Chapter One: The Beginning

"We now go to field reporter Liana Darnwright for more, Liana?" a distorted, fuzzy voice announced from some pale blue glow ahead.

"Thanks Chet," accepted a female counterpart, voice just as crackly as the man's had been, "It's a disturbing story, leaving family and neighbors both shocked, and distraught. Here on this darkened street, not three days ago, twelve year old Timmy Turner is believed to have been abducted. He had spent the weekend at the home of his family's trusted friends and neighbors, the Valentines, while his parents enjoyed their anniversary in the city of Dimsdale. Upon the morning of their return, young Timmy decided to walk home on his own, and was last seen by his long time babysitter, Vicky Valentine."

The boy's head was swirling, he had heard his name but it was hard to make sense of it all. The static filled voice of that woman had said he was abducted. Had he been? He couldn't remember, nothing was clear, everything seemed so out of place to him. And why was it so dark? Why was the only light coming from a half busted portable television that felt so far away? It was speaking again, this time in an all too familiar tone.

"I," she stopped to sniff away some apparent forming tears, "I wanted to walk home with him but he said he could do it on his own. He was so sure he was old enough, big enough, to…" she sniffled again, "to go out on his own. But now look what happened! It's not right, he's just a kid…"

He could be sure of one thing though, as the story went on, that was not the Vicky he knew and loathed. That was an act! He admitted that her ability to fool people had, if anything, improved significantly over the past two years, but it was not something he should feel impressed about. No, this was fearsome, this was terrible. What was she playing at? Trying to milk sympathy from the community was hardly her forte. Maybe because he had gone missing under her watch she was just trying to cover her ass, yeah, that made much more sense.

Then it finally sunk in, him! Timmy Turner! Missing! He had been abducted; he was some place he did not know! Panic began filling his mind, his body, and his soul. He tried valiantly to move, yet as his arms thrashed he found their movement to be hindered. Something was strapped around his wrists, tight, but for some reason they were not chaffed. He tried his legs, they were free, but felt heavy and tingled, as if they had fallen asleep. He tried turning his head about but soon realized his neck too had been confined, some thick and durable substance tightly curled around it, yet it had a smooth texture to it. His eyes began to water as the second reporter's voice started up again.

"If anyone has information leading to the child's whereabouts please contact the Dimsdale Police Department at once. It is urgent that this young boy be returned to his par-" The small television washed out and ceased working, leaving the area it occupied dark, lifeless, and cold.

"…Cosmo? …Wanda?" The boy asked aloud, fear ripping through him now like some vile scent of the dead air.

"Hmhmhm," a muffled laughter began, sending shivers up and down Timmy's already wet spine. It was too familiar. "No, I don't think so twerp, not this time."

"Vicky?!" Timmy shouted in an eroded surprise, "How? Wait! Where… Let me go." His body began struggling against his binds, trying desperately for a catch of some sort of freedom

"You really think it's going to be that easy? Come on twerp, I knew you were an idiot but I didn't think you were this stupid. Though I guess when you have little friends like you do you can just wish everything to be easy, huh?"

He now froze up at her words. How could she know? He never let it slip up, he would have been aware if she was spying on him. He was careful! It didn't make sense!... And if she knew then how come he still remembered them? That had to mean they hadn't been taken away! But if that was true then how come they hadn't came when he called? Something was wrong, he knew it, and not just where he was, but wherever Cosmo and Wanda where too!

"I bet you're wondering," Vicky said slowly as Timmy could hear her soft foot falls inch ever closer, "how come I know about your fairies now? But at the same time you aren't being punished for it? Well, by someone other than me, that is." Her fingers could be felt caressing his face, as a child would with a brand new toy. "Do you wanna know why?"

Timmy turned his head away from her touch, but didn't say anything because he really did need to know this.

