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Chapter 7

In trainer class again, everybody was at school. Mrs. Smith was telling us about graduation, I was really looking forward to it. Ashley had decided to travel with me and Zack. I wasn't really disappointed. Mrs. Smith said something about picking starters.

"What if we already have Pokemon?" Zack asked, petting his Larventar, I swear he treats it like a Poochyena.

"You still have to pick a Pokemon" she said.

"Why, I mean we already have one," John said.

"It is the rules," She said. Well I guess two pokemon wouldn't be a bad start which would I pick? We were in Johto so they limited their starters to Cyndaquil, Chickorita, and Totodile. Cyndaquil for sure, he is so cool. I guess they would have about 7 of each cause there was 21 students in our class.

"OK that is all for today remember graduation is Friday." She said, it was Monday and I had no time to figure out how to goof up graduation and make Jeff mad! I guess dreams sometimes don't come true, I decided to let it go. Corbyn met up with us at the "Secret meeting place" and yes it was right beside a dumpster.

"Why do we hang out here again?" I asked holding my nose.

"I think it was because people eavesdropped." Zack said.

"OK, so which starter are you guys picking, I'm going with Totodile," John said.

"Cyndaquil," I said.

"Chickorita, I bet we could do awesome grass combo if a wild pokemon jumps us," Zack said.

"And I already have an Espeon, Umbreon, Feraligater, and Flareon." Corbyn said, we all looked at him.

"Ok so me and Zack are Sinnoh bound including my err sister," I said.

"I'm for Hoenn if you must know I promised my cousin I'd travel with him in Sinnoh and he is 12, he is like a brother to me," John said, I nodded.

"Well… I have been to Hoenn, Kanto, and this region so…" he trailed off, "Can I come with to Sinnoh?"

"Sure, but you will have to travel with my sister too so be ready," I said, perfect four people one region no way we can't dominate it. "I'm off to the river… again; any of you want to come?" They all nodded.

"Race you there!"Zack said as we all shifted. He began to run I followed. We had run for a bit, Zack was still in front. It didn't take too long to get to the river. Once I got there I sat down, I just wanted to rest, and Corbyn came up the hill with John. Corbyn had told me that he had to move from a town to here, probably like Zack, got caught then downhill. Tyke, and Larventar (Zack didn't like to nickname) finally caught up. Electron was in his poke ball. I shifted and got the book bag that was on me when I shifted. Nobody knows where clothes and accessories go when you shift; I think they go in like a "waiting zone" till someone shifts back. I pulled out a bag of poke food.

"Chow down," I said smiling. We were at the river for about an hour, I invited Corbyn to come over to my house (To show him some things I had already went over with Zack, what routes we were taking Sinnoh, communication, travel.) We walked to my house, I opened the door.

"Who is it?" my sister asked on the couch, lazy since that dumb broadcast.

"Me and Corbyn," I said. She turned around.

"Hi," she said.

"Uh, hi," he said. I noticed what was going on, blushes on both faces.

"That is my sister, she will be traveling with us," I said.

"He is coming?" she asked somewhat excited, I nodded. "Cool," she blushed even more, great.

"Corbyn my sister likes you," I said, she turned to me, angry eyes. She jumped off the couch after me. "I knew I could get you off the couch, See you in a sec Cor-" I got hit across the head, note to self don't turn attention from enemy, another note to self don't say who your sister likes!

"Gah, how can you hit that hard," I said turning attention to her.

Today was graduation, woohoo… I turned to the mirror, I hate this stupid thing, I thought. I was wearing a Cyan colored robe; I wore normal clothes under so I could change soon as possible. My mom called, I walked out the door, see graduation for a trainer in Newbark you dress yourself at home then meet at the school. I walked out grabbing Tyke's Poke Ball then walked to the car. As soon as I got out to the car there was an argument.

"Ground him! He can't go around saying things like that!" Ashley said, I grinned.

"He leaves with you tomorrow, what do you want me to do keep him from going?"

"Yeah!" she said.

"Well, I remember the day before you left you put bubble gum in his hair," my mom said. "I didn't ground you," Ashley huffed at it. We had arrived at school at 2:30. I walked into the auditorium. I saw Zack and John.

