Her Eyes

He knew them, really knew them. It wasn't just that they were familiar; he could close his own and find himself staring into the warm depths of hers - his mind had perfected every detail, from the simple yet rich hue to the spark of anger and excitement which flickered across the swirling burnt-sienna orbs whenever either warrior drew their sword.

These were the Queen's eyes, of course - he never saw a face, only ever the mask of lace… and yet, it didn't feel like he was looking at the Queen; it felt like someone else behind the mask - the Queen in her other form - and it was someone he knew…

He woke with a name on his lips, always, but never could he remember its owner…

Her secret was safe; Grisham may know her identity, but, as she had forewarned him, it was only in his dreams, and that would never change.

Okay, I'm aware of how incredibly short this is, but it's kinda supposed to be that way.

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