Four Months later

Harry paced the floor of the waiting room not happy that he had been thrown out of the delivery room. He was angry and frustrated and Severus was not helping with his snide comments "Severus please.."

"It is your fault.." He said simply

Before Harry could reply the medwizard moved in "Mr. Malfoy Potter?"

"Yes? Is he ok?" He asked worried

"Yes he is fine.." He reassured " You can see him and the babies now"

"Babies?" Harry squeaked

He smiled "Yes triplets.."

Harry was speechless as he walked to Draco's room and slowly opened the door "Lover?

Draco smiled "Harry.." He greeted "Come see."

Harry moved to the cradle and peered down at the three tiny bundles. "Two girls and a boy.." He smiled fondly "Oh boy.."

One Week Later

Harry moved out of the nursery it had been a long hard week adjusting to three new babies and little Lilly was not adjusting well. He sighed as he moved into his bedroom only to get pounced on him kissing him deeply and hungrily. "oh Gods Draco.." Harry moaned letting Draco lead him to the bed

Draco pulled Harry down to the bed and grinned wanting him so much it hurt.

"Wait lover," Harry gasped

Draco looked put upon "What?"

"Did you take the potion?"

He chuckled "Yes and if it don't work I can blame Severus."

Harry laughed and pulled him back down

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