Chapter Thirteen: Latency of the Feast

"Ah, Victoria, my dear Godchild!" Anti-Cosmo bid cheerfully while standing up to an impressive height. His heavy stereotypical British accent ran cold down Timmy's spine, but the boy kept his face stoic as the unnatural man continued, "You do ever seem to be in good health, darling. Please, by all means, acquire a chair." He gestured for the pair to take a seat, and Vicky did so with practiced movements.

Timmy made a mental note of the situation. He had been diligently prepared into a smarter person now, keener, and well trained to observe people's tendencies. Anti-Cosmo had placed himself at the head of the table, assuming- no- asserting his authority over the setting, and probably wanting to dictate the course of the conversations to come.

"You seem well, Cosmo," Vicky said while having Timmy take a comfortable seat beside her, "I hope you don't mind us arriving after you."

"No matter, dear, no matter," he responded in delight, "I find it to be quite acceptable to show one's self as fashionable rather than half-hazard."

They shared a chuckle before Anti-Wanda kicked in, "Well, don'cha two 'un jus' be gettin' along all dandy like?" If Timmy wasn't mistaken, which he was sure of not being, then he was hearing a twang of jealousy in the blue haired woman's voice. He decided to pin this observation to his mental notes as well, in case it foretold possible advantages to utilize later.

"Wanda, dear," Anti-Cosmo started with exasperation, "I do not see how I could have been any more clear earlier. This is a formal dinner with our godchild, which you have been made privy to weeks in advance, some occasions take priority-"

"Yea', yea', over ot'ers, blah, blah, blah," she made a goofy, cross eyed face while imitating her husband's pompous tone, and it took all of the boy's will power not to laugh.

"As I was saying," the irritated husband continued, seeming to try and ignore his wife's antics, "do not be upset that I and the missus arrived before you and your ward," Timmy didn't miss that Anti-Cosmo purposefully put himself before Anti-Wanda, which grammatically is incorrect, but was probably deliberately chosen to be ordered as such anyway, "it was I who wanted to be here in a hurry. Though as I have already stressed, please, heed no mind to it."

"Very well," Vicky leaned back, appearing much more relaxed than Timmy knew she should be feeling, "So, how goes the next conquest?"

"Oh, splendidly," the tall, deep-blue haired man exclaimed, "Though as you know the Pixies already predicted I would have my eye on them next, so they are trying ever so desperately to assemble a counter force. Only because of how corporate their nature is, they are stuck arguing if there is room for defense in their budget. Ironically their bureaucratic ways are only making my job all the eas-"

"Say!" Anti-Wanda cut in again, causing her husband's eye to twitch with some suppressed rage-filled emotion, "I thought this herr' wazza one of dem hoity-toity dinners! Where be tha' grub at?"

"Really, dearest," Anti-Cosmo hissed through clenched teeth, "You stuff your face all day, despite my warning to leave enough room in your ever expanding belly for our social obligations, and the immediate demand you make before I can even establish a proper conversation is for more food?"

"Err…" Anti-Wanda screwed up her eyes in strained contemplation, seeming as if she was having trouble processing all of her husband's swift words at once. After a few moments with no response from her in this state, Vicky's Cosmo continued in a simmering annoyance.

"Victoria, dear, if not for you I would have no hope for the evil sentient beings of the universe," the fake man's words sounded truly heartfelt.

"You praise me too much, you know that?" Vicky said smugly, but was far from complaining.

"Yes, well, I say give praise where praise is due. Unlike my dear simpleton of a wife you actually utilize the vast array of opportunities now available to you, and with stunningly efficient results. Though I think a word of advice is due on this subject. Don't push yourself beyond your limits, the last thing I need is for my agent of the Earth to have a mental collapse. Do I make myself clear?" His voice had become cold and steely, face mirroring the effect.

