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Amaya felt something strange as she landed, just outside the outskirts of Tokyo, the Roiyaru instantly brought into Rakshata's custody so it would arrive swiftly and safely in the Chinese Federation.

Diethard instantly hurried towards her, as she marched, ridgedly, still in shock at their defeat. Diethard paused before here, Amaya staring at him emotionlessly as she asked hollowly,

"Is Sumeragi Hime-sama alright?" the man nodded, nearly running to keep up with her as he announced,

"Yes, Sumeragi Hime-sama is waiting in your submarine." Amaya nodded, relief momentarily filling her chest as she continued,

"Have you had any contact from Zero?" Diethard shook his head as he began, anxiously,

"I've heard nothing, the men are near catatonic, Fujiwara-sama!" Amaya clenched her jaw as he continued, "Zero abandoned them, we lost many people today, not to mention nearly all of our commanding forces are in Britannian custody!" Amaya momentarily closed her eyes, her fists clenching as he continued,

"Not to mention Kozuki still hasn't returned from wherever she is!" Amaya's fists clenched at that, her eyes narrowing as she snapped,

"Kallen outwardly disobeyed my orders! I ordered her back onto the field, I had the Guren fixed enough for that purpose!" Amaya spun on her heels so she was face to face with him. "You tell me, why did she abandon my orders?" Diethard faltered, as Amaya continued,

"Who on earth gave her permission, to not only take one of our most valuable Knightmares when we need it most, and to leave the battle?!" Diethard stared at her as he answered with one word.


Amaya's eyes widened as her hands fell limp by her side.

"Ohgi...?" she repeated, her fists clenching as Diethard nodded.

"From what I can tell..." Diethard paused before exclaiming, "He ordered Kozuki to follow the Lancelot, and bring back Zero..."

Amaya remained silent for a moment, her fists shaking as frustration and rage built within her.

"Is Ohgi still alive?" she asked hollowly, her eyes narrowing as Diethard slowly nodded.

"Yes...He's in the infirmary, unconscious I believe." Amaya clenched her fists tighter as she remarked,

"How lucky for him. Because when he awakes, he will wish it was the bullet that killed him."

Diethard's eyes widened as she turned on her heel, calling, pleading,

"For the love of god, don't kill the man!"

"I won't kill him!" she snapped impatiently over her shoulder, before continuing, "Where is Jinx?"

Almost as if on cue, Jinx hurried from the Knightmare department, his eyes widening as he saw Amaya.

"We need to talk!" he called, Amaya pausing, as Jinx grabbed her by the shoulders, Diethard stopping with them, "It's an emergency-"

"I must discuss the meeting with the Chinese Federation with Fujiwara-sama!" Diethard snapped in annoyance, Jinx raising an eyebrow before declaring simply,

"I don't care."

Grabbing Amaya by the hand, he propelled her into an empty hanger, closing the small door before exploding,

"I have no idea what is going on with C.C and Lelouch, they seperated-"

"What?!" Amaya gasped, as Jinx continued,

"I know C.C is on her own, but she's safe, but she is on her own!" Amaya shook slightly as she leaned against the hanger door, staring at Jinx as she whispered, fearfully,

"Jinx..." she swallowed as she paused, before whispering,

"The code bearer...If he's involved in this...It's not good, is it?"

Jinx stared at her silently, that being enough of an answer to give. Amaya stared at him silently as she continued, lowly,

"What do we do...? Should I stay behind, here?" Jinx shook his head as he explained,

"The Britannians will be all over Tokyo to find you if you do." Amaya did not reply, instead choosing to get that night over with, and opened the hanger, blinking as she saw a knightmare land...

A red knightmare...

Amaya's eyes widened in hope, that Kallen had stayed true to her word, and brought him back.

With that thought, Amaya ran towards the frame, as Kallen exited it, completely blank. Amaya paused beneath her, waiting for Lelouch to emerge, but instead, was met by Kallen's slightly scared face.

"Where's Zero?" Amaya finally managed to croak out. As Kallen didn't answer, she continued, "You said you would bring him back, didn't you? Where is he?" Kallen did not reply for 10 more seconds, finally, hollowly announcing,

"Zero...Is gone..."

Amaya's hands fell limp by her side, her heart picking up at her words...


Her eyes met Kallen's which was like stone, as they met hers from her knightmare. Silence descended on the entire compound, who had gathered near, to hear he was back, he could save them...

Amaya continued to stare pleadingly into Kallen's eyes, pleading for her to take it back, for anything...Kallen granted her wish, emotionlessly adding,

"He's been captured..."

Amaya felt her heart start again, in panic, as gasps flew around her, Amaya's jaw clenching as she stared at Kallen.

"Kallen..." she shakily called, her fists clenching as she continued, "I want to talk to you...In private..."

