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Tony's cry reverberated inside the ambulance.

"Do something." Gibbs growled at the paramedic as he tried to keep Tony's oxygen mask in place.

"Agent DiNozzo, you have to tell me what's wrong." The paramedic insisted while holding Tony down on the gurney.

"Can't… breathe…" Tony gasped pushing the oxygen mask off his face.

"Agent DiNozzo, the oxygen mask will help your breathing." The paramedic said.

"No…Argh! My head…"

"Tony…" Gibbs tried to calm him down by running a hand over his head. But Tony became more agitated and aggressive.

"My … stomach!" Tony cried, pushing Gibbs and the paramedic away.

"Hold him down." The paramedic instructed Gibbs.

Gibbs looked at Tony's pain riddled eyes. He placed his hands on his shoulders and held him down as the paramedic examined his stomach.

"Aaarrrggghhh, let me go!" Tony growled lashing out. His fist connected with Gibbs jaw stunning him for a moment. But Gibbs didn't let go of his shoulders.

"DiNozzo, calm down." Gibbs growled, trying to get through to him.

"He has so many bruises, that he could have internal bleeding. Peter, you need to get us to Bethesda now." The paramedic told his colleague who was driving the ambulance.


"DiNozzo?" Gibbs shook him, hoping he would snap out of it.

Tony's eyes widened.


"I'm here." Gibbs said hoping that the worst was over.

"Boss… what's wrong … with me… Aaarrrggghhh!" Tony's body stiffened before his eyes rolled back and his body convulsed.

"DiNozzo, Damn it!" Gibbs swore.

"Turn him onto his side now!" the paramedic ordered as Tony started gagging.

Gibbs felt helpless. Tony's body jerked on the gurney, his limbs shooting out and knocking everything in its path. His mouth opened and closed as he gagged. The paramedic removed his oxygen mask just as brown liquid gushed out of his mouth, splashing the side of the ambulance.

Shit… Gibbs swore, his hand running over Tony's back as the young agent heaved again, more brown and what looked like red liquid… blood… spewing out of his mouth.


At Tony's apartment, McGee and Ziva worked his bedroom. McGee took photos as Ziva collected evidence.

"What do you think happened?" McGee asked.

"Tony was taken by surprise. He was pulled out of the shower, slammed onto the floor, repeatedly. The blood trail leads to the bed. We'll need to take pictures of his bruises to try and identify the weapon used to beat him." Ziva said.

"Nothing seems to be missing." McGee said.

"It was personal, McGee." Ziva said as her phone rang.

It was Director Vance. Ziva confirmed what they knew and the Director said that he would be in touch.

A moment later, McGee's phone rang. It was Abby.


"How is he? He has to be okay! Why does this always happen to him? McGee, why aren't you saying anything? Damn it McGee, Gibbs isn't answering his phone and now you're not saying anything and …"

"Abby!" McGee shouted. "Tony is on his way to Bethesda. Gibbs is with him. We don't know any more."

"Oh, McGee. How bad is it?"

"It's bad, Abby."

"But he'll be okay, right?"

McGee hesitated. He didn't know if Tony was going to be okay. "Yeah, Abs. he'll be okay."

"Of course, he will be. Tony always comes out of these things okay. Beside, Gibbs won't accept anything less." Abby said, trying to convince herself.

"What can I do to help." She asked. Keeping focused and busy was what she needed now.

"Get the surveillance tapes for this building and track Tony's movement from the time he left the Navy yard." McGee said.

"I'm on it. I will have something for you when you get back." Abby said as she hung up.

Ziva had Tony's bloody bed sheet in her hand. She paused for a moment and tried to imagine what had happened. She needed to see Tony, to see that he was okay, to see if he had any defensive wounds, to collect any residual evidence off his body that would help them nail the SOB who'd done this to him.

"Ziva?" McGee's voice reached her.

"How did Gibbs know that Tony was in trouble?" Ziva asked as she bagged the bed sheet.

"He called me wanting the GPS co-ordinates for Tony's car and phone."

"Tony called him." Ziva said as she found Tony's wet cell phone under the bed.

They worked in silence after that, each playing out scenario after scenario in their minds of what may have happened to their colleague.


Tony's body shook and trembled as he tried to gulp in much needed oxygen. He couldn't understand what was wrong with him. Pain sizzled across his body in wave after agonizing wave. Men spoke to him, held his down, and wiped his mouth… his mouth that tasted of blood.

His head ached. His stomach clenched and squeezed. His throat burned. His wrist was on fire, his elbow stiff and his hip throbbed. Everything else was cold, hot or pulsating with pain.

What is wrong with me?

Why am I so cold?

Where is Gibbs?

Am I dying?

I am dying…

Sorry Boss!


The doors of the ambulance were thrown open. Doctors and nurses rushed forward to help the paramedic get the critical patient into the ER.

As he entered Trauma Unit 1, a nurse shouted, "His going into v-fib."

Gibbs was pushed out of the unit as Tony was moved to the trauma bed. Gibbs watched through the window as a defibrillator was charged and the paddles placed on Tony's battered chest.

Tony's body jerked… violently. Nurses and Doctors shouted in unisons. They moved around Tony, injecting him with huge doses of medication.

DiNozzo, don't you dare go and die on me! Gibbs warned as he saw the Doctor pick up the paddles again.

Tony, you will not die! Gibbs ordered… begged… prayed!

Gibbs watched Tony's body jerk again. He felt the air leave his lungs as the nurse shook her head in the negative.



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