleeps unless you are there. She just lies in the bed until you are home."

Darkwing's mouth trembled as he answered," I did remember that LP, That's why I checked on her earlier I don't want to wake her up with my screaming again. It's harder on her than it is on me. I'm her father. She should be able to count on me to be strong for her. But I can't seem to fight this."

Launchpad sighed and answered," You are strong DW. Everyone needs help sometimes; maybe you should try another sleeping pill or some… ERK!"

Launchpad found his sentence and his breath abruptly cut off for just a moment as Darkwing leaped towards him and grabbed his scarf temporarily choking him.

In a desperate whisper Darkwing hissed, "NO! I'll go insane if I do that again, if I am drugged I can't wake up! I have to wake up Launchpad! Otherwise I forget that I can see and hear and breathe."

Just as suddenly Darkwing looks at his hands that are pulling on Launchpad's scarf and he realizes what he is doing. Abruptly he lets go as though the soft cashmere scarf was razor edged and white hot.

He staggers backward as though drunk and falls onto the bed.'" I'm Sorry, LP." Darkwing manages whispering, he looks up at his friend fearfully. "I would never hurt you, but I am getting too dangerous to be around. It would be better if you let me stay here tonight okay?"

Launchpad has recovered his composure but he stares in shock as Darkwing takes out a pair of handcuffs from his jacket and firmly locks his right wrist onto the bed frame.

Darkwing takes the key and tosses it to Launchpad and says quietly." I'll get through the next few hours and you can get Gosalyn off to school for me and then come check on me. I'll try and sleep I promise. But I don't dare go home while I'm so on edge. I can't be sure I won't sleepwalk or something if I am home but this way at least I should stay here." Darkwing reaches into his jacket again and throws his gas gun to the edge of the platform and follows this with his buzz saw cufflinks.

Really frightened for Darkwing now LP nods and tells his friend." Don't you worry DW I'll get Gosalyn to school for you but she will be really upset when you are not there in the morning. What do I tell her? "

Darkwing sighed and admitted. " I don't know Launchpad, just be sure she goes to school and doesn't come here okay? I don't want her to see me chained up like a rabid dog, even though I feel like one."

Launchpad carefully picked up the blanket that had fallen on the floor and spread it over the bed." No Problemo DW. It's the end of February and the tower isn't the warmest place Darkwing, at least try and stay covered okay? You don't need pneumonia on top of everything else."

Darkwing didn't answer instead he turned to face the window as if to find an answer in the starry sky but he snuggled under the blanket and as Launchpad left he heard, "Thanks Launchpad, you were right, every hero needs a sidekick to help them."

Launchpad smiled sadly and moved to the spinning chairs that would take him to their civilian home and punched the head of the little statue of Basil the great mouse detective to activate the mechanism. He was going to have to hurry if he was going to get DW any help before Gosalyn woke up and wanted to know where her dad was.

Unfortunately he didn't have a lot of time to waste either, even though he was tired, he had to do something. Darkwing was really out of it, Gosalyn was not going to school tomorrow regardless of what Drake wanted, it was Saturday. Darkwing had lost track of time before but not like this. Even if he was wrapped up in a case or something he always remembered Gosalyn's schedule and she was always his priority on Saturdays.

The only exceptions had been if he was out of town for S.H.U.S.H. But usually Gosalyn had wheedled her way into coming along for those trips. Launchpad had privately figured that Darkwing let her come along on those trips rather than leave her behind all alone, unless he did something drastic; tomorrow was going to be the first time she woke up without her dad on a Saturday since he'd adopted her.

In a frightened moment of honesty Launchpad admitted to himself that if they didn't figure something out soon Darkwing was likely going to be locked up somewhere by S.H.U.S.H. because he was too dangerous to leave on his own, he might become a danger to himself and others if they didn't figure out what was going on and fix it.

