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Lucidia became conscious of the fact that the sun was beginning to lighten the eastern sky. Kaa and Raa both moved close as a fine pale mist began to rise from all around the massive monument that she'd stopped at without realizing exactly where she was.

Lucidia had been so busy fuming at the sheer idiocy of testosterone filled, power mad relatives, that she'd completely lost track of where she was. Since Kaa and Raa were with her, and they could handle anything in the gardens as far as plant-life and such were concerned; she usually used her time walking in them as a chance to think and plan and so didn't really pay a lot of conscious attention to her surroundings.

Being Mage born and a powerful seer, she didn't believe in 'coincidence' or in just random chance. She was in fact, a firm believer in the idea of destiny and of the cosmos being a planned and well ordered place; for the most part anyway. Lucidia, like most female Mage born especially; was always one to keep in mind that Fate had at least one hand turning her wheel and one eye on karmic balance as well.

Even though she believed in free will and personal choice she was still more than a little shocked to hear a hollow but distinctly familiar voice say, 'Already to my regret, my death has hampered Monoculo for far longer than is healthy.'

Turning slightly Lucidia looked into the dark, gloom laden, face of the large stone that marked her brother's wife's grave and saw the ghostly figure that formed and reformed in the darkness produced by the stone's shadow.

Kaa and Raa wrapped themselves around Lucidia to support her hissing slightly in warning as the ghost moved a little closer.

Speaking gently to Kaa and Raa Charity floated a tiny bit closer and said, 'Do not fear for her…I did not stay to cause further mischief, truly…. I only want to speak with Lucidia for a brief moment then my time here will beyond doubt be done.'

Kaa and Raa readied themselves for a metaphysical fight their usual forms were like huge constrictor snakes but as they confronted the ghost they shifted to their other forms which had alternate armor, weapons and different energy in their defenses since they were apparently facing an only partially physical threat.

The two of them reared back, hissing, their hoods flared and they flashed fangs at the ghostly figure warning her in no uncertain terms that they were not taking any chances.

Charity stopped and waited while Lucidia gathered her wits and exclaimed hurriedly, "Charity, by Fate's uncaring wheel; is it really you? Why have you manifested to me? Are you under some sort of geas? "

Charity smiled but remained where she was since Kaa and Raa were still on full protection mode. 'Lucidia, I stayed in truth; because my need to be with my little girl was stronger than the call of the light, but now that has changed….She has grown into a girl to be proud of, and is making her own way in the world so I must let her go at last.'

Charity had a distinctly furtive look on her face that was totally at odds with how she had been in life. She wavered a little and then swiftly asked, 'I have no right to ask, but… could you look after Morgana and her young fellow for me? I have done what I could for them, since Monoculo is being so obtuse; but with my leaving they will need an ally to withstand him intact.'

Lucidia was struck by a sudden thought and asked accusingly, "What do you mean exactly, you have done what you could for them? Monoculo is a stubborn fool…that's true and since you died he's been most unreasonable towards Normals, but he went off the deep end tonight and acted completely without honor or thought for the consequences."

Charity paled and became transparent as she struggled with her conscience for a moment then confessed, 'When Monoculo first called me back from the journey road to the other side, I admit I was glad he had done so. It had been only a few months but already I could see how much Morgana had grown. She had called in her grief and pain and had been answered not with just one soul kin but with three…. She happily showed off Eek, Squeek and Archie to me and I was glad indeed to try and comfort my dearest Monty. He looked so careworn and full of sorrow that I thought he had called me back out of love.'

Her eyes turned hard and her posture improved as she regained solidity and continued in a harder colder voice.

'I truly did not consider that he would try and bind me or that his reasons were selfish…. He would not listen to my pleas and used my living child and my own ashes to bind me to remain and appear to him once every moon.'

Lucidia flinched as Kaa and Raa hissed in fury at this confession of such a proscribed use of magic. Kaa's hood lowered a trifle as he noticed another pair of silhouettes moving into the sunlight.

One was unmistakably Boon, Charity's cat shaped familiar; and the other looked like Geier, Monoculo's own missing familiar. The large turkey vulture nodded gravely and spoke sorrowfully to Kaa and Raa who translated for Lucidia.