"Hmph, I guess that's a yes, coming from a brat like you. I wouldn't normally bother, but I was told to inform you anyway. I don't see why fairies have to have everything explained to everyone when they hide themselves from the human population. Oh well, just listen up, 'cause I'm only going to say this once, got it? Kids like you are given fairy godparents because they're miserable, right? Well, about a week or so ago Anti-Cosmo, he said you would know him, decided that if the reason a fairy gifted kid's miserable situation is because of a person, then to even things out that person will be rewarded with corresponding anti-fairies. I-E you were given Cosmo and Wanda because I was making you miserable, so I received Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda to even the playing field," she slapped him hard across the face, sending a sickening smack to bounce off the walls, "Understand?"

Timmy breathed in hard, razor pointed pain shooting across his cheek like a flash of fried meat. He understood, he understood completely and utterly. So this is why Anti-Cosmo had been under the radar for so long? And if Vicky had her own set of fairies now, rather they are of the Anti variety or not, it would make sense her knowing his secret wouldn't do any harm to him, at least not from Fairy World. But where were his fairies? Where were his guardians? He needed to find out if they were alright, but how?

"You know what my favorite part about all of this is, twerp?" Vicky now asked, just dying to brag her soul's worth. Timmy did not respond though, instead opting to just hang there and listen. "I'll tell you," she went on anyway, "Anti-fairies' wishes are rule free! He explained to me that you are restricted by laws and governing principles when you want to wish for something; but for me? I can have anything I want! Understand? Anything!"

"And that's evening the playing field how?" Timmy demanded with his old defiance burning through again, only to be hit across the other side of his face for the cheek.

"I've wanted to beat the hell out of you for years, Timmy. But I knew if I went that far I couldn't get away with it. Do you know what my first desire was once I got my Cosmo and Wanda? Well? I'll tell you: for all the memories that you wished away from me to return. I remember everything you have ever done to thwart me and wished away. All of it! I once ruled the world and you took that away! An entire perfect life you stole from me. That's so fucking unforgivable; I'll never forgive you for it!" She hit him across the face once more, now causing tears to form in his eyes from the pain. "And you were my most beloved student! You were my blazing hope in a world that I could not afford to trust anymore."

"That's all old news, Vicky," Timmy meandered through his words, "Besides, I only remember the story I was told, but I stopped that future from happening, so it wasn't real."

"You can't say that!" the young woman shrieked and hit him again, "Its real to me, I can clearly recall it! And I'll make it happen again if I have to, just as soon as Anti-Cosmo gets back, you'll see… wait, no, you won't…"

"What?" he did not like the tone of her voice there.

"Come on, twerp, do you really think you are getting out of here? I demanded there be fairy warding magic surrounding the place. It can only be lifted by me, and only if I specifically say so. You are my prisoner now, so get used to it."

"You can't do that! This isn't fair, Jorgen would never-"

"Your stupid Jorgen can't stop what he can't find, twerp! Besides, Anti-Cosmo is at Fairy World as we speak, he thought it would be 'proper and fully villainous' to announce his plans there. Yeah, well, whatever. Just as long as he doesn't get captured or something then I don't care."

"And why would he even want to work with you?"

"Well, well, you still have lots of spirit I see. Good, I'm going to love breaking you down. Why would he? Simple, I know you better than anyone else, after all. And you always seem to find the time to thwart his plans… not to mention a whole shit load of other wicked deviants. You really have become a little super hero, huh? What does that make me, your arch nemesis? Only this isn't one of your little worthless comic books, brat, this is the real world. And now you don't have some god mode advantage over me anymore! So, I take care of you while he takes over Fairy World, then I can have this world."

"So what? Are you going to kill me now or something?"

"Kill you? No, no, Timmy. I wouldn't dream of killing you! Why, if I did I would have nothing to do while we are down here in this hole, would I? Besides… I need to correct my mistakes, don't I?"

"What? What mistakes?"

"Timmy," she now sashayed her soft long fingers across his enflamed skin, "my biggest mistake was not teaching you from the very beginning. That's why you betrayed me, you couldn't see the good I was doing for the world. No, I'm not going to kill you, far from it. I'm going to break you down and build you back up. And then you'll be my student again, the one I miss so much."

"But… Vicky, that never happened-"

"It happened for me!" She grabbed his shoulders and shook him violently. He stared at her wide eyed, now able to see in this dimly lit room. "No, I have to end who you are now, and you'll be who I always trusted you to be; my lieutenant, my right hand man. And this time you won't betray me, understand? No one will ever betray me again now that I have them. No one!"