Launchpad refused to even think that there might not be a fix. As far as S.H.U.S.H. knew this was just a case of insomnia, that was why Dr. Bellum had prescribed a sleeping aid; but after the one disastrous attempt at using it Drake had refused to go back to S.H.U.S.H. So that limited their options for help.

Launchpad knew that something had happened when Darkwing had gone with Morgana to her family's castle right around Valentines Day but he hadn't told him any particulars.

It was right after they got back though that these screaming fits and night terrors had begun. Drake had insisted that Morgana wasn't to blame when Launchpad had brought up the facts earlier in the week. But this was getting them nowhere fast. Launchpad needed some answers and he only knew one place to start looking for them.

Launchpad backed the station wagon out of the driveway and headed out over the Audubon bay bridge hoping for once in his life not to crash as he headed towards the area of town where Morgana Macabre's house usually sat.

His luck was in, it hadn't moved from the last time He'd been here. This, come to think of it; was right before DW had started having all the trouble sleeping. He parked the car carefully and put the keys in his jacket pocket. By now he was carrying so many sets of keys that he jingled like a department store elf at Christmas.

He carefully made sure his pockets were securely zippered and started for the gate in the gothic style spiked iron fence that surrounded the spooky house. He gulped and shook as he gazed though the bars and saw at least a dozen flying figures swooping and diving all around the house, especially in the region of the roof and top two floors. He was very glad to see that there were lights on in two windows which meant that more likely than not Morgana was home.

Gathering his courage he opened the gate and started resolutely for the front door. The distorted figures of the Gargoyles that came diving for him were very unnerving but what was even worse was that they were yelling threats and taking pot shots at him. Launchpad could feel the wind ruffle his scarf as they came closer and closer to connecting with vicious claws and beaks. He almost had to stop but he remembered how serious his mission was and kept going down the path.

DW had explained that as long as he stayed on the path and headed for the front door the houses defenses would probably let him get that far since Morgana was trying to learn about the Normal side of life and had subscribed to the St. Canard Chronicle and allowed the meter readers and delivery men access to the yard.

"Okay Launchpad," He said to himself. "You can do this, DW comes here often and Morgana knows you. Darkwing needs help and he has already refused to take the sleeping medication the S.H.U.S.H. medical team prescribed for him. He can't keep on much longer. If he won't accept help from science maybe magic can offer some relief, or at least if Morgana knows he's sick she might be able to help me convince him to accept help."

With this little pep talk he began to advance toward the house shaking in his boots as he went.

Launchpad groaned in fear as a particularly scary gargoyle nearly took his aviators cap off his head but he ducked and ran for the porch instead of the gate. To his relief the porch stayed as still as any porch normally would and he reached the front door without incident. He gathered his courage and started to knock but the door swung open to reveal the dark entryway of Morgana's house.

Gulping Launchpad stepped inside," Hello?" He inquired nervously. "Morgana, I mean Miss Macabre, are you home?"

Old fashioned oil lamps flared to life one by one going down the hallway and not really having any other choice Launchpad followed their somewhat cheery light further into the house.

He soon arrived in what could only be Morgana's kitchen. It was an eclectic mix of styles from the old fashioned wood burning stove in one corner to the microwave and coffee maker on the counter. If the situation hadn't worried him so Launchpad would have stopped to wonder why Morgana had electric appliances mixed with such old technology. But for now the only thing he saw was an exhausted looking Morgana sitting at her huge kitchen table spilling more tea on herself than she was getting into her mouth.

Launchpad's instincts had gotten him this far, but confronted with the reality of trying to explain what was happening to Morgana who was looking pretty bad herself; Launchpad stopped short, uncertain of where to begin and suddenly not sure if he could.

He felt something fuzzy and looked down to see a HUGE spider crawling on his boot. "AAAAAHHHHH!" Launchpad screamed in panic flailing his arms and trying to throw the spider off his foot. Morgana jerked and dropped her tea cup which shattered on the floor. She looked up and Launchpad forgot all about the spider as he took in the sight of Morgana's face. Her normally pale skin and creamy white feathers usually gave her a stunningly clean look but now it only served as a backdrop for an appalling display of ill health.

