Summary: Sinister forces are at work to destroy Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo. Will Gibbs be able to figure out what is going on before it is too late?

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"I found him."

"Where is that Baltimore Bastard?"

"In Washington D.C. His living it up in a fancy apartment, driving a Mustang and wearing Armani suits."

"Put the plan into action. Remember it must not be tied back to me."

"Of course." The man dressed in a grey cable company uniform said as he exited his van. He pulled his cap low over his eyes and adjusted his outdated sunglasses blocking out most of his features. He pulled the muffler around his neck, covering his lips. Satisfied that his features were sufficiently hidden, he moved to the back for the van. He retrieved a toolbox before crossing the road and entering one Anthony DiNozzo's apartment building.

"Can I help you?" The bellboy asked stepping forward.

"Yeah, hello." The man made a show of coughing into his muffler causing the bellboy to step back a few steps.

"Sorry about that, this cold's got me feeling like a dog. I'm here to sort out the cable problems on the 4th floor, apartments 2, 4, and 8."

The bellboy looked at the list of instructions on the reception desk. The man coughed again, making the bellboy nervous.

"Go on up and be quick about it." The bellboy said.

"Thanks. It shouldn't take more than an hour." The man said before heading for the elevator.

The man headed up to the fourth floor and then took the stairs up to the fifth, apartment 502. He pulled on a pair of latex gloves before picking the lock and slipping inside. He did not waste time, heading straight for the kitchen. He reached for and opened every food container he could find. Then he opened his bag and retrieved three containers, each filled with white powder. Although they all looked the same, they were very, very different.

The man smiled as he spooned the white powder into the open food containers, mixing it so that it was not visible to the naked eye. He made sure to alternate which container he took the white powder from. He wanted to ensure that there would be enough of a mix to keep everyone confused. Once the food containers were all contaminated, he moved to the fridge and added the white powder to the milk, fruit juice, left over pizza and every other food that he could add it to.

Finally, he mixed the remaining white powder with water and syringed it. He looked through the kitchen cupboards and injected the concoction into the bottles of wine and into the cartons of long life milk and juice. Finally done, he packed all his stuff up, wiped the kitchen surfaces and headed for the bedroom.

He syringed the concoction into Tony's toothpaste, shaving foam and shower gel. Making sure that nothing was out of place; he packed up and left the apartment.


Four hours later Tony entered his apartment, exhausted from pulling a 36 hour shift on the last case. He opened the fridge and grabbed the open carton of juice. Throwing his head back, he downed the contents in three deep swallows. Next, he grabbed the box of pizza. He ate the remaining three slices not bothering to heat it.

"Time for a shower and then I'm hitting the sack." Tony decided as he headed to the bathroom.

He brushed his teeth as hot water cascaded down his back. He poured a generous amount of shower gel into his palms, worked up a good lather and soaped his body. He rinsed off, enjoying the hot water running down his back when he heard a hiss. Turning abruptly he looked up at the showerhead.

"Argh! What the hell!" He gasped rushing out of the shower.

He slipped on the wet tiles, falling onto his right side and bruising his hip, elbow and wrist. He looked around the bathroom and backed away in horror. They were all around him, hissing, hundred of hideous, slimy, large fanged snakes…

"Argh!" Tony lashed out at them, hitting his hands into the basin, into the shower door, kicking his legs against the tiles, bruising his body. But the snakes just multiplied and kept coming.

"I need help. Gibbs!" Tony shouted, crawling and stumbling as he raced out of the bathroom. He slammed the bathroom door shut, praying that it would hold the snakes at bay. He got onto his bed, still wet and naked, shaking as he reached for his phone.

"Gibbs." The call was answered on the first ring.

"Boss, help!" Tony gasped. The hissing got louder.


"Help me, please. Hurry. They're coming." The snakes were coming out through the keyhole and around the seams of the door.

"Argh!" the line went dead.


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