Only a few minutes later, this was granted, Amaya returning to the empty hanger, with only Kallen.

For a moment, they stared at each other, before Amaya began slowly,

"What...What happened...?" Kallen took a deep breath, shaking slightly as she tried to explain, words failing her,

"Amaya…Zero…he…Suzaku…" Amaya's eyes widened as she froze, her arms falling limp to her side, fear building in her chest.

"What happened, Kallen?" she asked shakily, not moving, her eyes frozen on Kallen's. Kallen shook her head as she tugged at her hair, tears leaking out of the corner of her eyes.

"He…Suzaku…they were fighting…and…Suzaku, he…" Amaya felt something inside her chest break, as realization dawned. Taking a step forward, she gripped Kallen's shoulder's tightly, her eyes probing her's, searching desperately for the truth.

"Kallen, did Suzaku find out who Zero is?" she asked shakily, her hands not releasing Kallen from her grip. Kallen froze as she gazed back, trying to find words.


"Did he see who he is?" she repeated, her grip tightening desperately. "Where is he?" she repeated her first question, as Kallen allowed a tear to run down her cheek.

"Amaya…he saw who he was…" at this, Amaya's hands went limp, her mouth opening as she gazed into Kallen's eyes…and she knew she wasn't lying. Suddenly though, another thing hit her…if Kallen knew Suzaku saw Zero, then…

"Kallen…" she whispered shakily,

"You…You saw Zero, didn't you?"

Kallen didn't respond, her eyes telling Amaya the answer. Amaya didn't move, as Kallen shakily declared,

"…You knew, didn't you? About his Geass..." Amaya did not respond, her eyes widening slightly, as Kallen continued, "You knew Lelouch was Zero." Amaya still did not respond, refusing to lie at this fruitless point. Kallen's eyes widened as she didn't deny it, finally pulling away in shock.

"Oh my god…you did know!" Amaya still did not respond, continuing to stare at Kallen as she continued, near hysterically, "You knew since the beginning! You knew about his Geass! You knew who Zero was!" at this, Amaya managed to find her voice, shocked that Kallen knew about Geass.

"No…Not technically, anyway…" she whispered, glancing up at a shocked Kallen as she stated, as though hollowed by her words, "I only knew fully who he was after the meeting with Kyoto…" Kallen shakes, taking a step back.

"And even so, KNOWING, who he was, you continued to allow him to lead us!?" Amaya stared at her, clenching her fists as she stated simply, lowly,

"It doesn't matter who Zero is. Zero is Zero. Lelouch is Lelouch…." Amaya paused as she looked into Kallen's wide eyes. "I am glad he was Lelouch…I would never change it…" Kallen stared at her in shock as she whispered,

"You and Lelouch…" Amaya shook as she changed subjects, her jaw tightening as she asked, attempting to keep the anger out of her tone,

"…You just…Left him…" Kallen did not reply as Amaya stared at her, her eyes filling with tears. "You left Lelouch…" she closed her eyes as she whispered, darkly,

"I knew I should have gone with him…I told you not to follow him! I should have dragged you back myself!"

"Amaya!" Kallen gasped, taking a step forward as Amaya spat,

"You left him! You not only betrayed Lelouch, your friend, you betrayed Zero! How could you do that?" she demanded, anger spilling from her eyes as Kallen shook, searching for an answer.

"I…" Kallen tried to find any response, her hands trembling as she realized just what she had done.

"This is far larger then you know, Kallen!" Amaya cried as she clenched her fists.

"But he's Britannian!" Kallen argued, throwing her arms out, as she continued, "He has no reason-"

"He has more reason then anyone!" Amaya retorted before she could finish, her eyes spilling with angry tears as she continued, "You could never understand the resentment he holds for Britannia!" Kallen's eyes widened as Amaya spat,

"All Lelouch was looking for was a little bit of happiness! It wasn't that much to ask!" she cried, tears streaming down her face as she continued, her fists clenched,

"Lelouch and I…That's all we want! And the only way…" Kallen had to struggle to hear the whisper, more to Amaya then to her,

"To completely destroy Britannia…"

Kallen's eyes widened at her words as she gasped,

"You…Destroy Britannia?!" Amaya clenched her jaw as she did not respond, as Kallen continued, "You hate Britannia so much, you would completely destroy it? What happened to create such a hatred as that?" Amaya simply stared at her as she announced coldly, momentarily ignoring her question,

"You will tell no one of Zero's identity." Kallen gave a slow nod as Amaya continued darkly,

"I…I don't even know if he is alive or not…" she whispered, her hands shaking, struggling to keep her composure as she continued,

"Ether way…he is in Britannia's, the Emperor's hands…" she glanced up at the shocked Kallen as she stated slowly,