She had dark circles under her eyes that looked like bruises and her whole body seemed to be undergoing slight tremors as she looked up at him from her seat.

Speaking in barely above a whisper she said. "Please Launchpad, its Archie. He won't hurt you, calm down."

Archie grumbled and stalked over to the table carefully mincing his way around the fragments of china and the spilled tea, shaking each foot fussily to get rid of any lingering trace of wetness as he went.

Launchpad began to giggle helplessly as he watched. All he could picture was a recent TV infomercial that had featured a machine that bathed cats. His own exhaustion was catching up to him but when he looked at Morgana again his hilarity faded into fear and hopelessness.

He knelt beside the table and began to wipe up the mess on the floor with a towel he got off of a rack on the wall. As he swept the bits of china into it he noticed it was a black towel with a spider web design in yellow woven into it.

He began hesitantly," Umm I am sorry to barge in on you like this Morgana, but I was hoping you could help me. See I didn't realize that you were feeling sick too and…."

Eek and Squeek had just fluttered over to Morgana with a warm shoulder wrap and had placed it around her when his statement caused her to look at him penetratingly.

Launchpad stuttered a little and continued, "Its DW he hasn't had much sleep or rest in days and he sees things that aren't there. He doesn't eat and can't keep down what he does try to swallow, it's like he's on drugs or something and when he does sleep it's the most horrible nightmares about being trapped without any senses…."

Launchpad shuddered and a tear escaped his eyes to run unnoticed down his cheek feathers. "He says it's nothing you did Morgana and I believe him. But he hasn't been the same since you two came back from your trip. Please tell me what happened, if I know maybe I can help him."

Morgana visibly gathered herself and stood up. Launchpad realized then that she was wearing what looked like a long sleeved black pajama set with bell bottomed pants and a robe.

He blushed and stammered, "Ah maybe you should get dressed first."

Morgana sighed and said in a much louder and firmer voice, "I am glad you came to me Launchpad. If I had known Dark was going to shut me out I'd have insisted he stay here, at least for a night or so, just to make sure he was alright. But he's stubborn and he wanted to get back to you and Gosalyn and after what happened I didn't feel I could insist he stay away from the other two people he loves."

Morgana went to the pantry beside her stove and began taking several bottles out and packing them into a small carryall. It had two main compartments one had frost all along the inside and the other steamed when she opened it. "I'll explain when we get to Dark Launchpad. I didn't even realize that I was reacting to Drake's experiences until you came. When you were outside I thought at first you were him. The only time I can reach him from a distance right now is when he's asleep and when the nightmares start he shuts me out."

Launchpad looked amazed and then angry." If you knew this was happening why didn't you say anything? If you can fix him why didn't you help days ago?"

Morgana finished her packing by going to a cabinet beside the towel rack and taking out two rectangular boxes one was made of a dark mahogany wood and the other of ebony. Both of them were closed with intricate metal clasps and had beautiful inlayed designs all over them.

She handed the two of them to Launchpad who carried them uncomprehendingly as he ranted. She turned around to face him and the look on her face shut him up far more effectively than any threat of lightning bolts or arcane spell craft.

Her beautiful green eyes had filled with tears that spilled over and ran unchecked down her face and the raw pain and need there froze him in his tracks until she went to the doorway of the kitchen and spoke commandingly to her familiars.

Eek and Squeek fluttered over to her with the dark green wrap and draped it over her shoulders while Archie clambered onto Launchpad ignoring his twitching to sit on his cap.

Taking a deep breath she focused her will and magic on the doorway and said, "Archie make sure Launchpad doesn't get separated from us when we step through. Launchpad I know you don't trust me much but believe me when I say I couldn't help Dark until I was asked. He still may not let me help, but thanks to you, now I can at least try. Eek, Squeek I can see Dark, He's lying down somewhere."