Vicky rolled her eyes while breathing out a sigh which Timmy assumed to mean her annoyance, but he could tell, especially now, that there was unease hidden beneath it, "Yeah, yeah," Vicky placated, "I hear ya loud and clear, boss," she waved a sloppy salute to her temple and let it flop dramatically back to her lap with a soft thunk.

The evil Cosmo's sharp green observers seemed to be calculating her reaction behind that polite little smile. Deciding he didn't want to accidentally make eye contact with the dangerous tall man, Timmy focused now on Anti-Wanda, who was just now realizing that she was still hungry at a dinner with no food in sight.

"Hey!" the jagged toothed anti-fairy announced, making the rest of the party center on her too, "Ah' steell be hun'gray!" she almost shouted while pounding a round fist on the richly decorated table.

That being said no time was wasted in summoning their sharply dressed waitress for the night. Toots was looking stunning as ever, and seemed all too happy to get the dinning ball rolling, "Good evening sirs and madams," she said with yet another of her soundly practiced character voices, "I will be your waitress this fine evening. For your listening enjoyment we have arranged the finest musical talents from the prestigious Victoria Academy of Music here tonight," as if on cue, out of seemingly nowhere, a sensual sliding of bow over strings signaled the slow start of a classical composition, "We can serve any and all dishes you can imagine. If you would like," the well-endowed waitress waved her gloved hand gracefully and a set of transparent holographic menus flickered to life in front of each of the seated diners, "we can offer you the most highly recommended meals our stupendous chefs have to offer. Will you be in need of a moment to decide on your beverages?"

Anti-Cosmo seemed only slightly impressed with the proceedings, though didn't bother to even glance at his menu. Instead he was watching Vicky, who had opened her mouth almost too automatically for Timmy's liking.

"There will be no need for us to debate, I think our finest and oldest burgundy from the complex' cellars will do, in fact make it double," the dictator directed as she leaned in to view her menu more closely. Toots bowed suitably and made it known that this request would be readied with certainty, turning to leave when Vicky dismissed her with a nonchalant wave of her hand, obviously meaning they would need some time to decide on what to eat.

As Timmy was paying his attentions toward Vicky, he noticed that the shining emerald eyes at the head of the table had shifted slightly from the red head, to him. Not wanting his own sapphire ones to betray him, he pretended to follow his caretaker's lead and examined his own menu. There were only appetizers and salads on the front page, none of which seemed all too exciting at the moment, though that might be due in part to how Anti-Wanda kept trying to throttle her menu, muttering obscenities under her crooked breath.

Eventually all of the assembled were aware of the imposter woman's lack of subtleties, causing Anti-Cosmo to clear his throat in an annoyed fashion. Vicky growled loud enough for her fairy godfather to just be able to pick up, "Timmy, help my godmother with her menu, I sort of want to have dinner tonight."

Timmy, not wanting his tone to betray him, silently obliged by moving around to the less than capable false woman, "Here," he offered patiently, but not unkindly, leaning over her shoulder to show her the proper way, "this must be your first time with one of our menus. You have to pinch the corner here, like this, and then turn it as if it were the actual thing,"

Anti-Wanda blinked in slight amazement and cocked her head slightly to the side so as to gather a better view of the boy, "My word… aint you jus' up an becomin' the sweetest liddel gent?"

"Well, I suppose so, but you are our guest after all," Timmy found it strange to be complimented so sincerely by an enemy he had once cursed until his throat cracked.

"Aint you used ta' be all selfish an' rude?"

"Oh, well, I guess when I was younger," the youth spoke softly with a touch of humor to his words.

"Why I guess'n so too! How 'bout that?" She flashed him a toothy grin, to which he nodded with a small smile and returned to his seat, a slight blush caressing his cheeks. It had just occurred to him that she had crafted for herself a very beautiful human body, minus the twisted teeth. Being complimented by this attractive creature, and more importantly being able to act out some lines, had increased his confidence and put some of his worries at ease. Anti-Wanda then turned to her husband with a huff and started berating him without warning.