"You've gone mad," Timmy blurted with out meaning to, but the damage was done, she had heard his honest thoughts.

"Mad? Me? No, twerp," her hands slipped off of his shoulders, "I'm seeing things clearly for the first time in my life. I know you can be my first true friend if I could just show you my point of view. But we have been enemies for far too long. This is the only way now, don't you see? I have to destroy who you are and build you anew."

"That isn't friendship, Vicky! That's slavery-" He was swatted across the face yet again, just as loud as the first time.

"Shut up! I've waited too long! We are going to start reforming you right away. No one knows you are here; no one has any idea where you are in fact. There is absolutely no way of detecting you from Fairy World, or from any other world. Yes, I know all about your alien friends too, and trust me, they won't be of any help, I made sure of that. The difference between an adult's wishes and a kid's is that we think every aspect through before hand while you just make shit up as you go along. So get used to the fact that you will be in my care for a very, very long time."

Timmy swallowed what little saliva he had left. As much as he tried she was right, he couldn't figure any way out of this. He wasn't just going to let her have her way though! He had to find a way to convince her to let him go, somehow. But then that was the problem, wasn't it? How could he, Timmy Turner, the boy who relied on magic to fix all of his problems, convince quite possibly the most evil person on the face of the earth to release him? Especially since she was so keen on keeping him around?

Her hands had returned to caressing his burning flesh again, Timmy had no doubt she had lost her mind. "My Timmy, my lieutenant, my most trusted. You'll see; I'll have you back in time… Maybe I'm being a little too hasty. We can start in the morning, since I will need my full wits about me, after all. Yes, sleep now."

"Even if I wanted to I'm kinda chained up here," no time to start like the present.

"Hmm… I guess I could undo the choker. Yeah, you can't break those binds anyway."

"What kinda binds are these?" it sounded too strong to him even as it left his mouth, and he cursed himself inwardly for not thinking before he spoke.

"Like I would give you that sort of information when you are my prisoner, twerp; it's pointless to ask me anything anyway, because I'm both smart and more cunning than you are. But don't worry about the chains; they can't hurt you unless I really want them to." She laughed to herself through her nose as on of her long fingers slid across the soft metal. It shuttered before releasing his neck and sliding away into the dark.

Timmy fell forward with out this support holding him up anymore, face landing in the crook of her neck. He was only able to process how cold her soft skin felt before pain shot through his scalp. Vicky had a hand full of his hair and was lifting him up again. But why was he level with her? This too became apparent when thinking about it, he was standing on a bed and she was propped up on her knees. He could even feel the sheets as they clung to the mattress, something like silk.

"It's been a long day for me, twerp. Though the prospect of making you right excites me so much, I'm still pretty damn tired. I have to head back home, you just lay down here and wait in the dark until I get back… might be a few hours, maybe a few days, I dunno. Either way I'll be back before you starve to death."

She stood up and let him fall face forward. It was actually a comfortable landing, and would be marvelous if not for his being trapped in some dungeon. She didn't say goodbye, she just picked up something, the TV he was assuming, and left. He eventually heard a vibration that slightly annoyed his ears, but then that stopped, and all was quiet. She was gone, and all he had for company now were these strange chains. He rolled around a bit, testing out his range of movement now. He couldn't leave the bed, but could scratch any part of his body. It was like they were able to read his mind, the binds that is. Like they had the ability to feel what he was thinking.

Another thing he noticed once Vicky had left was that there was absolutely no light now. He strained his eyes to their limit until they hurt from the intensity of the gaze, but all was black no matter. He eventually found himself curled, going over all the things she had said to him, trying to form some sort of plan. She wanted to build him into her perfect soldier; that was her goal. He could perhaps pretend to go along with it. No, she would be suspicious of a sudden change of heart. He had to fight her, had to hold onto himself. The key was to not give up hope, yes, that was what he had to do. And when she felt he could be trusted he had to make a break for it and hope that someone was looking for him still.

