Husband and Wife, Way of Life

Prologue; A Walk To Remember.

"I hope you liked the mark I left you.." She laughed.

I shook my head. "I'll get you back for that.. eventually."

"Hmm, we'll see."

At that exact moment, I decided to try and get my pay back. I pulled her around to face me, and wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her close to me. She surprised me by pushing against me, sending me straight to the ground. Of course I took the fall, which I was more than willing to do. I vowed to never, ever let anything, or anyone hurt Bella Swan again. I intended on keeping my promises. I barely made any, but when I did, I always kept them.. which is why people trusted my word when I promised. But that was nothing when I swore to something. That, my friend, left no escape. When Edward Masen swore, then he swore, a promise couldn't even stand in its shadow. Because it was almost like a threat.

"I'd say I'm sorry- but I'm not." She kissed my jaw.

I closed my eyes, and took in as much of her as possible. My hands stayed wrapped tightly around her, she wouldn't dare leave me here, not now at least. "Mmm. I don't mind." I chuckled.

Bella suddenly rose, straddling my waist, and began stroking my chest. I felt my skin boil under my tuxedo. Why the hell did she have to do this to me? Did she have any damn idea what she was doing to me? What she was makin' me go through? This was torture! Especially when I had already made plans! Fuck! I mentally cursed myself.

I had the most beautiful woman sitting on top of me, stroking me, touching me, even kissing me. And I was about to go crazy. No one was here to see, or interrupt, and it was so damn tempting. She was so damn tempting. Dammit! She was the death of me. That was a damn fact.

My hands slided down to her hips, resting against her. I fought back all my urges, everything I wanted to do to her. I couldn't do that to her, not her and now now.

"Edward." She moaned. She bent back down to me, and kissed my jaw line.

"Bella- we can't do this." I said as soon as our lips broke apart.

"Of course we can." She lightly buckled her lips against mine, and I thought I was going to explode. This was a fuckin' joke right?

"No- we can't Bella honey, I-.."

She immediately pulled away, and frowned.

I sighed, and I rolled us over, so that I was hoovering above her now. My left hand rested on the ground beside her head, holding up my weight, so I didn't crush her. While my other hand cupped her cheek in my hand.

"Bella, I don't want to do this now, because I want to marry you first."

She looked at me wide-eyed like I had just said somethin' in Spanish, but she quickly recovered and gave me a wide smile.

"I want to do this right. For once I want to do somethin' right in my life Bella. I want to wait until your all mine. Until every part of you is mine." I kissed her forehead. "I love you with all my heart, and I know what I want, and when I see it, I reach out and grab it."

I snaked my hand under her, cupping her ass. She squeaked in response and wrapped her arms around my neck. "I love you Edward." She smiled.

"And I you." I smiled down at my angel, even in the dark she managed to just glow. Her hair was fanned out in curls around her against the grass. I felt her hot flesh against me, her heart thumping wildly- I could tell by how her chest was rising and falling.. not that I was starin' or nothin'..

I kissed her lips, with the same amount of passion again. My hand snaked up from her tiny bottom, back to her lower back pushing her closer to me.

When she pulled away to breathe, I kissed her collar bone, letting my lips linger against the warm flesh.

"Bella- I swear, one day I'm gonna marry you."

That day came. And when I meant came, it came. I remembered that moment in the meadow it like it happened yesterday, rather than a few years ago.

We agreed to get married right after we got out of college. And so, we did. So here we were. August thirteenth.

She walked down that aisle looking like an angel, her face glowing. To imagine that, years ago, there was a hideous bruise there still made me cringe.. Her vail hung over her smiling face, while her hair hung down loosly in soft curls. Her dress was.. amazing. I remembered how my breath caught standing up there. My dad had to whisper Close your mouth. to me, looking back at it now, it was kinda funny. I bet I was starring at her bug eyed, like I never saw a girl before. Truth was I never saw a girl thatbeautiful before. And to top that, this girl belonged to me. Bella Marie Masen, my wife.

Of course that perfect moment took months to plan.

