Chapter 6

Remus entered the opera house and felt bile rise at the back of his throat as he saw all of the dead bodies.

"Leave here now Voldemort." The Empress said and Remus watched in horror as the man raised his stick pointing it at the old woman.

"NO!" He screamed and Voldemort's stick lowered as his eyes snapped to Remus.

"It's your lucky day your majesty. It seems that your grandson has seen it fit to show up." Voldemort hissed, he pushed the old woman to the floor and marched up to Remus where he grabbed the boy by his neck and lifted him up, slamming him into a wall.

"Please, don't hurt anyone else." Remus begged and Voldemort laughed.

"Foolish child. Don't you realise that after I kill you I shall be free. The last of the Lupins will be dead and the curse on me shall be lifted." The snake like man hissed into Remus' ear.

"REMUS!" Someone suddenly screamed and Remus' eyes flickered over to where Sirius stood.

"Go away!" he cried but it was too late for a flash of red light hit Sirius and the black haired man fell to the floor. "SIRIUS!" He screamed feeling a pain start in his stomach.

"Oops, was he special to you?" Voldemort hissed laughing and Remus felt tears run from his eyes, Voldemort had now killed the last person he cared about.

"Argh!" Remus screamed lifting his arms up and hitting Voldemort over the head. The snake-man hissed in surprise and dropped Remus. Who screamed and tackled Voldemort to the ground.

"YOU KILLED HIM!" He cried punching the man in the face. Voldemort hissed and his wand fell from his hand. Remus was thrown off of the man and he landed next to the wand. He reached out with his hand and picked up the wand.

He barely heard Voldemort's scream as he snapped it in half. He watched as the man turned to dust. He collapsed onto the floor. He closed his eyes and buried his face in his arms.

"He's dead." He kept repeating, he felt someone's hand on his shoulder and he looked up to see the Empress watching him.

"Romulus?" She whispered and Remus cried harder. He pushed off the woman's hand and walked over to where Sirius lay. He fell on top of the man crying harder.

"No, please don't be dead." He whispered.

"Remus? Sirius?" Someone asked and Remus looked through his tears to see James and Lily standing in the doorway both pale, both had tears in their eyes.

"No Sirius!" James yelled running forward and hugging his best friend to him. "No you can't be dead!"

"I'm not." Someone grumbled and Remus' eyes snapped to Sirius as the man pulled himself from James. "But I will be unless James stops suffocating me!"

"Sirius!" Remus sobbed throwing himself at the man. He hugged him tightly and cried into his shoulder.

"Remus?" Sirius asked wrapping his arms around the boy as he remembered what had happened. "What happened? Where's Voldemort?"

"He has been sent to hell." Someone said and Remus looked up to see the Empress watching the group.

"Your majesty!" Lily cried falling into a curtsey.

"G-grandma?" Remus whispered and the old woman's arms opened. Remus stood and ran into them.

"Romulus, oh Romulus." The Empress cried hugging the boy to her.

"We missed something!" James said and Remus looked up laughing. He pulled himself from his Grandmother's arms and walked straight to Sirius where he pressed his lips to Sirius'. He felt Sirius' smiled and wrapped his arms around Sirius' neck while Sirius wrapped his arms around Remus' waist.

"I love you." He mumbled into the kiss and Sirius lifted him off of the ground breaking their kiss and spinning them around laughing.

"I love you too." He cried happily kissing Remus again. They pulled apart and Remus blushed slightly as he saw Lily, James and his Grandmother staring at them. But Sirius just grinned and wrapped his arm around Remus' shoulder.

"Do you know what this means?" James asked suddenly and they shook their heads. "I'm going to be a Prince-in-law!"

"Prince-in-law?" Remus asked making a face and James nodded.

"Yeah, you and Sirius are going to get married and I'm practically Sirius' brother so I'll be your brother-in-law." James said proudly and everyone laughed as Lily hit him over the head. "Well, it's true!"

The End

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