"Well I'll see you after graduation," I said, we all nodded and I found where I was supposed to be. I was put in line behind, some girl. After about an hour off preparation, it was time to start the graduation. They started calling names. I got real nervous, what if I trip, and they called my name, too late to think about that, I stood up and began walking up the stage. I walked to the middle of the stage careful not to trip. The man handed me out a rolled up diploma, which had my name on it. I began walking to the other side of the stage. I went behind the curtain on the other side, in a few minutes they would be done and will call everyone up. I waited a few minutes and they called everyone up back on the stage, then said stuff about this being the class of so,so. Everyone clapped, a few people threw their hats in the air, and we made our way off the stage, as soon as I did pulled the gown off, so glad I wore normal clothes under it. After about an hour of "grats" we were all taken to a room.

"Now one by one you each will choose a starter," Ms. Smith said. One by one students went up to pick a poke ball, then it was my turn I found where the Cyndaquil poke balls were and grabbed, once we had our starter we were escorted outside, As soon as I got outside I opened my nicknaming Poketch, hmm what should I name it? I'll let it decide. I threw the poke ball and a small Cyndaquil came out in a red glare.

"Cynda, CYnda," it said happily, I swear I try to act strong, but I'm a sucker for a cute pokemon.

"Hey there little guy, I'm your new trainer!" I said happily, he jumped on me. "Hey, I wanna nick name you how does Cinder sound?"I know original ,but I liked it.

"Cyndaquil," it said happily, I began punching in the numbers. We walked home everyone out even Tyrogue. When I came in, I expected a big "SURPRISE" from my mom sister, and other friends and kin folk. Nothing, I walked to my room, And shifted now for Cinder to know I could.

"Cool you told the truth," Cinder said looking at Tyrogue.

"Wow then this was useless," I said. "How old are you Cinder?" trying to strike conversation

"Not much, a week or so," he said happily.

"Well little buddy, you ready to start an adventure?" I asked, it nodded while looking around the room. He picked up a Ever stone I had accidently left on the floor.

"What is this?" he asked me.

"That is a Ever stone as long as you hold it you can't evolve," I explained.

"Can I have it, I don't want to evolve," he said, I was confused for a second, I kind of wanted a Typhlosion but it is his choice, I would rather him be happy than me getting what I want.

"Sure, why don't you want to evolve?" I asked him.

"I just don't want to," he said, "Please don't make me,"

"I'm not gonna make you," I smiled, "Hand it here." He did so, I found one of those pendants that have a really small poke ball on them that you could open and lock It was about the size of one of those heart pendants, and flat like one too. I broke a small piece of the ever stone off then put it in the pendant and locked it, next I found a fire resistant contest collar in my sister's bag, and a diary I skidded thru, 'Oh, blackmail' I thought. I shifted and went to find scissors. This will be hard to explain in writing but here goes nothing. I took the pendant off the necklace, Then I cut the strap of collar(the part that is kind of like a belt) horizontally under the holes about 4 inches inward, then put the pendant thru the little cut off part. After that I put the strap thru like you would normally then put the little part thru with it then made a square knot with the cut part on the metal buckle. Confusing huh, well any way, the stuff I didn't tell Cinder it the stuff it almost unbreakable. I put it around Cinder's neck; it was a bit big but not enough to come over his head.

"There now you don't have to hold it," I smiled; he nodded happily and jumped on me again. I walked into the living room, with Cinder on top my head; guess he found his new haven. I heard a knock on the door; I walked over to the door and opened it, and guess who was there. Jeff he threw water balloons at me. I was soaked.

"Dang it, Cinder, ember," I said pointing to them. I felt the top of my head get real warm. He missed, they were already out of range. "Err, Crap now what he got last prank before we left." I walked into my room and thought for a second, just let it go, I sighed. I bet I could have caught them if I was a Floatzel, which gave me a idea to cease my boredom, got up and walked over to my computer. I typed in WWW. , I ask myself like many others must, why is this world revolved around pokemon? The Search engine popped up. I typed "Can Pokeshifters evolve?" I pressed feeling lucky and a website came up. I found the info on the website fast. Pokeshifters also have the power to evolve, though I find it ironic that many of them don't know this 'must be a blog, I thought' all a shifter has to do is find a Hum stone the level up holding it. You can find Hum stones at-

"Hey kiddo come on we got you some graduation presents," Ashley said bursting thru the door.

"One sec let me read this," I said, she looked at the computer and pulled the plug by the door.

"Come on!" I sighed and followed her.

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