"Now that's whut I was talkin' 'bout earlier! Why aint you ever be nice ta' me like that?!"

"Now, now, dear," Anti-Cosmo said with a strained patience, "I think you forget that I have to put up with your… mannerisms just about every waking moment of my life."

The wine eventually arrived and dinner orders were taken. All decided it best to skip directly to the main course. Steak seemed to be on both Anti-Wanda and Timmy's mind; Vicky on the other hand found lobster much more appetizing. Strangely, as far as the youth was concerned, Anti-Cosmo only decided on a garden salad with light Italian dressing. The dinner party, minus Anti-Wanda, enjoyed the pleasant tunes emanating from seemingly nowhere, commenting on how masterful every note was struck. Small talk, truly, but the game of wits had to be played. Vicky was sporting her casual, slightly non-committed attitude, giving off the guise that she felt this was a waste of time but was trying not to show it. Layers of deception are easy to get lost in. Timmy meanwhile decided he was most comfortable pretending to be hiding his nerves, of course the source of his nervousness was the lie here, but all good lies have a beginning in truth. Though in all honesty, the more he talked, the bolder and more relaxed he felt. A familiar feeling was being stirred deep within him. As for Anti-Cosmo, Timmy was having trouble figuring him out. He mostly allowed others to make comments while he gauged their reactions behind a cold smile, only talking when it was expected of him, and seeming to steer the conversation into water that tested both Vicky and Timmy's facades. This made the young man feel as if the dark Cosmo really was in control of everything, and had an idea that Vicky and Timmy were up to something.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Tootie slid in just as a break in the conversation was forming, "dinner is served," and what a dinner! Rolled in on individual serving tables, gilded in glittering gold, each member of the party was placed before them the most wondrous and savory meals anyone could ask for. Even Anti-Cosmo's salad looked to be absolutely refreshing. Ah, but truly Timmy only had eyes for his steak. Seasoned to perfection and cooked medium rare, with sides of butter and garlic sautéed truffles, steamed vegetables, and horseradish and Worcestershire sauces for the meat, "We hope you find everything to your liking."

As soon as Anti-Wanda received her meal she wasted no time in devouring it, causing her husband to slightly groan with obvious dislike. Though because she took the first bites, Timmy did not have to feel rude in cutting down his meat and enjoying it, though being sure to let Vicky eat a piece of her lobster first. Seeing that the rest of the table had their mouths full, Anti-Cosmo reluctantly chewed on his beautifully colored salad, resonating a satisfying crunch of the vegetables, and seemed to find nothing to criticize.

"I must say," the blue haired man started up after a couple minutes of silent clatter, "Timothy has shown exceedingly good behavior tonight," hearing his name caused his heart to quicken, "I simply have to hear what steps you took in his rehabilitation, Victoria."

It wasn't as if Timmy had not expected the subject tonight, but to be brought up with Tootie standing so near, waiting to be summoned, brought him far from his comfort zone. Vicky had agreed many months ago to her ward's pleads to not inform the raven haired beauty of what he had been put through, least she became distraught, which might lead to her being permanently silenced.

"Well," Vicky said while putting a fork full of butter dripping crustacean meat into her mouth. This might appear slightly rude, which fit into her half caring dinner persona, but Timmy felt it was a smart move to buy her a couple precious seconds to think, "As you already know about his previous housing arrangements, I'll save repeating those details. He had calmed after a couple of years, accepted that I was not to be denied, and had his best interests at heart. Still, I like to play it safe for these sorts of things - so I moved him here, in a time where there is no escape from, and my agents can always keep an eye on him. I then regimented for him intense teachings day in and day out; concerning etiquette, academics, and physical augmentation and training."

"Physical training?" Anti-Cosmo inquired further.

"Yeah, I don't want my lieutenant being some skimpy twig-boy."

"And you feel this is an advisable course of action to take with him?"

