Chapter One

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Remus (Romulus)-Anastasia




McGonagall-The dowager Empress


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"My beloved family; tonight would be the last night I would ever see my dear daughter or her husband, the King. I was to leave for Italy the next morning. The parting would be particularly hard on my youngest grand son Romulus. We had always been close. My son was holding a ball in my honour and that was where it all went wrong."

The queen's mother Minerva sat on her throne at the head of the Grand Hall. She watched her youngest Grandson dancing with her eldest Granddaughter.

"Grandma" Romulus said ecstatically as he ran over to the old woman. He was only seven and had not learnt how to act at formal events yet.

"Rom, you shouldn't act so brashly." Minerva said chuckling. She couldn't help but laugh at the way her Grandson's short brown hair was messy from all of the times his siblings had ruffled it.

"But Grandma, I can't stay still for so long." Romulus said.

"I shall miss you dear." Minerva said.

"Why do you have to go Grandma? I'll miss you so much." Romulus said and he hugged his Grandmother burying himself in the smell of lavender.

"Oh but I have a gift for you, I bought it especially just for you." Minerva said.

"What, what?" Romulus asked, he noticed a small boy with black hair being dragged away from behind the throne but quickly forgot about him as his Grandmother brought out a small velvet box. She placed it in his hands and Romulus stroked the box carefully before he clicked it open.

He gasped as she saw the silver necklace lying on the purple silk lining of the box. He took it out and Minerva slipped it over his head. The pendant was small and was just a small circle he noticed that it had an inscription engraved into it. He read it and smiled.

"Together in Rome. Do you mean it Grandma?" He asked and Minerva laughed nodding.

"I'll keep it with me forever." Romulus said but just before he could hug his Grandmother again there was silence in the hall as the music stopped playing.

"Leave this place Riddle." He heard his Father say. Romulus spun around to see one of the lords standing in all of his finery in front of his Father.

"Why, am I not invited to this great ball?" Riddle said and Romulus shivered at the serpent like quality of his voice.

"You have been banished for the practice of magic. Leave here now." His Father said and Romulus took a step towards the two men.

"Rom." Minerva said taking his arm and pulling him back.

"You can not make me leave here." Riddle said and he raised his arms. Instantly the huge double doors burst open and there stood an army of men in black cloaks with masks.

"Get the family." Riddle shouted and the men started forward pulling swords from their sheaths. Minerva grabbed Romulus and pulled him backwards. They ran through the corridors and into a small room. They heard the sound of feet running around outside and Isabella pulled Lillian close to her.

"Your majesties." A young voice said and Romulus looked up from his Grandmother to see the boy from earlier with the black hair and grey eyes.

"Who are you?" Romulus asked.

"It doesn't matter, please just come with me." The boy said and he grabbed his hand and pulled him, Minerva followed them and the boy ran to the kitchens avoiding all of the men in black cloaks.

He pulled on one of the levers next to the oven and the wall spun around.

"In here." A deep voice said and Romulus was pushed into the wall along with his Grandmother. He turned back to say thank you but the door was closing.

The boy stood in front of the passageway as the men barged into the room.

"Where are they boy?" One of the men asked but the boy picked up a large metal pot and threw it at the men. They laughed and hit him on the back of the head, he fell to the ground and the world faded into darkness.


"Hurry Romulus." Minerva shouted as she pulled her grandson across the frozen grounds of their home. Suddenly a black mist swirled near them and Riddle appeared with a strange glowing stick in his hand.

He grabbed onto Romulus's hand and he screamed pulling away.

"The Lupin line must end; I sold my soul just to end it." Riddle hissed and Romulus screamed and struggled to get away from him. Just then the ice they had been standing on cracked beneath his feet. He swore and sunk beneath the surface.

The two Lupins ran and they reached the trains but they were already moving and a man pulled Minerva onto the train. Romulus reached out and grabbed his Grandmother's hand.

"Don't let go Rom." Minerva cried and Romulus tried to hold on but he tripped and fell hitting his head hard on the floor. He was unconscious instantly and he could not hear the cries of his Grandmother.