Summary: Takes place about four months after Little Pink Envelope. Alice and Jasper have had their baby, Rosalie and Bella are both pregnant. If you haven't then read Little Pink Envelope first go read it because otherwise this won't make sense. BEING RE-EDITED!


May 27th

A lot had happened in the almost four months since I found out I was pregnant. Edward and I had gone to the doctor together and confirmed the pregnancy. Everything was going perfectly fine, the baby was healthy and everything was going normally. My stomach was showing noticeably now, and pretty much everyone knew I was pregnant. I was over my morning sickness (thank God) and had been gaining weight like crazy, although it was starting to even out now. I had another appointment today for my twenty-one week check-up, and Edward was coming with me, of course. I could even get a picture of my baby. Our baby.

Rosalie, on the other hand, was almost nine months pregnant and ready to burst. She was due in another week or so. And she was huge. She hated it. She was lashing out at everyone. She hated her massive stomach and she hated her swollen ankles and sore back. Emmett was thrilled though. He couldn't wait to be a daddy. And I knew that Rosalie was excited to be a mother, when she wasn't so angry at being fat. Rosalie would be a perfect mother, just like she was a perfect aunt to Lexie.

Alice had her baby on April 3rd and he was almost two months old now. It turned out to be a beautiful little baby boy, named Bryan Matthew Hale. He was adorable, with a tiny amount of blond hair and Alice's stormy blue eyes. Lexie was in love with him. She acted just like a mother around him, and her eyes lit up whenever she was allowed to hold him, only sitting on a big armchair with someone supervising. I couldn't wait until her new brother or sister came. I knew she would love him or her instantly, as would I. And Edward.

Edward was being fantastic throughout all of this. Reading baby books, taking me to the doctor's appointments, getting me food when I had a craving, holding my hair when I had morning sickness and putting up with my mood swings. He was being fantastic to me, wanting to make up for the pregnancy he missed. Even Lexie was being extra helpful. Just the other day I had woken up to find Edward and Lexie in the kitchen, covered in batter, a slightly burnt stack of waffles in front of them. They had gotten up early just to make me breakfast.

Edward didn't technically live with us—but he spent most of his time here. He basically only went home to change clothes. But he also had a few sets of clothes here, just in case. He slept over most of the time. I was content in just having him hold me as we fell asleep together. He was always popping out random facts about the baby's development at whatever stage I was at. According to Edward, and the baby books, the baby was about 7.2 inches from head to bottom.

I rolled onto my left side, knowing it would help my circulation, and the baby, another fun fact from Edward. Edward's arms pulled me closer to him, so I was snuggled against his chest. I breathed in his scent, loving the way his arms fit so snugly around me. He was breathing deeply, still fast asleep. I could feel his heartbeat against my cheek, as I rested my head on his chest. I lifted my head a bit, so I could watch him sleep. He looked so peaceful. His bronze hair was messy and falling into his face a bit. His mouth was slightly open, his breathing loud in the silence of the room. I grinned and lifted one hand to his face, tracing the shape of his closed eyelids, his cheekbones, his forehead and finally his lips. I didn't even realize he had woken up until he placed a gentle kiss on my fingertip. I pulled my hand away and his eyes opened up, revealing the glittering emeralds I love.

"Good morning, love," he whispered groggily.

"Morning," I replied, placing a kiss on the tip of his nose. His arms pulled me closer against him, being careful of the bump on my stomach. His eyes had closed again, but he had a smile on his lips, so I knew he was awake. He sighed contently.

"This is a nice way to wake up," he noted, eyes still shut.

"Very nice," I agreed. He pressed his lips chastely to mine before pulling away and starting to climb out of bed. I groaned slightly in protest and he chuckled. He went into my closet and grabbed jeans and a t-shirt, pulling them on quickly. I was probably drooling. After a minute, he turned back around and noticed my staring. He laughed.

"I'll go wake Lexie and you can get dressed," he said. He leaned down to press another chaste kiss to my lips but I wasn't having that. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down next to me, gliding my tongue along his lower lip. He groaned and opened his mouth, gladly allowing my tongue to slide in. His tongue molded against mine, sending tingles up and down my spine. I shivered with pleasure. After a few minutes, he reluctantly pulled away.

