The Last Goodbye

by The Watch Stander

Disclaimer: MGM owns All of Atlantis and the Entire Pegasus Galaxy. This is done for fun no profit earned or intended.

Angst slight spoilers for the Shrine

AN: This was a wonderful friendship episode between the characters, especially McKay & Sheppard. David and Joe were terrific and I loved it! So sad and poignant and yet there were some lighter moments interspersed between the intense and painful scenes. Just a great job all around.

So this is a missing scene that I thought I would add.

Thank you to all that read my stories and leave their thoughts behind.


The Last Goodbye

The water was bluer here, darker and colder than the water on the original planet Atlantis had been found on. There it had been summer with a warmer climate while here it was winter time and much colder.

Waves still lapped against Atlantis, but they sounded harsher as they broke against the pier below. From this balcony the view was spectacular, but of the two of them who sat out here, he was the only one that noticed it.

John looked out at the horizon thinking about things that he could have done and should have said, but it was too late now. Regrets were like losses that couldn't be changed. Swallowing, he tried to hold in his feelings of regret and gathering his nerve he once more turned and looked at the man who sat in the wheelchair beside him.

Rodney was staring straight ahead, lost in his own little world, his hands clenching and unclenching in his lap as he mumbled to himself. Gone was the genius mind and the snarky wit that had made him stand out from all the rest of the people on Atlantis.

John resisted the urge to shake him and tell him to stop. Seeing his friend like this hurt more than anything, for inside John knew there was nothing more he could do. The man that John had considered his friend barely recognized him and John had to keep telling him who he was.

His one chance to say goodbye to Rodney was gone. The scientist had practically begged him to let him say it, but John had refused to listen. Now there would be no goodbye, only a slow drifting away of the once great mind of the man he considered a close friend.

After losing lost both Carson and Elizabeth, John realized that Rodney was all he had left of their leadership group. The others had always watched out for Rodney, but now it was left up to him. He made a promise to himself that he would take care of his friend and watch out for him.

He kept that promise as best he could, not allowing the crystal entity to kill McKay and even stopping Rodney when he wanted to offer himself up to the Wraith to save his sister. John saved McKay at a cost to himself and his soul, but he deemed it a fair price to pay to save his best friend's life.

In the end though, things always happen in ways that one would least expect. Who would have thought that Rodney's life would be extinguished by a parasite. It was the last thing John would have guessed.

Last night they had sat on the pier drinking beer and laughing, never knowing that tomorrow wouldn't come in the way they expected. There would be no goodbyes only regrets at things that should have been said, but never would be.

Now he sat here with the mere shell of his friend, listening to him mumbling gibberish and wishing to God he'd let Rodney say his goodbye. The hurt look on Rodney's face from the night before would forever be burned in John's mind.

Tears threatened to come, but he held them back as he sadly looked away, staring out at the horizon, wishing for yesterday and hating tomorrow . . .