"You ask why I hate Britannia so much…" she declared, as she stared at Kallen. "You would understand, if you knew my other 'family' there…" she did not say any more on that as she turned, staring out the window,

"Lelouch will return. He's not dead…I can feel it…" she said it almost to herself, crossing her arms as she continued glancing at Kallen,

"Prepare everyone. We'll depart to the Chinese Federation in an hour…Before they find us." Kallen nodded slightly, as Amaya repeated, softly, pleadingly,

"Kallen…Please, don't tell anyone…" Kallen glanced at her pleading eyes as she replied softly,

"I promise…" silence descended before she finally blurted, "Amaya…Can you for-"

"Why ask such a silly thing?" Amaya sighed, her eyes meeting hers, as she replied gently, "I forgive you, Kallen…You are my best friend…" Kallen felt relief flood through her as Amaya continued, "I understand how you must have felt then…In your place, I have no idea what I would have done…" Kallen nodded as Amaya silently wiped the tears from her cheeks as she changed subjects.

"Is Diethard here?" Kallen blinked in surprise, nodding as Amaya declared,

"I want to say something…I need to say something…To Japan…"

Milly, Rivalz and Shirley sat shakily in the Avalon, with the rest of the school, as Lloyd approached them, a hand in his hair as he sighed,

"Finally, that's over!" as Cecile caught up, before adding, "What a busy, busy night...I expect a bonus, at least..." before Shirley blurted,

"What will happen? To the Black Knights, what will happen?" Lloyd shrugged as he placed a hand on his hip, sighing,

"The one's captured will remain in custody...It is hard to say if they will be executed..." he paused before adding,

"The remaining forces will most likely disperse from the public eye, and that woman, the Lady of Zero, will probably seek foreign help..." he shrugged before adding, "But with so little forces, it will eb a miracle is she receives backing...Not to mention, with their failure tonight, they will certainly cause pain among the Elevens..."

He paused, as Cecile suddenly answered her communcator, her eyes widening at the news she was recieving. She turned to Lloyd as she croaked out, shock filling her,

"Turn on the screen." Lloyd's eyes narrowed slightly, as he turned to the large screen on the opposite wall of the hanger where all the students were. Giving a nod to a tech guy above them, they agreed, as they turned it on, the screen empty, fuzzy, before a live image filled the screen...

Lloyd's eyes widened, along with the rest of the students, as they stared at the Lady of Zero dominating the screen, the Black Knights symbol behind her. Lloyd whizzed to stare at Cecile as she croaked,

"It's on every television in Area 11...They've hacked in..." she paused as she suddenly began speaking, almost pleasant,

"Good evening, Japanese and Britannians alike. I, as so many of you may know me, am the current Head of the Japanese Clan, the Fujiwara, also commonly named, 'The Lady of Zero'." Lloyd's eyes narrowed again as she continued, the area falling silent as Cecile whispered frantically,

"We're trying to stop it, but-"

"Allow me first to apologize for this interruption. However, I felt it was about time we all sat down and had a little talk. There are of course those who do not want us to speak." Cecile fell silent, the Lady of Zero's jaw tightening slightly as she paused slightly, before continuing, "I suspect even now, orders are being shouted into telephones, and men with guns will soon be on their way. Why?" she provided the question for the audience, her head cocking slightly to the left, before pausing again to allow this to sink in before answering, raising a hand,

"Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. And the truth is… " the Lady of Zero paused for a moment, staring straight at the screen as she stated, bluntly, "There is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?"

Lloyd cursed, his hands clutching his hair as he turned again to Cecile, asking desperately,

"Why the hell aren't we stopping this?!" Cecile's eyes met his as she cried out,

"We're trying!" as Lloyd began hurrying to the headquarters, crying out,

"We are so dead!"

Shirley stared at the screen, her heart stopping as the girl, who nhad just lost a battle against the Holy Empire of Britannia continued, stating, bitterly, angrily, frustration evident in her tone as continued,

"Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression. And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission, given the simple explanation, 'Because you are Japanese'."

The girl openly clenched her jaw, her fists clenching as well as she again spoke for the audience watching in shock, silence falling on the room as she questioned,

"How did this happen? Who's to blame? Well certainly there are those more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable...However, the reason I am speaking now is not to find the cause, but to say what is happening now." She paused as she allowed this too, to sink in, as Shirley whispered aloud, more to herself then to anyone else,

"How can she..." she paused as she followed from her last statement, announcing hollowly,

"And what is happening now, and has been for the last 7 years, is that the Japanese have fallen into a regime of silent, obedient consent."