"Alright, what's got you worried now?"

"Only that you appear so confident that he is won over to our side now, to the point that gifting him with additional abilities would prove advantageous in your eyes rather than disastrous?"

"Timmy has been nothing but loyal to me over the last year. I can, as you know, detect malcontent in an instant, and I know him better than anyone in the world. He hides nothing from me. In fact, he confides exclusively to me," her words lashed out with offence, and Timmy could only stare at his Overlord in disbelief. She was overacting, and this was going to be picked up on.

"Umm," the young man sounded with a soft nudging voice, causing the entire table to stare his way, "if I may interject?" He had to get the attention off of Vicky, and decided if he remained quite here anyway that it might feel unnatural.

His companion started to say something in response, but before she could even form a single word Anti-Cosmo cut in over her, "Why certainly Timothy! I would simply relish your point of view on the matter." Vicky's eyes, which were out of the dark man's view while she locked onto her captive, shone wide and cautious; unnerved, even.

"Well, it just occurred to me is all," his heart was thumping rapidly, giving his body an uneasy lightness, "if you wanted to know anything about me, I could tell you myself. We aren't strangers, right?"

Vicky seemed as if she wanted to do something between throttle and punch him. However, Anti-Cosmo seemed to relax as he laughed politely, which put his keeper more at ease, though she still shot at him a warning gaze.

"Of course, we are very well acquainted," said Anti-Cosmo, "Why, I was beginning to wonder if my presence here tonight was upsetting you, dear Timothy. You have hardly alleged a syllable to me unless being addressed."

Timmy smiled while looking off to the side for a second. He was in familiar territory, an old place, one which he had been well practiced in since he was a child: Lying. Only now he had the years of wisdom from Vicky the Overlord and Toots the novelist on his side. He had forgotten how easy this was before, and now a weight eased off of his psyche as he stared into those monstrous green eyes - he was excited to tango. "That's only good manners. I mean, come now, I don't think I should be butting into your conversations."

"Oh?" exhaled the blue haired man.

"Well, yeah, this dinner was for you and Vicky, right?"

"Certainly, this was an arrangement so my wife and I could catch up with our godchild."

"Exactly. So I wasn't about to butt-in. But if you have any questions for me or about me, then I'm right here."

"Indeed…" His sharp green eyes blinked slowly.

"So, yeah, what's up?"

"Hmm… are you by chance allowing me to interrogate you, Timothy?"

"Interrogate? Not what I really had in mind, I thought you were just curious, had some questions."

"Oh, I have many, indeed."

Timmy took notice how Anti-Cosmo was trying to keep his replies short and precise, a leading tactic utilized by one who is sure how the other will respond, so the boy decided to keep pace, "Ask away then."

Anti-Cosmo's eyes ever-so-slightly narrowed, "How do you feel about Victoria?"

"Vicky? She's the best teacher I've ever had,"

"I didn't ask what she was to you, I asked how you felt about her,"

"Ah," Timmy smiled to himself and hoped his interrogator would find this slip of emotion related to his answer, though it was more due to him getting the dark man to lengthen his sentences, "then I care about her immensely,"

Anti-Cosmo's lips thinned into a line before he placed a polite smile on again, "Why?"

"Because she cares about me," after he proclaimed this, he noticed Vicky's mouth open slightly in surprise, her eyes blinking a couple times too fast. Though she soon after regained control of her involuntary actions, morphing back into the bored party member.

The Anti-Fairy gauged his target for a few seconds before moving on, "Do you train hard?"

"Yeah, followed to a T,"

"What is your favorite aspect?"

"I prefer tactician training,"

"And why would that be?" There was a slight change in octave to this question.

"It feels more like a game than work,"

"Any other reasons?"

"I have always been good at games, so it comes natural," Timmy was beating himself mentally, too much info moron! He needed to hold some of that cockiness back!

