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Chapter 1: Plans

Kari Kamiya was looking over her suitcase for the third time, checking off everything on her list. "Okay then," she started once again, "fourteen shirts… check. Fourteen shorts, jeans, skirts… check. Dressy shoes… check. Dressy dress… check. Sleepwear… check. Swimsuit… check. Undergarments… check." Satisfied, she sighed. "Well, I'm done."

Her cat-like friend was peering over the top of the checklist, giggling. "You said that the first two times, too."

Ring, ring.

"Phone, I'll get it!" Kari set Gatomon down and rushed to the ringing device. "Hello," she answered, "Kamiya residence, Kari speaking."

A boy's voice came over the phone. "Kari," it said, "its Willis!"

"Oh, hello, what's up, Willis?" Kari glanced over to the clock in the kitchen. It was three thirty at her end, and with a bit of math, she figured that it was that time in the morning in America. "Why are you calling so early?"

"Well, I couldn't sleep; I'm too excited for you guys to come! I was just wondering when your flight was coming in?"

Kari smiled. "Willis, I've told you a few times, we're supposed to be leaving at eight thirty am our time, and the flight takes fourteen hours, so, around ten thirty in the morning for you, but it'll feel like night time for us."

"Oh, well, that's great. Oh, here comes my mom, she probably heard me… I better go, bye."


"Wait!" Kari called into a dead line. I forgot to ask him what the dressy outfit was all about… Oh well. Maybe the others know…

As if on cue, the phone rang.

About a block away, in another set of apartments, Yolei, Poromon, Cody, and Upamon were talking to T.K. and Patamon in their living room.

"What do you mean, you're in first class?" Cody inquired to Yolei, as she showed two tickets. She was telling the boys that she and Kari saved enough for first class tickets as well as spa treatments at the hotel they would be staying at in Denver. The group of six Digidestined and their Digimon were travelling to Colorado to visit Willis, Terriermon and Kokomon. It had been a few years since they had seen him, as Davis and Willis had turned fifteen, Ken and Yolei were sixteen, and Cody was going to be thirteen at the end of the month. Kari's birthday was in a few days, turning fifteen, and T.K. had a few months to go before his came around.

"It's not our fault that you that you guys bought the cheapest seats ever."

Upamon chimed in. "So, what's so different about first class anyways?"

Yolei's eyes lightened up at the simple thought. "Well, there are bigger seats, more leg room, the chairs go flat to sleep, on longer flights, personal televisions, laptop space, and the food is perfecto!" The lavender haired girl went into a daze, just imagining all the desserts she would order on their flight the next morning. Poromon tried waving his feather in front of her face, but she was still in her dream world.

T.K. figured that Kari, Davis, and Ken would be finished packing by then, it was just after three thirty anyways, so he decided to call them to invite them ver. They had to discuss the arrangements once they arrived in Denver, like the hotel rooms and such, but, before the phone could be reached, there was a knock on the door. Patamon flew towards it and looked through the peephole.

"Hey, T.K., it's Ken!" He opened the door for him and his Digimon, Wormmon.

"Hey, guys," he began, looking over at Yolei, a blush slowly starting to form on his face, "I had a feeling you wanted me to come over, so I thought I come and say hi, I guess, but Yolei's sisters said she wasn't home, and that she was here, so I came, and I guess Wormmon missed Poromon."

Cody snickered. "Yeah, and you missed Yolei."

"Well, I might as well call the others." T.K. went over to his phone, putting it on speaker. He then started dialling numbers.

"Hello?" A girl's voice answered.

"Jun, where's your brother?"

"I should be asking you the same thing!" Jun was still trying to go after his brother, Matt. Maybe it was some groupie thing she had going on around him.

"Just put him on the phone." T.K. spoke tonelessly. A slight yelling back and forth between siblings could be heard and then a younger male voice speaks. Agreeing to T.K.'s offer, he hangs up.