The dress!.. The dress!.. The dress!.. That's all I heard, damn Pixie. I was about to take Bella to a nude beach and just marry her there for Christ sakes. Did it really matter? She could've walked down in jeans and a t-shirt, and still manage to leave me breathless. I don't see why girls freak out when it comes to such occasions- not saying Bella did. This was all that devilish Pixie. All her.. and her little accomplice, Rose. Dammit.

Pixie and Rose managed to drag her out shopping for the thing, after bugging her for months. Bella wasn't much of a shopper, she was my simple yet amazing Bella, I loved that about her. That's what I fell in love with. But of course Pixie had to crown herself the wedding planner, and drag Bella and I everywhere making decisions left and right. Like we took it seriously. Come on! When we went to taste some cakes we had a cake fight, thanks to Emmett and Bella. Did I mention that Emmett quit smoking? Probably because he got a new addiction. Rose -cough-.

Yeah, Emmett, Jasper and I were still just as close, if not closer; because of their excited girlfriends, who was brainwashing my fiancee. In the end she was getting a bit excited about it too. But the look on her face when she'd mention our wedding was just.. wow; beautiful. I couldn't help but get just as excited, her excitement was contagious. Even my bro's got excited.

I decided right off the bat to have my father be my best man.. I couldn't dream of choosing between my brothers, they were both equals in my eyes- surprisingly they agreed. It was just a stupid thing, all you'd have to do is stand next to me the whole time. Talking sense to me so I wouldn't pass out at the sight of my gorgeous wife- but other than that it wasn't such a big deal. I don't see any reason to fight over that. My dad happily agreed, and it was settled.

And as for the dress shopping.. One day when Pixie and Rose took my fiance out for another round of endless dressin' rooms. Pixie decided to get a hold of Bella's mom, and bring her along with the dress shopping. Yes, her mother. I remembered how she was bouncing up and down when we told her about our engagement. She flew out here to visit, that's when it all happened. The next thing I knew my mom, and Renee were best friends, and to make it worse Pixie got along with them extremely well. To make it worse, they were all excited about the wedding. So now we had three wedding planners. Three determined wedding planners. Can you say, shit? It's all a long story, I'll explain it later, anyways back to the angel I was talking about.

Yeah, she was the most beautiful thing I ever saw in my life. She walked arm in arm alongside Chief Swan. I remembered how I scanned him to make sure he didn't clip his gun to his suit, thankfully he didn't.. guess he liked me. She was perfect, I don't even know how to describe it, it's like describing heaven or something. Her dress wasn't big and poofy and all that unnecessary fluff. It was just so.. amazing. It hugged all her delicate curves. It was a strapless dress, and it hugged her chest beside her necklace which trailed down her chest, making me wonder.

I had to go tux shopping too, and I hated it. I told Pixie I'd rather wear my leather jacket, but she freaked out on me. Your not walking down the aisle with a skull on your back, Edward Masen! This is a wedding, not a bike club! I had no choice. So I sucked it up, and settled for a suit, with a sapphire blue vest. Our color, Bella's and mine.

I almost got a boner up there, until my elbowed me to get myself together. Staring with my mouth open was worse, but getting excited would've been a problem. I calmed myself down before any damage was done. My dad thought it was hilarious, along with my brothers who just had to sit front row. I glared at them. No pictures were to be taken that moment, I would've killed them, in our meadow if I had to.

Meadow? Yes. We got married in our meadow. Bella insisted that she didn't want to give away its location, but I was the one that pushed it, eventually she agreed. It was the perfect place to get married, and she knew that. Besides, the scenery was beautiful, breath-taking.

I remembered how Charlie kissed her cheek after he pulled the vail away from her face. That's when I really saw just how beautiful she looked. He placed her hand in mine, and I lead her up the alter beside the priest.. who talked for hours.

I didn't listen, I was just staring at the love of my life, with the biggest smile on my face. I must've looked like a jackass, but I didn't care. This was my day. This was my wife. Everyone else can go somewhere.. best if they did, if you get my meaning. We mouthed I love you's. I frowned slightly when she started to cry, her tears staining her beautiful face, leaving trails down her blushed cheeks. I would've stroked them away, but I had to hold her hands.

