Now I've got chapter 2 up. This one is dedicated to Sorenfangirl04 and if nobody else suggests anything the next 3 chapters will be as well. Well, let's face it. We all knew Eliwood was easy enough to kill, so we had to wonder how it was that he would finally kick the bucket. Just to state this, I never played FE 6, so if I do anything to contradict that game, sorry. All I know is what was on FE 7. For that reason, Roy will not talk much. And now the anticipated death of Eliwood!

What good could I do on a battlefield anyway? Well, what good did I ever do really? As long as I could remember, my history was full of getting in the way and needing to be protected, all because I was some lordling that people held in high esteem. He was different, so different from me in my youth. His skill was a brilliant thing to behold. He didn't need anyone to watch over him. But I was his father. That's what I do naturally. And maybe it became the only real purpose I served.

What a battle it turned into. It was a simple dispute between Pherae and Bern. They wanted to invade us but we refused, starting what should have been a short skirmish. It was on our soil. We even had the advantage. But it became more drawn out than we originally planned. I'm sad that I won't be able to see the end of it…

I remember when Roy first learned how to use a sword. It was only a small, wooden one but he ran around the courtyard, swinging it at all the untended plants pretending they were evil monsters that had to be vanquished. Markus looked back at me and grinned, instantly declaring him a natural. As a father I couldn't have been prouder that he possessed a skill that I never would.

I grinned. Not even death could dim a father's pride. I wonder if my father felt the same before he died. "Roy, do…do you remember? The first little sword you played with? In the courtyard?" When did my voice become so weak? A sound like that wasn't going to be anywhere near strong enough to calm my child's crying.


I suppose what I said didn't really relate to the moment, but for some reason it was all I could think about. That small child swinging that stick wildly with such a grin on his face. "It was your first sword." I couldn't help but chuckle to the best of my abilities. It made my chest hurt but it just didn't matter. "I guess…it really isn't that important… compared to your escapades now."

"Why did you…?

The way he gripped my hand tighter was the same as I had done to my father's. How did someone like him take after me so? He stood as proof that my life had served some purpose. I raised Roy right and he had become everything I could have ever hoped him to become. Because of him I had been blessed. "You should pay more attention to what goes on behind you. The enemy…will always attack."

"I could have taken the hit! Then you would…."

I lifted my hand up and grabbed the shaft of the arrow that stuck up from my chest. " Because I'm your father." I felt my eyes grow too heavy to hold open.


"I'll always watch over you."

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