"I see…" The fake man took a long slow drink from his red wine, not taking his eyes from Timmy's. At least not until Vicky breathed out a rather loud yawn, making her the center of attention.

"Well, I don't know about the rest of you," The Overlord said, "but I could go for some dessert!"

Almost instantaneously Anti-Wanda pounded the table with both of her fists, eyes wide, and practically shouted, "Hooowee! I dun secon' dat notion!" Timmy laughed some, and was glad to see Vicky had utilized her Fairy Godmother as he would have; as a means of detouring the conversation. Only With Vicky's persona this action felt more natural.

Anti-Cosmo looked as if he had bitten his tongue for a second, but as everyone at the table seemed so excited for something sweet, he pushed his plate to the side and fell back into his chair.

Toots came when called by Vicky, and a chocolate shake was decided by the dictator. Anti-Wanda ordered a large Sunday split, and Timmy decided on crème Brule. Anti-Cosmo felt only inclined for a pot of tea and a dish of sugar cubes.

Before he had the chance to take up conversation with her godfather again, Vicky began talking to her ward, "So, Timmy, I've been meaning to ask,"

"Huh? What's up?" the young man replied.

"You're birthday just passed by, you know, and I wanted to see if there was anything special you had in mind to celebrate,"

"Oh, ummm," he had to think about that one for a second.

"Or have you forgotten again?"

"Uh, well, I've just been so busy with the regiment program, and I'm out of practice keeping track of my birthdays…"

"Hold id! Hold id!" shouted a bewildered Anti-Wanda, "You tellin' me that you dun outright fergot yer own birthday?!"

"Well, yeah, I haven't been able to keep track of the date until this past year, so-"

"An' they go un' call me dumb! Hooowee!"

"Oh, that isn't even the best part!" Vicky jumped back in, "Get this! Last year I had to buy him a new wardrobe because he was being so stubborn about accepting my proposition, and I mean being a REAL pain, so that years passed and he was literally growing out of his old clothes! They were practically bursting at the seams!"

"Ya don't say? Wait a cotton pickin' minute…" The blue woman was scrunching her face so hard in concentration that she looked as if she were ready to burst from the pressure. A little less than half a minute passed in what had to be one of the most exasperating silences Timmy had ever waited through, before she was able to achieve recall, "So iz dat why you asked me ta make him buck nakkid a couple years ago?"

"Uh," Vicky flushed for just a moment before regaining composure, "I said leave him his underwear… remember?"

"An' here I'z thinkin' ya'll were jus' getting' down 'n dirty in that there cave!"

Timmy now blushed and stared down at the table, sending a silent prayer of thanks to Athena that Tootie was currently away gathering desserts for the party of four.

"Now I must say, dear wife, that that is quite a foolish belief to possess," Anti-Cosmo said lazily, swirling the last mouthful of red wine in his crystal glass.

"Oh?" the addressed partner jibed, "An' why ya got ta go an' say that? Huh?"

"Because if young Timothy here were to perform intercourse with our wonderful godchild, or any female at that, then by the standards laid out in 'Da Rules' he would automatically lose his Fairy Godparents, and by extension, Victoria here would lose us."

The moments of silence which followed this statement were ear-piercing. Timmy could easily tell that he, Vicky, and Anti-Wanda were all imagining a carnal feast of flesh and fluids involving him and his caretaker being broken up by an imposing fairy figure… or so he imagined anyway. Then, as Anti-Cosmo's words fully sank in, realization snapped loose in his brain. All of those sexual advances Vicky had made, hinting at what she would love to do with him, she- no, THEY could have ruined everything!

Timmy swerved his head toward his companion's direction, a look of disbelief and slight rage stapled to his handsome face, and was about to point out her repeated follies when his swift gaze crossed over the real enemy, with those knowing bright green eyes and pleased smile. The fake man had never taken his sights off of Timmy, and it had paid off in his favor. His non committed comment had thrown the boy off kilter, and caused the youth's follow up reaction and facial construct to slip. All of this Timmy process in an instant, and knew he had to move seamlessly to save his ass.