Launchpad interrupted, "He's handcuffed in the tower Morgana."

She stared at him in shock and demanded incredulously, "You tied him up?"

Launchpad hurriedly explained as the sorrow in her face was replaced by anger," No, no. He tied himself up so he couldn't hurt anyone. His thinking is getting messed up. He doesn't even know tomorrow is Saturday. He handcuffed himself to the old bed in the tower so he couldn't wander off or anything, It wasn't my idea really."

He hadn't thought that Morgana could look worse but suddenly she did. Then she turned to look into the doorway he had just come in and raised her hands. She gestured as Eek chirped encouragingly. With a flick of her hand swirls of multicolored energy began to appear in the doorway. Morgana looked so tired and worn that Launchpad moved to support her as she worked to summon a portal.

His generous nature and kind heart made it so he was unable to keep from helping someone in need and after seeing Morgana's reaction to Darkwing's pain he couldn't deny she needed help as much as Darkwing did.

She leaned gratefully into his hold and said," Think about Dark Launchpad, Think about getting to the tower and helping him then take my right hand and don't let go. The energy in the doorway turned opalescent and vague shapes appeared that showed the outlines of the towers contents. Morgana nodded and said," Alright Launchpad, step into the portal and try not to worry."

Immediately after stepping through the doorway Launchpad found himself once again in the tower He felt Morgana behind him and when he turned around the portal was gone. Morgana took a deep breath and straightened as she looked around. "Where is he Launchpad?" She asked urgently.

Launchpad gestured to the upper part of the lair and Morgana hurried up the staircase to the bed where Darkwing tossed restlessly. She sat carefully on the small stool beside the bed and reached to touch Darkwing on the forehead. He jerked awake and looked panicked until he realized where he was and saw Launchpad and Morgana.

Dark stared uncomprehendingly at Morgana and finally said." Morg, what are you doing here? It is you isn't it?" His voice held a note of uncertainty and he reached cautiously to touch her face.

She leaned into the caress and said softly. "Yes Dark, it's me."

Archie took the opportunity to climb onto the headboard of the bed and quietly waited his chance. While Eek and Squeek fluttered all around the large open space of the tower their chirps and squeaks sounding louder than usual as they echoed off the equipment and walls.

Morgana gasped as she felt a strange tingling rushing through her body, suddenly she felt a lot better. Her shaking stopped for the first time in two days. As Dark caressed her check she relaxed against him as a feeling of wellbeing surged from deep inside.

Drake jerked as he felt a rush of energy hit him like putting his finger in a light socket. He suddenly felt a lot clearer headed. Still exhausted, but now able to think at least a little; he started to sit up and felt his wrist pull against the cuff of the restraint.

Morgana winced and asked. "Wait Dark, Launchpad; would you free him for me while I get something from my bag please?"

Suddenly feeling a lot better about the situation himself, Launchpad hurried forward to open the cuff with the keys. "Sure thing Morgana, don't you worry now DW we'll have you fixed up in no time, He, heh, he."

Morgana got one of the potions from the steaming compartment in her bag and calmly began to pour a little on her hands and then smoothed them over her dark green wrap. Launchpad looked surprised.

Darkwing watched for a moment and said firmly. "Morgana, I can't stand being drugged asleep."

He trembled and admitted. "I already tried a sleeping pill and I thought I was back at Castle Macabre when I couldn't wake up."

Morgana calmly finished coating the soft material with the warm potion and said simply. "Dark, No… Drake."

She turned and very gently offered her hand to him. "I have NEVER regretted anything I have ever done as much as I regret having trusted my kin with the person that means the most to me on this side of death."

Darkwing looked startled and took a breath." I know you didn't intend for me to get hurt Morgana, and I know you and Archie and Eek and Squeek risked everything to free me and help me keep my mind and my life. I didn't mean…."

She interrupted quietly cutting off his desperate sentences. "Will you trust me? Please…?" She held her hand out again.