Geier sighed and said, 'greeting's brothers, It was my idea to have Charity show herself to the children while Monoculo was watching….In truth I did not consider how ruthless and unthinking my partner has become. I first left him in the hopes he would free Charity and Boon and then I could return to him, instead he has blocked my return with his stubbornness and anger.'

Looking tired he added, 'I would never have endangered the normal boy intentionally, but you know what they say about the road to Hades….'

Raa flinched sympathetically and both of them cautiously lowered their hoods but remained on guard as Lucidia's head spun with questions.


As this was going on Morgana was trying to pick up the pieces of her life and figure out what she was going to do now that Dark apparently didn't trust her, or at least not her magic. As she moved down the hall, she happened on the portal that was her usual route to the Castle. Consumed with her hurt and anger she stepped through and surveyed her ancestral home with an impatient and irritated glare on her usually pretty features. Thoroughly frightened, Eek, Squeek and Archie popped through a portal and landed on their mistress.

Archie asked worriedly, 'Morgana, you aren't going to do anything rash, are you? Dark will be back….'

Squeek added, 'Yes, I'm sure if you give him a little while to get over his fright Drake will let us help him, he's still very attracted to you. Dark only flinched because his recent memories were mixed up in his older hurts.'

Eek fluttered above Morgana as she pointedly didn't answer her familiars and moved to the front door of the castle. Her stony expression softened as she petted Sigmund before moving over the moat. She saw her Aunt Lucidia hurrying toward her and waited for her Aunt before opening the door and going into the great hall.

Softly she answered her familiars, "Don't worry, I am angry but I won't hurt anyone I promise. I just want to be sure they leave Dark and me alone so I can heal the breach between us without anyone's interference."

They found Monoculo still in the great hall with Envy and Spite. The hall was still packed with family members who were all trying to interject their opinions and comments as they tried to object to or otherwise amend Monoculo's current scheme.

Envy glanced up and touched Spite who fell silent in the middle of trying to slow down his Uncle. They looked extremely uncomfortable and started to try and explain but Monoculo was waxing vainglorious as he outlined the dowry package and contract offer he had decided on as a starting point.

Monoculo finally realized that Envy and Spite were moving away from him looking afraid and he turned in his chair to see what had spooked them. Morgana was flummoxed as she realized what they had been discussing.

Lucidia touched Morgana on the arm and started to say, "Morgana dear, there is no need to overreact; your father is just…"

Morgana interrupted in a tone of icy fury," Listen well all of you,"

Every Macabre felt the castle respond as she held both hands above her head and a huge thunderstorm manifested covering the entire estate. She continued in that same tone, "So FATHER, you think to bind me to someone you think is WORTHY…of your blood hmmmm."

Monoculo flinched and tried to say something, "My little mushroom…"

Morgana lost all patience and pointed at him. "Still your beak you squawking buzzard. If any Macabre interferes in my choice of mate magically, or other wise from this point on; then may it come back to you three fold good and bad. Just as the laws of magic state, but SO help me…Should any of you hide bound fools ever hurt My Dark or any normal without just cause; I will call on the council to disenchant anyone involved no matter HOW remotely."

She fixed her cousins with a truly betrayed look as she pointedly added, "That includes gossip and innuendo, I will have all I can do to ensure that I get the chance to heal Dark after what he has been through. I don't need to combat rumor as well as fact."

Whirling to face the hearth she gestured and the castle itself opened a portal to her home in St. Canard that she promptly stepped through without another word to any of her now silent and stunned relatives.


Of course all this was something that neither Dark nor Launchpad knew about. What they DID know was Gosalyn was missing and presumably in trouble; since she had the distressing habit of landing directly in troubles vicinity at a moment's notice. As far as any of them knew, she could be anywhere in St. Canard by now and that was definitely cause for worry.

Morgana touched Darkwing's arm gently, "I know you are worried Dark but try and stay calm. I'll portal Launchpad back to your car and pick up a few things that will help us track her and be right back."