"Hey, wait a sec, Vicky!" Timmy said meaningfully, to which the addressed quirked her mouth and only slightly moved her head likewise to his own.

"What?" There was a trivial quiver to her voice, something that isn't often there. She must also was aware that this could be detrimental if not played off right. All bets were on Timmy, what he said next could have grave consequences. Such a weight could break lesser people.

"You asked earlier what I wanted to do for my birthday, and then didn't give me a chance to say anything. Well, I do want to do something!"

Vicky blinked a few times before she smiled gently, showing she approved of the way he wiggled them out of this potential hazard, "Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, I want to have a real party this time, I think I've earned it; with lots of guests, and music, and a feast, and a theme. Oh! And presents! Can't forget those!"

"You forgot activities, twerp," the redhead advocated, "wouldn't you want those too?"

"Oh! Definitely! And the decorations have to be really awesome. We can even televise it, or at least make it look exclusive and something worth televising the front of the building, you know, where everyone would enter."

Anti-Wanda then shouted, "A big awesome party? Why, I reckon I'd love ta see me that! I ca' come too, right?"

"That's up to Timmy here, it is in honor of his belated birthday," Vicky said kindly to her fairy godmother. Well, kinder than she would speak to her godfather, at least.

Anti-Wanda then leaned over the table as far as she could stretch in her current form, clasping Timmy's unsuspecting hands in a vice-like grip. He first noted her touch had a strange density to it, as if it wasn't quite as heavy as it should be. This was a nostalgic sensation, one he hadn't experienced since he was a child; what magical beings who have transformed themselves felt like - Ethereal. Now, making the most pathetic looking face, the blue haired woman spoke frantically, "Oh please! Oh please! I nevah git invited ta nothin'! Pleeeaaaase!"

Timmy wore a genuine look of shock before regaining his composure, "Hey now, no need to beg Ant- I mean, Wanda. Of course you're invited."

"Hoooo boy!" shouted the false woman as she relinquished her firm grasp and settled back into her chair, "Ah can't wait! Sounds like ah rootin' tootin' time!"

A small sound of disagreement could barely be heard coming from Anti-Cosmo's end of the table, though this mattered little to the conversation since it was issued just before Toots made her very timely and sweet reentrance; both cases causing the slightest of smiles to tickle the birthday boy's mouth.

Dessert was for the most part a pleasant affair. The sugary dishes were absolutely to die for, a point punctuated by Anti-Wanda ordering seconds from the accommodating server, and Vicky putting forth a whispered note that she might as well make it thirds for her godmother. The only sour note was Anti-Cosmo now completely refraining from the conversation, which now only concerned itself with planning Timmy's birthday celebration. The youth tried his best not to pay too much mind on the now quietest member of the dinner party though, least he become unnerved again.

"And who all will ya'll be invitin' ta this shin dig?" Vicky's magical patron of the female variety inquired.

"Well," Timmy began happily, "Vicky of course, and you too. I was also thinking to invite Toots, our waiter this evening. She is more like a butler to be honest. She organizes so much around here, and also has seniority over many of the staff running The Pantheon."


"The Pantheon, it's the name of the building we are in."

"Ahhh, ah gots ya! Say, weren't she also that there girl who we up an told ta inform ya'll we'd be comin'?"

"Mmhmm that would be her. She makes for a great friend too. So she is definitely invited."

"Who else?"

"Uhh…" the teen had to think for a second. Truth be told he didn't know anyone else well enough in this timeline he could call a friend, "Well, Vicky knows lots of people who would make for great guests. Probably dignitaries and their children from other parts of the world, or celebrities and their friends, or popular priestesses, The Children of the Era- oh, that would be young people about my age who have won favor with the Overlord and get special treatment… who else?"

