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Chapter 5: Gravity of Love


We're at the airport now, waiting for our plane to be called to leave.

"Hey, T.K.?"

I hear my voice being called. I turn to see that brainwasher.

"Yeah, Willis," I hesitantly walk towards him and stop about a metre away.

"Can I ask you for a favour?"

Yeah, I know exactly what he's going to want.

"What, you want me to give Kari a kiss for you?" I ask smugly.

"No." He replies solidly.

Wait, no? I'm confused.

"Then, what?"

He giggles a bit.

It's awkward to hear out of a guy's mouth. We don't giggle; we laugh.

"I want you to give her a kiss for you."

Oh, come on. He's bluffing, right? "Uh, Willis, Care to explain?"

"T.K., she loves you. I can't even begin to compare to you."

Oh, how wrong he is. "She doesn't love me, Will."

He tries to get my attention, as it is lingering to the thought of my best friend, and that's all, nothing more. "Well, explain why she told me last night that she does? Why is she wearing your necklace?"

It doesn't work well, but I at least hear him. "She won't even look at me."

He gets angry, and frustrated. "Oh, would you snap out of it? Look at her and tell me you don't see what I do."

I turn my gaze towards the lovely brunette. My eyes catch hers, and, as predicted, she is looking right at me. Her crimson eyes, and oh, they are so deep and mesmerising, are looking into my inadequate blue ones, with a certain feeling being emoting from them. I can't place what it is. Regret, sadness? It's probably because she has to leave Willis. Oh, how I've always wished her eyes would only look longingly at me, as they are right now.

Her eyes…

It was always the eyes I've loved about her.

And they were gazing at me.

My eyes drop reluctantly to her neck, from where a pink and yellow pendant hangs.

It's her present. She was wearing my heart.

Well, figuratively speaking of course, since the real heart was still in my chest and beating oh so quickly.

"I see what you do, Willis."

Kari does love me. Now I really have to talk to her.


"Kar?" T.K. knocked on the girl's door that led to her bedroom.

"Just a second," Kari was busily unpacking, without the help of her cat-like friend. Turning from her open suitcase, she walked towards her door, opening it to see the blond male, smiling.

"Hi, Kar," He smiled at her glowing face.

"Hi, T.K.," She looked surprised, and then tried to turn away, pretending to ignore him.

He put a hand on her shoulder that was turned away towards her twin-sized bed. "Can we talk, please?"

Defeated, she crumbled. "Yeah, I guess." She turned to sit down on the foot of her bed, leaving room for her male visitor to sit next to her.

After a few moments of silence, T.K. perked up. "Look, about the dinner…"

"It's fine. My mind was all messed up, and I wasn't thinking straight…"

I have to kiss her. I have to kiss her. I have to kiss her.

"…so I guess I should be apologizing for yelling at you twice, and for not believing you."

The boy smirked. "Are you done?"

"Wait, what? Why?" Kari's face had a bemused expression on it.

"Because you talk too much sometimes, like, right now."

"Oh," She started, "I'm sorry."

"Hey, it's fine."


Trying to keep up a conversation between the two was becoming a problem, so T.K. changed the subject.

"Look, we didn't really hang out these past two weeks, and I was thinking we could, you know, try and work this out."

"What do you mean, 'work this out?'"

"I mean, talk about us." He took her hand in his; blushing as he looked into those eyes he loved.

"Us?" Kari looked at the interlocked hands, which was one half hers, and smiled. "Us," she said with more stability.

"Pray," T.K. recited into her ear, "forgive me these mistakes."

Confused, Kari asked questions. "What do you mean?"

"I'm sorry. Let's start over."


"Kari, I think what Willis told me is true, and if it's not, forgive me."

Questioning, Kari asked, "What did he tell you?"

"That you voluntarily put on my necklace." He replied resolutely.

"Yeah, it was a present."

"So, why chase after me?"

"I needed to apologize, and I have."

"So, it's not because he convinced you that you love me back?"

"Well, that's not the main part of it." And that's when Kari let it slip.


"Did I just…" Kari suddenly wanted to take it ack. She knew T.K. loved her, but she was too confused about herself at the moment. "I'm sorry… you should go."

"No," He said, "I shouldn't."

"Well, why not?"

"It's true."

Kari dug herself into a hole at this point. She couldn't escape from her sudden confession. "I… uh…"

He giggled at her sudden embarrassment.

Did I just giggle?

"You're so cute when you're confused."

She was taken aback. "I'm what?"

"Oh, shut up."

And with that, he kissed her. After all, it was a favour to Willis, right?

It was all because of that American boy one summer in Denver, Colorado.

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