Beauty and the Beast
A Gaara x Sakura Ficlet


She stared into the mystical mirror, her family having had reminded her of the, so-called, beast. Her teeth worried her bottom lip for fear of what had occurred during her absence. Although, she had told the "beast" she would be back three days after her father had gotten well again, she had stayed a total of three months. It wasn't because she didn't want to be near him, she'd simply lost track of time with her mother and father begging her to 'stay another day'.

"Show me the 'beast'," she whispered to the enchanted glass, allowing it to shimmer and reveal said monstrosity. His ever porcelain features were cracking, revealing the shadows that tainted him within.

She gasped, a hand pressed over her mouth. She could not believe what she had done. Swearing she would make it back before his entire form crumbled into dust, she grabbed her coat and a horse from the barns. Refusing to waste time with a saddle, she left, riding bareback to the castle-esque manor.

With only a mile to go, she pulled the mirror from her dress's pocket and whispered her words again, "Show me the 'beast'." By now, his broken frame lay beside the fountain. She sobbed, her breath caught in her throat and her eyes welling with fresh tears.

She swallowed and slid the glass back into her pocket once again. She hopped from her horse at the iron gates, leading her gallant steed into the safety of the fencing. The gate slammed as she ran for the gardens, her skirt catching on her knees-- if not for the rush of adrenaline, the trembling of her joints and the thick fabrics would have sent her tripping.

At the gardens, her pace slowed to a sleek walk. Her breath caught in her throat, she touched the glass of him. His clothes lifeless atop the broken porcelain slivers. She dropped to her knees, ignoring the biting pain. Her arms flung over the now inanimate dried clay and sobbed.

Her tears ceased, however, when his voice called to her, "Do you love me, my beauty?" as it had every night they'd eaten dinner together. She laughed and nodded, she glass marring the pale skin of her cheek and forehead.

As though speaking to the mirror, she whispered softly, "Of course I do, Gaara."

The pieces began to reassemble, the clay, once lifeless, was now forming his human form, instead of an over-sized porcelain creature. Now, his lips were smooth and could smile, his sea foam eyes lit up, his red hair was now fiery and vibrant, his skin was smooth. Now, after she'd whispered the magic words, he appeared warm. She stared at this unknown body in awe and watched as he inspected his true form. A hand was extended to her and her curious look.

"It's me, Sakura," his voice explained.

Her fingers touched his, her eyes searching his. When she was sure, she jumped and held him close to her. "My beast..." she murmured, her voice trembling. "Oh, my Gaara..."

And with that, they lived happily ever after.


I wrote this for Rohain Tahquil.
I decided I wanted a happy ending and a bit of a faery tale, so I came up with this. I hope you don't mind that it's from the book rather than the animated Disney movie. If you do, please let me know and I'll write you something else.

Also, that offer is open to anyone. I adore challenges and plots from others. Please, don't hesitate to ask me in a PM or in your review, if you so choose to leave one.

I wish you all happily-ever-afters and the princes and princesses that go along with that line.
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