Then the talking came, and I woke up out of my daze, causing our audience to giggle in mused laughter. I've said my vows, as did she.

Then it all started to come down on me, that I was seriously marrying the love of my life. It hit me the moment I slid the ring on her finger.

Ah the ring. I didn't bother with ring shopping. It was my mothers, my biological mothers. I found it in her belongings, and it looked like it would fit perfectly. The moment I proposed to her was the best feeling in my life. Again, like I said- I'll explain that later. Back to the wedding.

She slid the band on my finger and smiled at me through her sniffles. She looked adorable glancing to the priest and back at me. I remembered how she was smiling and giggling. Her nervous chuckles gave me chills up my spine. How did I get stuck with such an angel?

God must've loved me.

I said my I do's, not taking my eyes off Bella. I made her cry even more, I couldn't help being so passionate with the woman I loved. Come on, give me a break. I was whipped.

I remembered how impatient I was. Just waiting for the words of permission to kiss my new bride. But this boring old priest seemed to get a kick out of taking his time. I thought I was going to kick him in the neck. My wife's lips were stained red, and plumped. Just begging me to kiss them.

Then, I got the word.

I didn't go for the ol' peck thing. Dammit, I wrapped my arms around my woman, and pulled her against me, kissing her like her daddy wasn't watching. Her arms wrapped around my neck, and we kissed. Kissed until the priest cleared his throat behind us.

And we turned to face our new life together.

As husband and wife; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Masen. I loved the sound of it already. I asked the priest to say it again, and he repeated. Everyone laughed at me, but I didn't care. I loved the sound of it. I think Bella liked the sound of it too because she was blushing and leaning into me as I walked her down the aisle.

We breezed through our reception. It was no surprise that it was amazing. There were tents set up further down the meadow. Two huge ones, connected together.

We shared our first dance together. The song; we didn't do much worrying about. It was just a dance, a dance that would be special no matter what. As long as it wasn't Hannah-mon-weave-face, or so Emmett projected.

But no seriously, we danced to the song I sang to her. The song I got her to dance with me with, back in this meadow back in our highschool days. She leaned into me while I wrapped my arms around her gently swaying to the music, lost in our own world.

Of course- until the song ended and Emmett decided to steal her from me, I got stuck with dancing with Rose again, which brought back memories getting us to laugh the whole entire time.

Alice and her planning possy were too busy mingling and taking pictures, they must've been proud of themselves, because I couldn't thank them enough.

Especially since my mom gave me a very special present. A very un-normal gift. I mean.. I expected a gift card to a home goods store or something but no. She had to be all big and over the top.

Pixie and Rose dragged us out after we said our Goodbye's and Thank yous to our guests. We were heading off to our honeymoon. Our big time one if I may add. Especially with Esme's gift. Bella was going to die when she saw it.

I lead her to the Rolls Royce my dad rented out, and helped her inside.

The fuckin' rice was being chugged at me, I swear. I had to hoover over Bella so nothing would hit her Stupid bitch patched Emmett. So what? Even if he did quit, Jasper and I still called him by that. Sadly, he got used to it, haha.

We waved to our family and friends, and drove off into the night, heading straight towards our honeymoon- still my and everyone else, but Bellas- secret. She was in for a big surprise, as well as I was.

Because I never saw Isle Esme.

I held her close in the car, and she leaned into me.

We've come so far. We were juniors then in a small town high school. We went from formally meeting in Biology.. to being paired up for a lame dance.. to me saving her from her abusive x boyfriend, to me falling in love and marrying my high school sweetheart.

God, as it really been six years?

Nothings really changed for me. I was still the stubborn, over-protective, ass. My fia- wifestill left me breathless, and hopelessly in love. Pretty much everything was still as perfect and new as it was back then. Except now, it was about to get better with a Mrs. Masen by my side.

End Prologue.