Ambezua: Ok, this is FINALLY the chapter you have all been waiting for... I hope I can live up to your standards! Here goes... Dawn professes her love to Ash... but how will he, Misty, and Pikachu respond?

A cold chill ran up and down my spine...


The one person who could ever take Ash away from me...

"Uh... Dawn?" Ash stepped closer to me, "are you ok? You have been acting REALLY strange lately..."

"Like what?" Brock asked, a bit curious.

"Well, for one thing... she jumped into my sleeping bag with me this morning," Ash said casually.

"She did... WHAT?" Brock shouted, which snapped me out of my trance, "Ash, please don't tell me that your THAT dense..."

"Think again, Brocko..." I thought, "this is ASH we are talking about..."

Thinking quickly, I grabbed Ash's hand.

"Just a sec, Dawn... Brock, where is Misty?" Ash seemed quite eager to meet up with her.

"Uh... Last time I saw her, she was in a fight with the man who operated the Mallet game... Apparently, the man thought Misty had cheated," Brock chuckled.

"Come on... I have something I need to tell you," I pulled him behind me, leaving Croagunk, Brock, and his bewildered face behind us.

I could faintly hear Brock's voice in the distance...

"How come ASH gets all the girls?" he wailed, "he never even uses pick-up lines!"

I managed to make our way through the crowds, and found just what I was looking for: an small, empty dressing room for the carnival staff.

I opened the door, shoved Ash inside, and took a quick look around before entering the small room myself.

I flipped on the switch and faced Ash. His face betrayed his realization of why I had brought him here.

"I guess there isn't much to say, right Ash?" I said quietly.

"um... what do you mean, Dawn?" Ash said blankly, trying to delay the inevitable.

"You know what I mean, Ash..." I stepped closer, placing my hands on his shoulders, "I like you, Ash..."

"Ya, Dawn, I like you too," Ash said quickly.

"You do?" I asked, taking one step closer.

"Ya... Your one of my closest friends," Ash began to look uncomfortable, most likely due to the rapidly decreasing distance between our bodies.

"I don't want to be just friends," I said, almost a whisper, "I love you, Ash..."

Ash stepped back, but the wall of the room held him in place.

I closed my eyes, and wrapped my arms around his head...

Ash swallowed, as I pressed my body against his... I could feel his heart beating, and I hoped he could feel mine too.

I pressed my lips to his, pushing my body hard against his in order to keep him from slipping away.

For a moment, he tried to push me away, but he soon relaxed.

I held the kiss, a heavenly feeling, for about ten seconds before...

"Pika-chuuuuuuuu!" Pikachu's thunderbolt obliterated the entire dressing room, leaving Ash and I completely exposed, in an intimate embrace.

I opened my eyes, and looked over at Pikachu, who glared back at me crossly. I let go of Ash, who quickly stepped back from me.

as soon as I looked up, and to the right of Pikachu, I understood why Ash had done so...

There stood Misty, with a look of jealousy mixed with rage. her face was completely red, and her eyes had death and distruction in them. In her hand, she held my diary... Which I could only speculate as to how she came to obtain.

"Uh... Hi Misty, it's been a long time!" Ash walked up to Misty with a smile.

Misty quickly recovered her composure.

"Oh, hi Ash..." She said casually

I let out a sigh of relief... perhaps I would live to see another day.

"What were you and that girl doing in there?" Misty poked Ash.

"Uh... well..." Ash stammered, "her name is Dawn..."

"Oh... Well, nice to meet, you," Misty held out her right hand and took mine.

I looked back at Misty, confused. She was certainly not the Misty I thought she was...

"Well, Ash, I would LOVE to stay here and catch up with you... But Dawn and I have a few things to talk about, ok?" Misty said sweetly, but I could sense the evil intentioned in her words.

"Sure," Ash said casually. Ash... SAVE ME!

Misty pulled me away from Ash and Pikachu, and stopped when we were well out of earshot.

"So..." I said nervously.

"Ok, first of all, Ash is MINE, you got that?!" Misty yelled into my ear.


"I'm not finished yet, blue-hair!" Misty cut me off, "Although it's none of my business to tell Ash who he may and may not have as a friend, if I so much as find you two alone again, you will have an appointment with my mallet!... If I see you kissing him again, I will make you WISH I killed you... Understand?"

"yes..." I whimpered.

"Good!" Misty smiled, "I'm glad we worked this all out... Now, let's go find Ash, ok?"

"Ok..." I moaned, as Misty took my arm in her iron grip once again, and pulled me back to where we had left Ash.

I couldn't believe it... The girl was totally crazy over MY Ash. She would stop at NOTHING to keep us apart. How was I supposed to combat her? Ash woudn't defend me from her, heck, he couldn't even defend himself from her... Despair began to take over me... A dark blanket of hopelessness shrouded me for the rest of the day. I could tell that Ash could sense my feelings, but made no effort to help me out of my misery.

At the end of the day, Brock and Misty escorted us out of the carnival... I can't remember much of what we talked about as we make our way back to the Pokemon Center... It was something about a Jigglypuff that Ash, Misty, and Brock had encountered on numerous occasions during their travels together.

I threw myself down on my bed at the pokemon center, and let wept my heart out. I love Ash, but I couldn't have him. He knew how I felt about him, but I didn't even know for certain if he loved me back. I felt as if I would never know... As long as Misty stood between us, that is. After a few hours, I felt completely exhausted. I rolled back off the bed, and onto the hard floor. I reached out, and pulled out my empty diary, the one which I had bought beforehand in case my old one ran out of pages. I turned on a light, and pulled out a pen, and began to write... I wrote about everything that had happened to me, from the day that I first fell in love with Ash, till that very night. For it's title, I wrote: "A Game of Hearts," in large, golden letters. With a sigh, I kissed the last page, and closed the book. I placed it under my pillow... and I drifted off to sleep.

The next day, I woke up early, and snuck over to Ash and Brock's room. (Misty had changed the sleeping arrangements).

Thankfully, Ash had forgotten to lock the door.

I turned the knob, and creaked the door open... I slipped my book into Ash's hands while he slept, and stepped back out of the room.

I quietly made my way back to my room, and made a silent prayer that I would go undetected by Misty...

Yes... This is where I am now... I am sitting on my bed, hoping against hope that fate will deal kindly with me...

Ends with Songs: "What Hurts the Most" (Cascada), then "Miracle" (Cascada)

The End

Ambezua: I know... sort of a sad ending... If you want the story to continue, please give me comments, telling Dawn ways she can try to win Ash's heart, without getting a homicidal Misty after her! But, if you like bitter-sweet endings, why change perfection?