"Lexie. School," he reminded me, slightly incoherent. I giggled and lifted myself off of him, allowing him to get up and leave the room, mumbling something about temptation. I giggled again before climbing out of bed. I reached into my closet and found a pair of shorts and a long sleeved, loose fitting t-shirt. Alice had bought me a large supply of maternity clothes, but I was usually more comfortable in Edward's t-shirts. Emmett and Rosalie had been shocked when they found out I was pregnant, but happy for me. Rosalie already told me our kids are getting married if they are opposite genders. Alice feels left out because Bryan is related to both of our babies.

I finally pulled on my clothes and made my way downstairs. Lexie was in a cute little sundress and I had to admire Edward's choice. He was pretty good with girl's fashion, surprisingly. Lexie had grown a bit and Alice had gone crazy buying her clothes. "I missed out on five years of shopping for her, I'm not missing out on any more," Alice had told me, and I let her do it out of guilt.

"Mommy!" Lexie chirped when I walked into the room. She bounced off of her chair and tossed herself at me. I bent down and placed a raspberry kiss on her cheek. She giggled and wiped it off. "Hi baby," she said to my stomach, placing one of her little hands on it.

"Hey sweetie," I said.

"Daddy's making pancakes," Lexie sang cheerily, moving her hand to grab mine. A smile appeared on Edward's lips. It always did when Lexie called him daddy. He was a wonderful father to her.

"Yummy," I said, licking my lips. Lexie dragged me over to the table and sat me next to her. Edward brought a stack of pancakes over to us and I scooped three onto my plate. I was starving. Lexie had one pancake, which Edward cut up for her and the three of us ate and chatted.

"So Mike said that you had to be married to have a baby, but I said no cause Mommy is having a baby. He said that means you two are married," Lexie was saying. "Are you guys married without telling me?" I giggled and Edward chuckled.

"No baby girl. We're not married. You can have a baby without being married," I told her. She grinned triumphantly.

"I told him so. Boys are so silly," she said condescendingly, shaking her head. I laughed

"What about me?" Edward demanded, faking offense.

"You're not a boy, you're a daddy," Lexie said, rolling her eyes. "So you're not silly."

"Good." I snorted and Edward grinned crookedly at me. Lexie pushed her half finished pancake away from her and stood up.

"Brush your teeth," I reminded her.

"'Kay." She skipped from the room and into the bathroom to brush her teeth.

"Alice has almost finished buying things for the nursery. She said she's gotten mostly white for the crib, dresser and changing table, and she'll paint blue or pink designs on them once we know the gender, and she'll paint the walls," Edward said after a moment. I nodded. We had agreed that I should move into Edward's larger apartment for the last few weeks of my pregnancy, so we could raise the baby together and so that he could be there in case my water broke. Plus, he had enough bedrooms to fit all of us. It made more sense. I would be moving there in another eight weeks or so. Alice was already hard at work designing the nursery, when she wasn't too busy with little Bryan.

"That's good. Will we be able to find out the gender today?" I asked curiously. I had left Lexie a surprise, so I wasn't sure.

"Yeah we should be able to." I grinned at the thought of being able to see my baby for the first time, when he or she actually looked like a baby.

"Mommy! Daddy!" Lexie's panicked voice rang out from the other room. Edward and I both jumped up frantically and ran to find Lexie in the bathroom, her hand cupped in front of her.

"What's wrong baby?" I asked worriedly.

"My tooth fell out!" she gasped. I sighed in relief, my heart pounding.

"It's okay honey that just means that your big, grown up teeth are going to come in now," I told her.

"Oh," she said, sounding relieved.

"And now the tooth fairy will come and leave money under your pillow," Edward said.

"Really Daddy?" Lexie asked, her eyes going wide.

"Really. And for a great tooth like that she would leave lots of money for you too," he told her. She giggled excitedly.

"Cool!" I held out my hand and she gave me her tooth. I slid it into a little plastic baggy and left it on the counter in the bathroom.

"Now we'll put that under your pillow tonight and the tooth fairy will come and give you money."

"'Kay! Let's go to school now!" she said. "I wanna tell Mike and Molly about my tooth!" I laughed.

"Okay baby girl." She lifted her arms up and Edward picked her up.

"I love you Daddy," she sighed. Edward beamed.

"I love you too princess." I grinned. I couldn't wait for the baby to come, and we could finally be a full family.

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