Jasper just stared into Edward's eyes for a moment before he let his lips meet the younger vampire's in a soft, lingering kiss that seemed to last forever. He deliberately brought their naked chests closer together, skin brushing skin, as he drew out that moment for as long as he could, revelling in the feeling of forbidden closeness that he was sure would sooner or later break his heart.

It was so much easier for him to pretend that this was how it was gonna be till the very end of time than to face the imminent threat of losing the other vampire that was constantly hanging over them like a heavy cloud. So much easier.

Jasper knew it was only a matter of time till Edward would find the girl who would make him feel complete again, Alice had already told him that. He let his eyes meet Edward's once more, almost-black meeting liquid gold with an intensity that had Jasper closing his eyes only a fracture of a second later.

One of Jasper's hands lightly ghosted down Edward's body, shortly followed by his lips that brushed softly over the marble skin, skimming over Edward's collarbone and down his stomach.

A low groan escaped Edward's throat when Jasper lightly trailed his lips up the younger vampire's hard length, tongue flicking against the sensitive underside. Almost immediately Edward's fingers threaded through Jasper's hair, lightly tugging at the blond strands. Jasper gave a soft suck, one strong arm across his hips keeping Edward from bucking up. "Mmmmmmmh... god Jazz... more..."

Jasper willingly obliged, giving Edward exactly what he wanted. The younger vampire mewled when Jasper gave that one particularly hard suck but still stopped him before he could tumble over the edge. Edward pulled Jasper back up to bring their lips together in a needy kiss, fingers threading through blond hair while tongues battled for the dominance neither of them wanted to surrender.

Their bodies rocked together hard, chest to chest, lips locked, legs intertwined.

Groans mingled between their open lips when first Jasper, then Edward were sent over the edge, the white heat rushing through their bodies forming a strangely strong connection between them.

Jasper let himself fall down on top of the younger vampire, hiding his face in Edward's shoulder, taking a few deep breaths. He knew that this was exactly what was gonna break him in the end. This closeness he felt whenever he just as much as looked at the younger vampire was something he hadn't allowed himself to feel for years with anyone other than Alice. It was in that moment that he remembered why. It hurt. It burnt. It made his heart ache in a way he never thought it would ever be capable of again.

He took another breath, taking in Edward's intoxicating scent and pushed all thoughts out of mind. As long as this was lasting he would just enjoy the ride. It was easier to pretend. So much easier.