This story starts during episode 8 of book 2. Toph has stormed of and Aang flew away on his glider trying to fool Azula and her friends. Zuko just had his self finding experience when he tried to help that earth kingdom family.

The Chase

They were in desperate need of sleep and searching for a runaway Toph, when they noticed that they were still being chased. They shouldn't be. The plan had been that Aang would lure them away with Appa's fur. Apparently, that hadn't worked out.

Katara tried to bring Appa to go faster, but he was already past his limits. Even more tired than the rest of them, he almost fell asleep while flying. They barely made it safely to the ground, leaving the river between themselves and their enemies. But their joy over being save only lasted a few seconds. Mai and Ty Lee spurred their lizards and went straight over the river. A fight was inescapable now. If only they weren't so tired, if only they hadn't separated, if only …

It was no use to dwell on that. They got into fighting stances, ready to strike. But all they really achieved was to get out of the way of Ty Lee's hands and block Mai's knives. They had lost even before the fight began. Sokka soon was jabbed by Ty Lee in various places. He fell behind a bush, unable to move, unable to help his sister. He heard Katara desperately fight – and loose. He heard the girls talk about their victory. He heard them leave. And then his world went black.

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