Taking a deep breath Darkwing accepted her hand and said "I always knew there was goodness inside you Morgana. I knew it from the second we met; it's me I don't trust. If I lose it I'll hurt someone I love. If I didn't know it would cost me Gosalyn I'd turn myself in and let S.H.U.S.H. lock me up."

He sighed and continued in a raspier voice. His earlier flash of energy leaving as quickly as it had come. "That's why I wanted to leave your house as quickly as I could. I knew I would need time to block off the memories and I didn't want to hurt you. And besides," He glanced sadly at Launchpad shivering slightly, "I wanted to make sure Gos and LP were alright."

She sighed as a tear slid down her cheek feathers. His hand was icy cold and she could see him trembling. "Dark darling listen to me, I promise that I am not going to keep you asleep with any kind of potion or spell. You are having a physical reaction to your lack of sleep."

Archie grumbled at Morgana. 'Morgana, It's not just physical; he needs your help and not just a potion or two. You need him too, just get him warmer and remember to touch him. I'll help him avoid the nightmares, he's gotten so he expects to have them and I can divert his memory to something less frightening as long as you are physically touching him.'

Eek and Squeek both clung to the underside of one of the Thunderquack's wings and waited for developments, Archie would need their help all too soon.

Sitting carefully on the side of the bed, she tucked him into the covers and slid her wrap around him. "Try and relax Dark. I am right here and so is Launchpad. We won't let you hurt anyone, not even yourself."

She leaned against him and to her delight he put an arm around her and leaned back against her returning the caress. " Please don't cry, I'm really tired Morg. What am I going to do?"

Deciding that he was feeling way too sorry for himself she decided to try and shake him out of his melancholy by taking charge just a little. Drake needed someone to take care of him when he was like this and poor Launchpad wasn't used to being responsible for Darkwing's emotions.

When they faced physical threats or some outside responsibility, then Launchpad had his own store of wisdom and was far better at managing Darkwing than anyone else in his life, but when he had these kinds of personal or emotional funks, Launchpad was as lost and confused as Dark appeared to be.

Launchpad's own mental and emotional state was naturally positive and good-natured and his upbringing had only reinforced this so having to try and sort out the kinds of fears and insecurities that Drake lived with was something foreign to the gentle and laid back duck.

Morgana spoke quietly. "Well, first you are going to try and relax and Launchpad is going to sit down before he falls down."

She looked significantly at Launchpad who was standing quietly beside the bed until he was herded onto one of the chairs by the computer console by her bats. Eek and Squeek pulled the chair on it's rollers over to the bed. They chirped and squeaked optimistically, landing temporarily on Launchpad before moving onto Morgana's hairdo.

Giving Launchpad an encouraging smile she snuggled close to Dark and used her mage senses to feel for his mind and body the same way she had when they had been at Castle Macabre last week.

She continued calmly in a no nonsense tone, "Then, I want you to close your eyes and let the potion on my wrap help you thaw out. Your body temperature is fluctuating and so is your energy."

Carefully she closed her eyes and extended herself gently hoping that Dark would let her in.

Darkwing for his part, felt uncertain but he didn't have much of a choice. Ever since he'd first seen Morgana she had been able to mesmerize him and having the woman he loved cuddling up with him on the bed was making his every nerve ending react.

His hormonal reactions, combined with his fatigue meant that the only way he could have objected would have been if she had set him on fire literally; instead of from inside.

Hesitantly he relaxed against her and just as before, he felt as though they were somehow a matching pair now that they were together again. All his supposed logic and determination melted in the face of that feeling of belonging with her.

Squeek was very careful not to tickle Darkwing as he crawled over the wrap around his back and emerged under his chin. He purred very softly hoping to encourage Drake to relax his defenses and trust them. Eek chirped and snuggled under Morgana's chin as she waited to see if Dark was going to let her in.