Gosalyn was listening from her hidey hole under the platform where her dad's old bedroom set was and gulped as she thought furiously trying to come up with a way to be 'found ' that didn't include her getting grounded. So far she was coming up with nothing helpful. Forcing herself to remain calm she peeked out and saw Morgana and Launchpad disappear into the portal as her dad hurried to his motorcycle.

He tried to start the engine and was shocked when nothing happened. Getting off he took a closer look and saw that the starting mechanism had been tampered with. Fuming he began to reattach the wires and such and while he was distracted Gosalyn tip toed to the transport chairs and hit the little statute that made them spin.

When they stopped spinning she sang out in a cheery tone, "Dad, can we go to breakfast at the pancake house since its Saturday?"

Turning to face his daughter Darkwing had to force himself to look stern and fatherly as his heart melted in relief at knowing she was safe, "I don't know Gos, it depends on how honest you are with me. How long have you been hiding here in the lair?"

Looking nervous Gosalyn stuttered, "Hiding? I ummm…Well see it was like this…I woke up and was worried about you since you and Launchpad weren't home so I decided to check and make sure you were okay and…"

Darkwing sighed, "Come here Gos,"

Surprised she came close and was scooped up in a hug. Darkwing continued, "I love you kiddo and I didn't mean to worry you okay?"

Anxiously Gosalyn asked, "Did you get much sleep dad?"

Sighing again Dark admitted, "Not a lot Gos, but I didn't have nightmares or anything this time."

Perking up at this Gosalyn offered, "Keen Gear Dad, do you think it's because Morgana was here with you?"

Startled Drake demanded looking into her face, "Exactly HOW long were you listening GOS and where exactly were you hiding anyway young lady?"

Since this was what Gosalyn had been hoping to avoid answering she was momentarily silent. Unhappily she admitted, "I just got close enough to hear when you were telling Launchpad about taking Morgana's door off its hinges and then after that."

Reluctantly she led him to the platform and showed him her cache of goodies and equipment and cringed waiting for him to explode. She was very surprised when he laughed instead; just then Morgana appeared in her usual red dress.

Eek and Squeek were carrying a fairly large mirror and Archie was bouncing up and down among her braids since she hadn't bothered to put her hair into its usual style.

Seeing Gosalyn safe in Drake's embrace Morgana smiled, "Hi Gosalyn, we were very worried about you." looking up into the space under the platform Morgana asked curiously, "Is this where you were hiding?"

Gosalyn nodded looking apprehensively at her dad. He smiled at Morgana and asked cautiously, " Well Morg, since we don't have to go looking for Gosalyn why don't we wait for Launchpad back at the house and have some breakfast instead. I make really good blueberry pancakes and I have some frozen blueberries at home."

Delighted to be included in the 'Normal' side of his life she smiled, "Thank you Dark darling I'd love to try your cooking."

Eek and Squeek were still struggling with the mirror until Morgana made it shrink and put it in her carryall. She pretended not to see Dark flinch just a little, but he noticed the hurt in her eyes and went to get her green shawl.

Folding it carefully he took a deep breath smelling her potion mixed with their scents and forcing himself to smile naturally he offered, "I really don't mind the magic I know it's an important part of you Morg. I just need a little time to get over my hang ups."

Gosalyn perked up her ears at this and started to ask about that but she was distracted by her dad's next words.

Shyly offering Morgana back her shawl he offered a little hesitantly, "Do you want to take the transport chairs to the house or use one of your portals?"

Gosalyn bounced excitedly, "Keen GEAR! Can we please use a magic door? PLEASE?"

Looking at Drake who nodded firmly, Morgana smiled at the excited duckling, "I don't want to upset your father Gosalyn dear, maybe we should…"

Drake interrupted with a determined look on his face, "It's okay Morg, I just need to get used to magic not hurting that's all, besides a door will be fun."

He swallowed hard but the three of them stepped through the portal she made and into Drake's kitchen without incident. Drake hurried and managed to have the pancakes mixed up and cooking as Launchpad arrived home. Drake did make Gosalyn apologize for scaring LP and Morgana but all in all breakfast was a great success.


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