"Hmm…" wondered Vicky aloud, "I would say each guest can bring up to four tag-alongs, that should help bolster the numbers. And if we postpone this celebration until next weekend that should not only give us enough time to make preparations, but also give our guests time to commission or find great gifts for you. And if some of those activities we want to host are physically demanding, then they can find someone worth a damn who can compete."

"Next weekend, you say?" came the unsettling quiet of Anti-Cosmo's voice, followed by a polite sip of his sweetened tea.

Vicky was first to respond this time, probably because she didn't want Timmy to get them into a bind again, "Yeah, I think that should work out just fine. Unless you need me for something, then I guess we can reschedule our-"

"No, I believe next weekend would work out marvelously for all parties present."

"Ah, would that mean you are interested in attending?"

"I would not in the least mind venturing further upon your hospitality, my dear," he said in all matter of gentile quaintness, "That is to say if young Timothy would also extend an invitation to myself," the most evil being addressed toward Timmy.

"Oh," The brunette stumbled out, quite off-guard, "I didn't think birthday parties interested you. But, um, sure, the more the merrier I guess."

"Splendid! I could use a touch of vacation time, so this occasion will do the trick perfectly. So then, invitees are allowed a party of five, correct?"

"Yeah, that's right," Vicky picked up, again seeming to the teen to try and focus attention on her own self.

"Then my simpleton wife Wanda and I shall make two, and then we shall find three more."

"Uh-huh, that sounds good,"

"Oh, and do forgive my teasing, but I believe the gift we will most definitely bring shall not be one you will forget soon."

"Really now?" Vicky perked, again cutting off Timmy's contribution.

"Yes, quite truly…" The small hum of a laugh he emitted then sent shivers down the boy's spine. Did this mean he wasn't going to be tested right away? That was good, right? Then how come he was feeling so unsettled just then? Could he really rather go through Anti-Cosmo's evaluation then wait and see what was held in store for his birthday party? Wasn't much he could do about it either way though, especially with the fake man now standing to his feet,

"Well then, I had a most splendid time, indeed. But I do believe there are matters I must attend to at home," by the sound of his voice, Timmy was guessing he couldn't wait to be gone and starting some new plan that just hatched in his mind, "Darling, if you are quite finished with dessert I think we shall depart."

"Wait jus' ah gosh darn minute!" Anti-Wanda spat as she shoveled down all of her ice cream at lightning speed. This was quite a spectacle to behold, especially to Toots it seemed, who had come to remove any empty dishes from the table. "Okay! Now Ah be good n' ready!" She too stood up and moved over to be by her husband's side.

Being quite rude, Vicky signaled to Tootie for her to leave them in peace, at which the raven haired beauty bowed and made her way horridly out of the scene.

Timmy and Vicky then rose together to see the anti-fairy rulers off. Anti-Wanda enveloped both humans in a tight bear hug. This took a moment to recover from, Anti-Cosmo tut-tutting the whole while. Then Timmy did something which surprised even himself, he extended his hand for the tall blue man to shake. The great evil (though still proper) being could only smile as he took the young man's hand in his own.

"My, my," the fanged enemy chortled, "Let me just say I would never have expected this form to be the new you," and with a poof of white light, the two dark beings cease to exist in sight and matter.

He couldn't think on Anti-Cosmo's departing words for very long though, for Vicky had suddenly inhaled sharply twice. This particular noise, this simple small noise was principally alarming to Timmy, for it signified when Vicky had an epiphany. As the young man gazed at her he found the fire of realization brimming behind her Rosen eyes.

"What's happened?" Timmy asked in alarm.

"'I would never have expected… this form to be the new you…'" She repeated of her godfather, eyes somehow wider, fiercer.

"Uhh… Yes?..."

"Timmy…" She said quietly now, though seeming to want to shout.

"What is it?"

"I think I know who Athena resides in now…"

"Really?! Who?!"

She began to smile in amazement, "It's me."