Eek spoke to her encouragingly. 'It might help both of you to work through this if you tell Launchpad what happened. Drake needs to put this behind him and you need to forgive yourself.'

Squeek added sympathetically.' He doesn't blame you, you know. You should try and stop blaming yourself.'

Archie meanwhile slid down a filament of webbing and crawled quietly onto the pillow and moved carefully up Morgana's back so he could reach the shoulder of Darkwing's jacket without stepping on any of his feathers. Sitting quietly at the junction of Darkwing's neck and the collar of his teal turtleneck Archie was inundated with the different emotional residues imprinted on the short duck's psyche.

He waited while his senses sorted out the ties between his mistress and her other half, because like it or not that was what they were to one another; now more than ever.

Usually this kind of bonding happened to Mage born officially with ceremonies and such over time. In the rush to save Drake from madness and to keep Morgana from crippling herself along with him, Archie realized that the three familiars and the two lovebirds; had in fact forged deep ties between the two of them. They now had to work on developing and strengthening their bonds, which would require a lot of effort on all their parts to sort everything out and make sure that both of them understood what had happened.

Careful not to vocalize at all so as not to frighten Drake, Archie sent privately to Eek and Squeek. 'They are going to be connected at least a little from now on I'm afraid… This is getting WAY too complicated. They have their emotional ties from their feelings but it manifests in mental and magical channels now too.'

Eek added calmly.' We know, Drake is just as receptive as Morgana to those energies now even though he hasn't a clue, If you recall we didn't have a lot of choices. We HAD to reach his mind before he gave up and surrendered to madness and despair….'

Squeek chimed in from his place next to Eek. 'They can still choose you know, we just have to try and get them to realize what we did and the consequences to themselves and each other. Morgana will be easier once she gets over her guilt and we can influence her to recognize what has happened as they get more comfortable with each other.'

Eek offered eagerly. 'There are several advantages to this you know. Once they learn to help each other, Morgana will be able to defend him from hostile magic and he can feed her power so she won't have the kinds of dangerous physical, mental and emotional complications that she did after that whole Lafayette thing in high school. This way if they work together they will balance each other very nicely.'

Ever practical Archie demanded.' And what if they choose to stay far, far away from each other hmmm? Or what if they get all stubborn and refuse to listen? We can't even talk to Drake properly. He's almost as head blind as a magical null even though he channels and receives power now. And he's at least as stubborn and temperamental as Morgana in his own way. And not only that but…'

Not particularly wanting to hear Archie complain and panic over things that couldn't be helped or that hadn't happened yet, Eek and Squeek silenced him by saying.' We could have chosen to let him die from the inside out you know. There would have been very little inquiry other than his child and soul brother. Consider this though, if we had turned away, what kind of creatures would we have chosen to become and what sort of monster would Morgana be with most of her heart dead?'

Just as practical in their own ways as the much more conservative and grumpy spider they already knew the answer. Archie silently acknowledged their point and admitted.' We would have changed beyond all recondition and so would Morgana, and not for the better.'

Suddenly a bit more cheerful he added. ' At least her kin are unlikely to offer anymore interference, magical or otherwise. Not unless they want to be disenchanted.'

Morgana was very uncomfortable facing what had happened but she knew her familiars were offering good advice. Drake breathed deeply and relaxed into the bed while a soothing purring buzzed through his body. He felt the same sort of mental nudge that he had come to recognize as Morgana using her mage senses to reach him and opened his eyes sleepily.

Feeling himself thawing out, he felt his thoughts slowing down. The tenseness that was his nervous reaction to anticipating another nightmare faded and he snuggled next to Morgana. He could almost see her inside his head, but not in a bad way.

The last time he'd seen her like that she had been helping him escape Monoculo's spell. This time it was as though she was telling a bedtime story because she began to speak quietly both in his head and out loud to Launchpad who was riveted in his seat. Unable to stay awake Drake fell into the first restful sleep he'd had in at least a week listening to his best friend and the woman he loved.

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