A young girl, aged only 10, stared out at the sea. Her name was Amaya. Earlier that day, her hair had been up in a pretty pony tail, her coat done up to her chin, and she had been holding her mother's hand, walking the gardens of their luxurious Britannian mansion. Now, she stood staring at the ever so glittering ocean, her raven hair fell past her shoulders, blowing softly in the salty air. Her coat had long since vanished, replaced with an ancient sword clasped in her young hand. As she watched the Pacific ocean, watching the sunset, she realised the Japanese flag had a sun on it much like this one.

Behind her, stood the charred remains of her ancestor's home. Along with a smell of burning flesh, that Amaya could easily even at her age identify as her family's corpses. Her new guardian, Kyoshiro Tohdoh, stood behind her, watching silently, contemplating how much the girl's life had changed in the last 15 hours, and how much she had seen.

"Tohdoh." she said finally, clenching her fist. He stood behind her. "Hai, Hime-sama?" the girl was still getting used to her new title, yet seemed unfazed by it. No one knew, that what she was about to say would change the world, tremble an empire and change the course of the world. "I…" she clenched her fists, as the remainder of the Japanese army under Tohdoh's command turned to hear the first words from the girls mouth.

"I am going to crush Britannia!"

No one said anything. The fire crackled, as bodies lay in the sun's ever so downward motion. No one could see her face, but they could see her thin hands clenching in such anger, her hair blowing softly as the statement left her lips. As the sunset finally dawned, the young girl bid farewell to her old life, and to Britannia. She straightened her back, and turned to the troops, as Tohdoh, still in slight shock, knelt.

"I place myself and my garrison under your command, Hime-sama." and in one fluid motion, the entire group followed suit. The young girl stood in silence for a moment, before uttering "Rise." she looked at each person. "We will rebuild Japan together." Tohdoh nodded. "Hime-sama, the Britannian forces will be arriving shortly…" she looked at him.

"We do not fight today." she said stiffly. He blinked. "This Knightmare frame…I know and have seen what it can do. It was nothing short of a miracle you won today, Tohdoh. But with this amount of weaponry and forces, we might as well dig our own graves." Tohdoh nodded. "We will retreat this once. And we will build up our forces, and weapons. We will live to fight another day…" she glanced back at her home. "Fight for those who cannot." the forces nodded.

"Are there any other survivors?" she asked softly to Tohdoh after giving her orders. He nodded. "One, Hime-sama." he said quietly. She looked up. "Who?" "Your 2nd cousin, Sumeragi Kaguya." she paled. "She…she is only 5!" she said in a pained voice. Tohdoh nodded. "She is now the Head of the Sumeragi clan." "Is she in our custody?" he shook his head. "Well, I want her in it. I shall not let my only family live among strangers." Tohdoh nodded. "I'll send someone to pick her up at once, Hime-sama."

She turned back to the sunset, seeing it was slowly disappearing into the sea. It struck Amaya that it looked like the Japanese flag, and the irony that the Japanese flag was lowered and replaced with the Britannian flag. but the sun would rise again. On that day, Amaya gave up her name. The old Amaya was dead. From that day, she was Fujiwara Amaya.

Amaya sighed in boredom during the latest meeting of the Kyoto house. Seven members, one table. Kaguya sat beside her trying to listen intently. Amaya stopped listening as soon as Hidenobu Kubouin suggested conversing with the last Japanese government. "I oppose that proposal." she said immediately."The last Government were traitors. It would not benefit us in the slightest conversing with them, therefore would never benefit Japan." there was a unanimous nod to Amaya's statement.

Hidenobu narrowed his eyes. "And how would you know what would benefit Japan?" he snapped. "You're not even fully Japanese! You're half Britannian!" at this, Amaya stood and slammed her fist into the table, her eyes glaring. "I will never be Britannian!" she hissed. "I am Japanese!" there was a silence.

"And I don't know why you're all ignoring what is blatantly in front of you." she continued angrily, turning her gaze to the head, Taizo Kirihara, hidden behind a screen. "We need to start manufacturing Knightmare frames!" there was a breath of surprise. "You see?!" Hidenobu snapped again. "She's trying to make us more and more like Britannia!""No, it's because we will never win without them!" she snapped back. "Unless you have an ingenious way of fighting back armies of Knightmare frames without one!"

"Hime-sama." Taizo finally called. She turned back. "Are you positive about this? Have you thought well about it?""You know me Taizo-san. You know I speak facts, and it is a FACT, that if we don't have Knightmares, we might as well go fly the Britannian flag and kill ourselves to save them the bother." there was another silence. "Are there any objections?" none. "Very well, Hime-sama. We shall begin manufacturing and distributing Knightmare frames. I know an Indian scientist who should design us one, she owes me a favour." Amaya sighed as she sat back down.


