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Chapter 1

Pokeshifters, we look human, but can shift into a certain pokemon. The chance of one being born is the same chance of finding a shiny pokemon. Sure that's a pretty far out odd, but between over all the people in the world we are uncommon, but not rare. We are born with a tattoo somewhere on our body. It is hard to keep a secret. I tried, I failed. We are hated because of being different. Why, we are born shifters? No one knows. Once we turn five we gain the power to shift, we are forced into a shift at first. This usually happens in public. If your look at me I look like an ordinary 13 year old. Looks are deceiving. I had a problem keeping my secret.

(First grade)

"Brendon, what's that?" My so called best friend, John said pointing to tattoo on my right arm, which was the shape of a raindrop with what looked like a ninja star in it. I paused; he was my best friend right? I could show him. That's when I made a mistake. We were at Recess.

"I'm a pokeshifter; I can change into a pokemon." I said proudly.

"Can you show me?" He said. I smiled. I took ground. I focused, I got shorter, grew fins on my arm. I grew brown fur. My mouth transformed to a muzzle. If you were watching it would look like a pokemon evolving. I was a Buizel shifter.

"Whoa, cool.' He said. I smiled, maybe I wasn't cursed. I was wrong. The next day, John came to school frowning.

"I'm sorry, Brendon" he said, "Mommy says we can't be friends, and I can't talk to you." I gaped. I tried to ask why but he was so loyal to his parents he wouldn't talk to me. That night I pouted, I knew why he couldn't be friends….

(Fifth grade)

"Move it freak," John pushed me to the side, I sighed, he had changed. Walking to class from lunch was real fun; everyone who walks by me calls me that. When I entered class, we had to group with partners to study. Again, I went without one. And again, I failed to make a friend. Life sucked with this tattoo on my upper arm. I should have never showed John, I was lucky the minute I turned five was at home. In second grade the truth spread like a wild fire. I was made an outcast by friends. Third, teachers would beg not to have me. Fourth, I was suspended for stupid things. Every day, after school I would train my "gift" what good not to use it. I could use water gun now. And was practicing brine which I had watched on T.V. When I tried surf, I could almost control the water, but it wasn't powerful. I was different I should accept it.

(Now, Eighth grade)

"Mom, I'm going out to train," I said walking out the door.

"Ok, get back by 9:30, school starts tomorrow." She said.

"Oh, joy," I said to myself. I was lucky to have a nice parent like her, accept me for who I am. I began walked down the road. After, half a mile I came to a nice deep river. Ok, I focused on the image of a Buizel. If I remember correctly Shifters can't evolve, I was glad I liked Buizel more than Floatzel, I don't know why. I quickly changed; I jumped into the water which was nice and warm. I loved not having to take breaths, of course swimming in gym I had to be human form. I made my tails start spinning projecting myself thru the water. I was having a lot of fun. I heard some rustling in the water up ahead. I went up like you would for air. I saw a Treecko. It seemed to have fallen into water.

"Someone help me! "He yelled, I swam over to him as fast as I could. I picked him up and swam it over to the bank of the river. He lay on the bank gasping for air. He finally looked up. I could tell he was a boy by his voice.

"Thank you," he said, "I can't swim."

"No problem." I said, "By the way the name is Brendon."

"Zack." He said.

"That's a weird name for a pokemon," I said.

"Yours isn't any better," He said, "Oops I have to go, uh bye."

"Bye," I said. He ran off, he was weird, I changed back to human form, I better get going too. I began to walk home. The walk home was about as boring as the walk to the river. I saw a few people they seemed to just sneer at me and move on. I finally got home at about eight pm. I went straight to bed, and get ready for school.

"Wake up time to go to that favorite place you call, school," My mom said sarcastically. I woke up got dressed. I was wearing a hat, which I would have to take off at school. I had a brown and white shirt, my favorite colors, obviously. Finally to top it off, blue jeans. I walked into the kitchen. I was eating and my mom came in.

"Is it good?" she asked.