But what if they had given up by then? Or worse yet she captured him before they could get to him first? He shook his head, no, he couldn't afford to think like that. Damn it, he was thirsty. She could have at least left him with some water. He would have to ignore it though, what chance did he have of finding anything he needed in a place like this? Where he couldn't even leave his bed for Christ's sake! Timmy became angered suddenly and thrashed about, trying to free himself from his restraints, but to no avail.

He tired himself out eventually, now with a throat drier than he could remember. Maybe it was because he was unable to get something to drink that it seemed more parched. He tried swallowing his spit, but it didn't help, not really. Oh what he wouldn't do for just a nice cup of ice cold water, with crushed ice filling it up to the rim. Just the reflection in his mind of the substance was causing him both bliss and suffering. Maybe if and when Vicky came back she would at least give him something to drink. Yes, she had to! She had said she wasn't going to kill him. Food he could understand going days with out, but his body needed water.

He tried to get some sleep, tried to keep his mind off of his situation and cracked sensations. It was hard, for the more he tried not to think of it, the more his mind solicited upon it. He tossed and turned for what could have been hours, more maybe just minutes… days, perhaps? Time was impossible to tell, too damn difficult to keep track of. Did it even exist in this place? Vicky had created it with the use of Anti-fairy magic, so time might not pass for him at all, or maybe it existed more for him here then out there. He couldn't tell, either way. His mind wandered, remembering segments of Vicky's conversation with him, playing in the school yard, going on adventures with Cosmo and Wanda across the universe. At one point he thought that he was in his own darkened room and tried to get up out of bed to head downstairs for a drink, but his chains reminded him all too suddenly that he was a captive.

Had his thoughts turned into dreams? When he thought about it he was stuck here in this hole smelling like shit and piss and thirsting more than ever he had in his life, but when he imagined he could clearly see with in his mind's eye. He saw sun shine, silver beams of light streaking through tree leaves in a perfectly proportioned forest. It was still autumn time, wasn't it? All of the leaves were brown and fire colored, beautiful to behold as they disconnected from the trees and drifted down like a slow rain fall of sailboats. Why did everything have to come back to water? He hadn't realized how important it was in his life until now.

He was angrier at Vicky then. He wanted her to suffer for this, wanted her to be hit full force with the karma she deserved, and then some. Too bad he didn't have something to deal a blow against her with… or did he? She wanted him alive, if he remembered correctly. So didn't that mean he had his own life he could use against her? His mind raced, he could threaten to hold his breath until he died, or at least passed out but still causing himself brain damage. That would be worth it! Just to see the look on her face as she realized once again that she had failed! And there was nothing she could do to bring him back! After all, it said in Da Rules that you can't wish the dead back to life.

Then he remembered something, she didn't have normal fairies. Vicky had Anti-Cosmo, possibly the most dastardly villain in the universe. And Anti-fairy magic was rule free. So did that mean she could bring him back to life if she wanted? Well, that was one thing to add to the list of things he couldn't do. Besides, he didn't think he had it in him to take his own life.

Timmy tried to fall asleep again, but still couldn't tell if he was just imagining things or actually dreaming in time immeasurable. Vicky, water… Cosmo… Wanda… water. He wanted water, needed water. Water, water, water. Was he saying it aloud? He couldn't tell, it almost felt like it though.

"Are you sure you want water?" a gentle voice asked him, almost familiar.

"Please…" was all he was able to get out of his bone dry mouth, it felt as if his tongue had desiccated to the root.

"I'll give you some, just trust in me, believe in me," her voice seemed to caress his skin with a calming effect. Everything would be alright now that this person was here, she would bring the water.

Timmy nodded his head as best he could. Her arms cradled him, lifted his head back, opened his mouth, and oh how glorious it was. Cold, icy, wet. It spilled over his cracked lips, onto his face and neck and shoulders; but most importantly into his mouth. He swallowed greedily; nothing in his entire existence had ever felt so good, tasted so wonderful. He drank and drank and drank, stopped for breath, then drank some more. He could feel as the liquid's chill ran down past his lungs, filling his belly even.

