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I wrote this story for a Kisuke fan fic. I realize that I may be a little or more than a little biased about my favorite character, but the thing is that no one ever writes about this guy. I don't mind the Yoru/Kis but there are no Soi/Kis Soi/Yoru/Kis or, on the other hand, any other type of story than romance. The bleach story line hasn't shed that much light on his character, so that's understandable. But here goes nothing.

General Yamamoto called for meeting with the entire soul society. Captains started to question the old captain commander. Rumors spread throughout the soul society of this event that was supposed to take place in a couple of minutes. The captains and vice captains were ordered to round up the members of their perspective squads and lead them to an area that looked like bleachers. Ichigo, Chad, ishida, Inoue and even Yorouichi were under strict orders to be at this meeting.

Renji was the first one to question them, "How did he get to you, Yoruichi?"

Yoruichi broke out of her silent trance to answer Renji's question, "He asked Soifon to tell me the next time she saw me." The group exchanged nervous looks.

"Rukia we better get back to our squads, the meeting is about to start." Renji stated.

The captains lead their squads into their seats, and as the members took their seats, they immediately shot insults prodded fights with the other groups that were in the closest proximity to them.

The captain commander walked to the podium, "We are here today" the audience dropped deathly silent as the presence of General Yamamoto became clear "to come together as the Soul Society. Attacks have been taking place much more recently, and it has come to my attention that it should not be your squad that bonds you together, but the fact that we do what we do – for the preservation of the soul society." He took a breath, "We are not strong enough to defeat the enemy, and as long as we keep fighting amongst ourselves, we may never be able to tell our enemies from our friends."

A large image came up, it resembled a movie screen. "Captains, our next task is to watch a man who has put the soul society in danger – Urahara Kisuke – and understand his motives. We have reason to believe that an Arrancar may be arriving at his house." Many questions fled to the squads such as "When did we learn about the residence of Urahara Kisuke? Why haven't we caught him yet?"

The captain commander raised a hand to silence the crowd. "From recent surveillance and reason, we believe that Urahara Kisuke may be working on an experiment to use the Hoygumaraka. Aghast faces filled the stadium. "This podium was used centuries ago to settle trials. It was used in times of grave danger, a place where every squad member could be heard, so concerns could be raised – but – today we will be using it to watch, decipher and make judgment." "The winter war is coming, and it is everyone's job to be informed." "We have hell butterfly acting as surveillance cameras so we can watch the real world." Just as if a movie screen was behind General Yamamoto, an image appeared. "Let your judgment and decisions benefit the soul society." A tired old home could be seen with two children sweeping the front.

"Ururu, you did the dishes last night, right?"

"Yes, Jinta-san" said the girl with two ponytails.

"Great! You can sweep up the rest of the front yard." Jinta said chuckling to himself.

"But, Urahara-san said," Ururu mumbled.

"I don't care what that lazy-ass man says, he can't make me do anything," Jinta said. "oh yeah and don't be late going to bed. Kisuke's probably gonna be back soon. Hurry it up." Jinta entered the house and left the girl to sweep the front.

Ururu face lifted to produce a smile. The shopkeeper was coming back. So, she kept on sweeping, but suddenly stopped. Ururu saw an Arrancar fly past her.

"Where is Urahara Kisuke?" said a cold, calm voice.

Ururu dropped the broom she was holding, and spoke. "I'm sorry sir, if you are seeking the owner of this shop, he isn't going to be here for a while." Ururu was scared and at the brink of tears. Suddenly, her eyes became machine-like, jumped forward and kicked at one of the two figures that appeared before her. It was easily caught by the larger Espada.

"Let's play a game. How about the longer he takes to get here - the more of your body you lose." Ururu's face contorted; she was terrified.

Jinta shouted, "Ururu what's taking you so long?" No response came. Jinta got up.

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