"Yeah," I said. I picked up my book bag, I was off to school. It was a shorter walk than from my house to the river. So many kids at the front door, we had to wait there for ten minutes. Finally when the door was opened it had signs showing where eighth graders in team 8-1 were to go. I followed the sign to my home room which we would stay in all day for first day. I walked into the classroom, they had names on the chairs showing us where to sit, like first grade, I groaned, immediately searched the back. Yup back right row. I sighed at ten I could have become a trainer, but no I wanted to take the full course thru eighth grade, At least it was my last year. I looked at the chair in front of me. Great, john was in the seat in front of me! Finally, after everyone came in the teacher walked to the front of the class. I had an English teacher for homeroom. Her name was Miss Ghastly, Which was printed on the blackboard.

"Hello, class," she said. "We teachers would like to welcome everyone to the eighth grade." I sighed, sure "everyone", I wonder how long that would last.

"Class we would like to introduce a student who wasn't here last year." She said, A kid walked up to the front of a class, he was wearing blue jeans a red shirt, and a few things on his belt, probably a Pokegear.

"Class this is Zack," She said, I stared, it couldn't be the same one from the river, I was sure it wasn't, I sighed I couldn't convince myself. I would have to find out later I was still staring at him.

"In that chair, is John," She said, "and that is Brendon, a pokeshifter." My trance broke.

"Excuse me?" I said. "Do you really have a right to say that?" Already that whole welcome thing turned to crap. I looked at Zach, he was staring now, and something was up with him.

"Well, I think everyone has the right to know what you are." She said.

"What I am?" I said, "I like to prefer "who" since I am a person."

"You're not a person, you're a freak." John whispered. I shoved his desk forward.

"And you're about to be in a hospital," I said. He shut up after that.

"I'm sorry, Brendon." She said with such a hollow smile. I groaned, this was going to be a long year.

"Zach, please sit beside Brendon," Miss Ghastly said. He walked to the desk beside me. He sat down, with occasional peeks over to look at me. I know what he was looking for. My Shifter tattoo I as well show him now. I acted like I dropped my pencil and bent over with my right hand to pick it up. When I did my shirt stretched back and my tattoo shone clear as day. I saw him shift his head to look over. When I began to pick up my pencil, my eyes glanced over Zack's ankle. I smiled; there was a small tattoo on his ankle which was mostly covered by his sock. The rest of the day was ordinary. All we did was go over the handbook and rules like every year, I was more concerned on Zack's tattoo. I wondered if he would be my friend, the more I thought of it the more I liked it. I sighed; he had that tattoo covered up for a reason. Finally the school bell rang and we were dismissed. I followed Zack; I wanted to talk to him. He noticed me and turned around,

"Why are you following me?" He said.

"You look familiar." I said.

"Well I've never met you." He said,

"Your name is familiar too." I said.

"I don't know you." He said.

"Are you a shifter?" I asked.

"N-no," He stuttered.

"Then why is there a tattoo on your right ankle." I pointed.

He bailed, "Please don't tell anyone please."

"Don't worry, I won't tell" I laughed. "I'll be at the river if you want to play around or practice swimming later." I walked off. Hopefully I made a friend.

I loved the river, I would love finding things people threw in the river. One time I found a bag of 1000 poke. I used it to buy the Tm brine which is how I learned it. I needed to go up because I wanted to rest; I inflated the collar around my neck. When I went up I saw a Treecko on the side of the bank. I jumped out of the water and ran over to him.

"What's up?" I said.

"Oh hey," Zack said. "How long have people here known you were a shifter?" I was shocked,by the question ,an how he said it on short notice.

"Um, I'd say about 6 years." I said. "Why?"

"I don't know, my old town knew I was about a year ago, so my mom and I moved here." He said.

"Oh, saw you made friends with John," I said, "You really shouldn't, he is two-faced."

"Don't tell me how to make friends!" he said.

"Sorry remember I've never had any except for one who shunned me after he found out I was a shifter," I said.

"Sorry" he said. "Who was it?"

"John," I sighed, "Well I'm going, see you around, and keep that tat covered."

"Wait, didn't you want to play?" He asked.

"Well kind of," I said rubbing my neck. "Up for a game of race?"

Finaly a friend.

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