The woman laughed at him, but he didn't care, he had finally been given water. Even if this was a dream it felt so good!

"Do you feel better now?" she asked as he laid in her arms… her cold arms.

"Yes," Timmy responded, relief still washing over him.

"And who made you feel better?"

"Yo-… Vicky?"

Vicky laughed again as Timmy jumped out of her arms. He was still too weak to do much else though. His eyes danced around violently, everything was blurry. But a blur? Light! There was light! His surrounding had shapes, though he couldn't focus on anything. Mostly just browns and yellows blended together. Oh, but there was a sharp fire clearly glowing amongst it all, Vicky's hair.

"Did you miss me, Timmy?" She asked, showing no sign what so ever of even a slight inkling of remorse for what she had already put him through.

It was not that the boy didn't want to respond, but rather he couldn't even if he had tried. His mind was boggled, and still he thirst. Although what troubled and shocked him the most was that as he lay in her arms he had given up completely to the woman who had the water. But that was Vicky, the one who put him in this situation to begin with. He didn't know that though, he reasoned with himself. He was disoriented, unable to tell the truth from fiction, seconds from hours. How long had he been down here?

"Well?" Vicky pushed the question, "Did you miss me or not?"

"I… you… water…" He stumbled as she offered him a pitcher from which the drink must have come from, full to the brim of ice and water.

"If you still need to drink then go ahead. Ah! Not so hasty, you have to realize that I'm giving this to you, and that you owe me, got it?"

"Fine!" Timmy agreed with out compunction then reached out for the container. She gave it up and watched curiously as he gulped down everything he could, causing such a wet mess. The more the boy drank the more he realized that no matter how much he spilled, the pitcher was not becoming empty. Fairy magic, no doubt. When he had had his fill he handed the clear plastic container back to Vicky, but only reluctantly.

"I'll take that as a yes, then," Vicky concluded, "Now, today we start your reeducation as you know-"

"How long have I been down here?!" Timmy demanded at once, only to get a smack to the face.

"No speaking out of turn!" Vicky shrieked at him.

This filled Timmy with a burning hot rage. He lunged at her, which surprised Vicky at first, but the boy's restraints had reacted and locked him down. He couldn't get at her, even as he tried with his entire valor reserves.

"Tch," the young woman spat, "Those are magic chains, twerp. They react if you have an intention against my own. It would best if you give up, or else you will just tire yourself out."

He opted to just glare at her then, her face now coming into focus. She gestured for him to say what was on his mind. He studied and complicated the hand movement a minute to be sure it was what she meant though.

"How long have I been in here?" He asked again, though more politely. He really did not want to be hit again.

"You mean since I last left you?" she refined his question, to which he nodded, "About three days, three and a half, maybe? That sounds about right."

"That long?" he flushed out, but he truly had no expectations for the time, he had lost track of it for what seemed like months, or perhaps just hours.

"Anyway," Vicky went on, "you have misconceptions about who I really am, Timmy Turner. I'm going to show you the truth about me, about where I come from. And when you see things from my point of view you will come around… hmm, or maybe at least make things easier for me."

Timmy scowled and looked off to the side; he noticed that all the walls were of a deep grey stone… why had he seen brown, then?

"Nothing to add then? That's alright, works better for me, after all. Get up then."

It took Vicky five strikes to the boy's being to get him to obey her command. When he had finally stood, wobbling and needing her support to keep upright, she snapped her fingers, and out from the stone ceiling above came the choker from before. She had to hit him a few more times before he gave up struggling and allowed her to claps the thing around his neck. It was a strange material, soft, almost alive, but still so very sturdy. She caressed the bindings on his wrists and they shivered, then released him and sank into the stone floor. Then Vicky pulled down on the chain from above and it fell. Timmy could see that it had a handle for her to slip her hand through. It was a leash! A living leash that bent to the teen's will!

"I'm taking you for a little stroll now." She said as her grip tightened.

"Where to?" it was all he could do to keep his wits about him, asking questions that didn't offend her.

"Through time, of course!" the redhead exclaimed, "You need to see things for what they are. Come, get out of bed, we're going."