Amaya groaned. "You must have a full resistance force before we do." she sighed. "And where might I find one?""There are many to choose from.""Sorry, I shall rephrase that. Where might I find a good one?" there was a sigh around the table, as the meeting was ended as Taizo called out 'Meeting dismissed.' as one, all members bowed in respect towards the screen, and each left through their own exit, taking them far away from their meeting hall, so not to arouse suspicion.

Kaguya skipped in front of Amaya, happily humming a song. Amaya rolled her deep emerald eyes at her, tossing her raven hair behind her back. "That was brave of you, Amaya-chan!" she giggled. She smiled wearily. "It needed to be done. I've been pressing them for years…" she sighed. "You wouldn't think you're only 17 Amaya-chan!" she giggled. 'Yes…' Amaya thought silently. 'It's been 7 years since that day…' they got into the elevator, as it zoomed to the bottom of Mount Fuji. She leant against it, staring at the mirror opposite.

She was much taller then when she was 10. She now stood approximately 176 cm, and her rigorous combat training had earned her a spectacular slim willowy body. Her eyes were her mothers, a dark, swirling emerald green, with long eyelashes and thin long eyebrows. Her hair, long and raven black, was normally held in a high ponytail, to keep it out of the way. Her nose was elegantly short, and her lips were a deep red colour in comparison to her very pale complexion. Unlike Kaguya, who adored dresses and acted like a proper, respectful Princess, she preferred combat jeans and matching jacket. She wore feminine combat boots as well. As they left the elevator, she fitted on her sunglasses, as she walked towards the car, Kaguya still skipping.

She flipped her phone, dialling as she lay back in the car, as Kaguya hummed, looking out the window, and then turned on her t.v.

"Tohdoh?" she asked. "Hai, Hime-sama.""For the last time, call me Amaya!" she rolled her eyes. "Anyway, I finally got through to them.""About the Knightmare frames?" "Hai." "That's excellent!" "One problem. We need a full resistance force before Taizo begins manufacturing." he sighed. "That may take a while yet…" Amaya nodded. "We'll talk more when we get back. It may take us about three days.""Have you got somewhere safe to stay?""Hai, I'll be staying in this hotel within the Britannian colony. Thankfully, I somewhat pass as a Britannian if I talk Britannian." he chuckled. "Well, call me tomorrow, Hime-sama.""Hai." she closed the connection, massaging her temple.

No. no one would guess she was 17.

Her work had piled up after the Shinjuku Ghetto massacre. But it had aroused interest. She wondered who this mysterious 'K' was. At least that was what she and Kallen, her best friend, were told to call him.

Every Kyoto member had a resistance team. Hers was the Four Holy swords, and she was assosianted with the Japanese Liberation Front, although she was only assosiated with Tohdoh's unit. But she had met an interesting girl her age, who almost matched her level on a Knightmare Frame. Kallen Kozuki. She also was half Britannian, and was also called Kallen Stadtfeld. On the day of the massacre, she was meeting with her resistance group when it happened.

But there was something she couldn't explain…this K... his voice was so familiar. But she had doubted the first name that came to her head. He was dead. He This thought caused her to close her eyes. They were snapped open by a gasp from Kaguya.

She glanced at her. "What's happened?" "Amaya-chan…" she looked at the screen, and turned it up. "The murderer of his Highness Clovis La Britannia has been brought into custody! His identity is no other then Honorary Britannian, Private Suzaku Kururugi!"

Amaya dropped her phone. Her second cousin. The Honorary Britannian. Yes, she had only met him once or twice. Yes, he shamed the country and his family by becoming an Honorary Britannian. Yes...there was a great deal he was responsible for. But blood was blood. "Suzaku-chan…" Kaguya sniffed. She continued to stare at him on the screen. "We have to do something Amaya-chan!" Kaguya cried. Amaya nodded. "I'll see when we get back if anyone would risk a break out. It's about time he rejoined his family, no?" Kaguya nodded. "I don't understand why…" she sniffed. Amaya shook her head.

"I don't think anyone will." she said softly, gazing as her cousin was brought into a building in a prison suit.

Her phone rang 2 hours later in the hotel room. Kaguya glanced at her. She glanced at the screen, seeing it was Kallen.

"Kallen?" she asked, answering.

"I've had contact from K." she jumped straight into it. She sat up.

"He wants to meet us tomorrow, Britannian war Memorial Museum at 5 o'clock tomorrow."

"Are you serious?" she asked, eyebrow raised.

"Hai. Will you be there?" she sighed, as she considered it. She could not lie that she was not intrigued by him. He was a brilliant strategist, and could help a lot in the upcoming war.

"Hai. I'll be there."

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