I open the door seeing your smile.
You smile like you haven't seen me in years.
It just renews my pain and makes me vile
Though, you still chose him against all my fears.
You are my best friend, but I want even more.
You once wanted that, too, but you picked him.
We have said goodbye many times before
But here we are. I can't come on a whim.
You have a force that can't keep me away.
The look in your chocolate eyes brings me back.
Like there's a piece in your heart where I still stay,
But his piece is greater. My pain won't slack.
I wish I don't get another goodbye
Because with one more, I might actually die.

I had to write a sonnet for english and I could think of anything and I've been wanting to do a piece on Jacob. Btw a sonnet is a very resticted type of poem. I did a Spakespearean sonnet where the rhyme sceme is ababcdcdefefgg and its 5 foot (10 or 11 syllables a lines) with 14 lines. I hope I explained his feelings well. R&R please. Thank You