Title: Unexpectedly Expected
Category: Smallville/Batman (Crossover)
Rating: T
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Chloe/Bruce
Prompt: Anniversary by svgurl
Word Count: 557
Summary: She returned home to an empty apartment...

Unexpectedly Expected

She returned home to an empty apartment. Not what she expected on their first anniversary, but she accepted that there were more important things than them, even if it did weigh heavy on her shoulders and her heart ached for simpler times. She shrugged her coat off and kicked away her heels, wiggling her toes, thankful to be free of her attractive but tortuous shoes. The lights were off, as they often were when they were away and she reached for where the switch was without having to feel around. As expected, the lights turned on, dimmer than usual, and the fire flickered to life. She jumped slightly, brows lifting with surprise. And then she realized she wasn't alone.

He stood across the room from her, familiar smirk in place. In one hand was a glass of wine, in the other a single tulip. She tried to hide her smile but it came out full force, nearly painful it was so large. Her head tipped to the side with affection. She'd honestly rather expected him to forget; he'd make up for it, of course. But nights were often reserved for his alter-ego and the days with work. He walked toward her and her eyes couldn't help but take in his lithe form, just as toned as ever. She bit her lip, watching how his dress shirt spread across his broad chest and hugged his arms. She was starting to think they could just skip dinner and go straight to the bedroom.

He handed her the glass of wine and before she could reach for the flower he trailed the impossibly soft petals from her temple down her face, tickling against her neck before he leaned forward and caught her mouth in a deep and passionate kiss. She moaned, lifting up on her tip-toes to keep them close. She could feel him twirling the flower between his fingers, its petals brushing against her ear and bare shoulder. She shivered, eyes fluttering. As she gasped for air, not pulling away, their tongues tangled together and she felt her knees go weak.

His arm slid around her waist knowingly, keeping her from collapsing the floor in a fit of contented mush. She felt him chuckle against her mouth, the deep noise making her stomach flip-flip. It had obviously been far too long since they had any quality time together. She felt his mouth trail up her cheek lingeringly. "Happy anniversary," he growled huskily.

She tipped the wine and finished it in one swig before she wrapped her arms around his neck, hopped up and wrapped her legs around his waist. She buried her fingers in his hair and smirked. "Quite the welcome home, Bruce, I think I'm going to have to return the thought."

He lifted a brow. "And what do you propose?"

She licked her lips. "I have the perfect gift in the bedroom."

His lips curled. "Really?"

"Yeah... It's hidden between the sheets. Wanna help me look for it?"

She felt his hands wander lower, cupping her butt atop her skirt. "I could lend a hand or two."

He started walking toward the bedroom and even though she knew they only had a few hours before his conscious would get the better of him and he'd suit up, she planned to make those few hours well worth it.