When the dial tone comes over the speaker, he dials Kari's number. Once she picks up, he starts spurting out information known as words into the phone, then waits for her to reply. She also agrees to come over, and then ends the conversation. When the silence overcomes the device, he sighs and turns it off.

Smooth one, Takaishi. Maybe next time, try talking legibly…

A few minutes later, their four visitors arrived and knocked on the already open door.

Then, the freak-outs began.

"What? I can't sit with Kari?" Davis was not amused with this news. He couldn't understand that he, being in business class, and the girls, being in first class, wasn't allowed to sit with them. "Alright, that means I get to room with Kari!"

"Yeah," Kari retaliated, "right, because I'd room with you. I'm with Yolei." The other girl nods, now sitting beside Ken.

"You two had better be rooming together!" T.K. suddenly blurted out.

I wouldn't let Davis near you like that, Kari.

"Why, T.K.?" Ken wondered out loud. He knew it was because they were girls, but everyone at some point had tried to get him to tell Kari somehow that he loved her. It was a little too obvious. After a blush comes over T.K.'s face, the subject was quickly changed back to the guy's hotel arrangements. Cody and Ken suddenly chose each other for their rooms, avoiding the possibility of being with Davis. The boy in the fisherman's hat didn't mind being with Davis, and neither did Patamon. DemiVeemon was busy poking Gatomon's tail to notice anything around him anyways.

"Alright, T.V., if I'm stuck with you then I have a few ground rules in the hotel room. One, don't touch my stuff. Two, stay out of my side of the room. And three, stay away from Kari."

Cody chuckled. "Davis, wouldn't that be a few too many rules for one television to abide to?"

After a few moments, everyone but Davis understood and were laughing along with him. Once it subsided, T.K. chimed in.

"Look, Davis, I wouldn't touch any of your stuff anyways, you can't exactly tell me what to do, and, please, for once, shut up about Kari!" His face grew red from anger and impending embarrassment. "She's not some object that belongs to you, Davis, she's a beaut- uh, human being! She's not yours or anyone's!"

Three strikes, Takaishi. 'Beautiful angel' isn't something she's supposed to know about, remember?

The subject was quickly changed and the rest of the night went smoothly, for the most part, until Kari brought up the subject of the dressy clothes.

"Hey, do any of you know why Willis wanted us to pack something formal?"

Everyone went silent at once, not wanting to tell her that it was for her birthday dinner that Willis was planning, but was really T.K.'s idea. They all wanted Kari to have a great time, finally dispelling any rumours that were stirring around her and T.K.'s relationship. Once she figured no one was going to spill anything, she shrugged it off. Maybe this would be better as a surprise…

Soon, as it got late, everyone vacated the apartment to go and sleep for their impending flight. Unfortunately, not everyone could slip into unconsciousness so easily. A blond male was simply staring at the ceiling above him, thinking about the brunette and her upcoming birthday dinner.

Willis better make the dinner perfect! I mean, I know he liked her at one point, and I hope he's over it, but, ugh. Maybe I'm just being selfish. I keep worrying about this. Everything will be fine.

I hope… he finished his thoughts as he finally fell asleep.

On the other side of the planet, an American Digidestined was just waking up. Willis started making calls; at the Hotel Monaco, where his friends would be staying, Fort Restaurant, where Kari's birthday dinner would be taking place. He was making sure everything was in order. Once he hung up, his mind wandered off to the girl he'd last seen four years ago. He could easily hear her laugh in his head; see her smile from pictures and simple memories. Willis had gotten used to the fact that Kari liked T.K. because it was just that obvious. Whenever she'd write or talk about him, she seemed to have this glow in the words, her tone. But he wasn't one to give up on a girl like her. For those four years they were apart he stayed single, waiting for the day she'd visit, the moment he'd tell her everything.

What Willis hadn't gotten used to was that T.K. told him that he liked her too. That opened up a huge can of worms.

He knew more would be opened in the weeks to come.

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