Ambezua: Another mystery-ending pokemon love story. All of the chapters are from Dawn's POV, to make things more interesting... Of course, each of the chapters are named after a playing card, representing the growing love Dawn is feeling inside herself. Like my last FanFic, I have selected some songs I found particularly suitable. Listen to them, if you like, but please... Give reviews! I need to know if I am doing things right! Anyway... Enough of me, let's get to the story.

Dawn: A Game of Hearts

By Ambezua

Theme song: "I'm not a Girl not yet a Woman"

Chapter one: One of Hearts...

Song: "Could it be"

Hello! My name is Dawn... I might appear glamorous, brave, strong, and perhaps many other things, but I most certainly don't feel like any of those things right now... Even if you don't know me, at least you will be able to sympathize with me... You see, I have this pretty big problem, which I will explain to you...

It all started a few weeks ago...

I was traveling with a young man whose name is Ash Ketchum. Yes, THE Ash Ketchum. I know, how lucky can a girl get? Anyway...

It was early in the morning, and as I pulled on my socks and hat, I knew that something special was going to happen that day. I just didn't have a clue, until it was too late...

I had just finished fixing my hair, and pulled on my boots, when I heard Ash's voice outside my tent.

'that's odd...' I thought to myself, 'Ash usually sleeps in.'

"Hey, good morning, Dawn." Ash smiled at me, as I walked out of my tent.

"Good morning, Ash," I smiled back.

"Let's pack up, I have a feeling that this is going to be a big day. Might as well get a head start." Ash started packing his things.

"Ok, Ash... what sort of things do you have planned for today?" I asked, as I started packing my things as well.

"Nothing really... I just thought it would be nice just to spend some time together. The next pokemon tournament is a long way off, so, who says I can't just take it easy for a bit?"

Somthing about how he said those words sparked a flame in me that would never die...

"Oh? That would be nice, Ash."

"I'm glad you agree." Ash replied.

We packed up the rest of our things, and continued on our way.

"Bet you can't catch me, Dawn!" Ash ran out in front of me.

"Don't be so sure!" I ran after him, giggling.

Pikachu, Ash's closest friend and confidant, followed behind us. Sure, she looked like a small, electric mouse, but she meant a lot more than just that to Ash. She had been with Ash from the very start... I sometimes wondered if calling them best friends could even do justice to their relationship. They were practically inseparable.

I ran past Ash, taking his precous hat as my captive.

"Ha, ha! I got your hat!" I ran off waving my prize in the air.

"Hey! That's not funny, Dawn, give it back." Ash didn't seem very amused at my playfulness. Couldn't he see that I was just kidding around with him.

Eventually, I began to tire, and I tripped on a small rock.

Ash quickly caught up with me.

"Ok, you win Ash... Here." I handed his hat back to him, fully expecting a thirty-minute lecture about how much that old hat meant to him.

Instead, all he said was, "thanks, Dawn."

He put his hat back onto his head, then helped me back onto my feet.

Then... It hit me. Ash didn't treat me like any girl... He treated me... differently. I couldn't really place my finger on it, but I was certain that there was somthing different. At first, I simply brushed it off as his way of showing friendship. After all, that's all we were: friends.

I followed after Ash, thankful to have such a great friend.

"Hey, Pikachu, what's up? Is there something wrong?" Ash turned to his furry little friend.

"Pika! Pikachu!" she pointed in the direction of a large bush.

"Golem!" the large, earth-type pokemon roared.

"What's a Golem doing here?" Ash asked, a bit confused.

"Who cares, let's get out of here!" I grabbed Ash's arm and pulled.

The Golem rushed towards us. I held Ash's arm tightly, fully expecting the next few seconds to by my last.

"Pika...chuuuuu!" Pikachu jumped into the air, and unleashed a thunderbolt at the Golem

"Golem?" It stopped for a second, but appeared unharmed by Pikahcu's attack.

"Of course... Golem are immune to electric attacks... Uh oh..." Ash cringed in fear.

"Ash, we need to get out of here!" I finally managed to get Ash moving.

We ran through the field, Pikachu and the Golem not far behind.

"Pikapi!" Pikachu called.

I looked up, and saw a rather large pile of rocks falling from the sky, most likely thrown by the Golem. I didn't really care where they came from, they were not going to crush Ash, at least, not while I was around.

I pushed Ash over, and shielded him from the attack with my own body. The sharp, cutting pain surged through me, as I cried out in pain.

The golem jumped over us, intending to crush us both under its enormous weight.

"Chuuu-Pika!" Pikachu jumped into the air, and slammed the Golem with an Iron Tail attack.

It flew backwards, and rolled away.

"Ash, are you ok?" I asked, ignoring my own injuries.

"Ya, I'm fine... Dawn! what happened to you?" Ash looked over at me with wide eyes.

I looked down at myself. I had quite a few scratches, nothing too deep, but I was VERY dirty.

"It's nothing, Ash, I'm fine." I smiled.

"If you say so..." Ash picked himself up off the ground, and began walking once again, "and thanks, Dawn."

"No problem," I replied, and followed him

"Pika?" Pikachu seemed to feel a bit left out. She glared at me, then ran after Ash, and jumped up onto his hat, as she often did.

"Yeah, Pikachu, you really saved us. Great job, little buddy," Ash thanked his pokemon.

Ash did seem sweet to me... Perhaps he does have feelings for me... Wait... Do I have feelings for Ash? I searched deep inside me, but I couldn't come up with any definitive results. It was pretty typical... I didn't even know about my own feelings, let alone Ash's. I became frustrated with myself... Then I got an idea.

Why not simply test the waters, right? If I can sense some chemistry between us, it will be easy to win Ash's heart. if there isn't any, then I decided to just continue along, as if nothing had happened. I didn't worry about what Ash would think about my plan, in case he caught on. After all, Ash was so dense, he most likely wouldn't be able to notice any change.

"So... Ash..." I walked up close to Ash, to see if he felt uncomfortable.

"Yeah, Dawn?" Ash didn't look over at me, or even acknowledge my presence next to him.

I wasn't sure whether that was a good sign, or a bad one.

"Well, I was wondering... Did you have any particular reason for wanting to spend the day with me?" I didn't think I could load that question any more...


With one word, he shattered any possible significance in his desire to spend time with me... He apparently only thought of me as a friend. Still... I was willing to continue the experiment a bit further.

"So... You just woke up this morning and decided to throw off any other arrangements you had planned and spend today with me?"

"Dawn, you should know very well that I don't work that way..." I felt my heart skip a beat

"I didn't make any arrangements that you don't know about." Ash finished.

I sweatdropped... Perhaps this had not been such a good idea...

"But, you know I enjoy spending time with you, right?" Ash smiled, finally turning his head to look at me.

"Yes, of course," I reply

Then again... Why not continue? Let the game of hearts begin!

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