Amaya's eyes narrowed behind her mask as she stared at the camera, aware that nearly all of Japan was watching her as she continued, declaring, throwing her right arm out,

"Last night we, Black Knights, sought to end that silence. Last night, we openly declared battle against the Tokyo Settlement and destroyed their Defenses, to remind this country of what it has forgotten."

Amaya's teeth clenched as she remembered the boy being beaten by a noble, the Japanese forced to become obedient slaves of the Britannians, the bystanders who ignored the sins that were occuring, denied them...

She recalled her family history, the Samurai, who stood up for justice, against the injustices of what was occurring right now...Who fought, and died for the ideology of justice and freedom...Amaya's lifted hand clenching as she stood straighter, as she announced, meaningfully, loudly

"More then a thousand years ago, men and women rose up to defend justice, honor and freedom."she paused as a mask crossed her mind, the mask disappearing, revealing those violet eyes, denying the status quo of the world, that man rising to defy that way of the world...She turned back to the screen after a few moments before continuing, lowering her arm to her side,

"Less then a year ago, a great man wished to remind us of these forgotten terms forever in our memory." Her fists clenched tigher as she continued, struggling to keep tears from spilling from her eyes, as she exclaimed,lifting her hand up, clenching it slightly, as though trying to grasp her own words,

"His hope was to remind the world that fairness, justice, and freedom are more than words, they are perspectives." She paused, swallowing her tears as she stood straighter, her jaw clenching as she paused a few moments, her fist dropping as she continued airily, daring the audience,

"So if you've seen nothing, if the crimes of this government remain unknown to you then I would suggest you allow this broadcast to go by unmarked." Amaya's eyes narrowed, her heart picking up as she continued, her voice becoming louder, firmer, believing in her words, her hand rising again,

"But if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside me, beside Zero, Japanese or Britannian, and together we will recreate the meaning of these words!" Amaya closed her eyes for a moment, suddenly wishing Lelouch was beside her, speaking with her. This thought encouraged her as Amaya exclaimed, throwing out both her arms,

"For if words do anything, they bind us together. And with that, together, we will reclaim freedom."

Schneizel raised an eyebrow at the woman's words, the generals around him,nearly shaking with the anger at her hacking into the system, making her broadcast nationwide. Schneizel crossed his legs, placing a hand to his forehead as the Lady of Zero continued, throwing her hands back to her side, her hands on her hips as she declared,

"We have lost this battle, however, you will be proved wrong if you think this means we have lost the war." Schneizel's eyebrow raised at that, the woman having basically promised more would follow, even after the Black Knight's defeat, and even, if his sources were correct, Zero's capture. Schneizel felt a small smile spread across his face as she continued,

"If you believe that one battle will cause us to stop fighting for freedom, you are wrong." Schneizel chuckled lowly, as Kanon and his generals turned to him slightly as he murmurred, his words echoing around the room,

"My, how determined the Lady of Zero is...However, none here can deny..." he felt a smirk appear slightly on his face, his eyes sparkling as he announced simple, "She certainly has a way with words."

Amaya's eyes narrowed, as she continued, her hand now on the hilt of the Ken no Kouji, as she promised her nation, the world,

"The Black Knights will return, and we will continue to fight for justice, towards a future of equality, justice, freedom and peace." she suddenly drew her sword, pointing it at the camera as she declared, "Zero's ideologies, and beliefs continue with the Black Knights." Amaya swiped her sword to her side as she added,

"And the Black Knights, shall never give up these beliefs." Amaya replaced her sword smoothly as she stared at the camera, as she saw Diethard grinning, her hands by her side as she bluntly stated,

"We will never surrender the people's right to peace." her eyes narrowed as she finished the broadcast with one simply sentance, her hands by her sides.

"Together, I promise you, we will receate this world."

One hour later, Amaya stood, staring at the skyline of the partially destroyed Tokyo Settlement, aware that if they didn't leave soon, they would be discovered by the Britannian forces. Jinx, Kaguya and Kallen stood behind her, as they awaited her to go into the Submarine to the Chinese Federation, for the first time in 7 years, leaving Japan...

Without Lelouch...Amaya clenched her fists as Kallen took a step closer, her forces a few steps behind her as she announced lowly,

"We will continue our fight, Amaya...Our Rebellion will not end here..." Amaya felt anger well within her as she spun around, Kallen blinking in surprise as she snapped suddenly,

"NO." all eyes were on her as she continued, anger spilling from her,

"This is no Rebellion! Perhaps, that's where we made our first mistake, calling this a 'Rebellion...'" Amaya's eyes narrowed as she turned back to the skyline, where the sun had begun to rise, drenching the destroyed city in a blood red twinged light.

"Rebellions are when you fight, and you lose..." She clenched the railing as she declared,determination lacing her tone,

"We will not lose this fight…" She paused a moment, as a breezed rolled over her, her hair blowing in the wind, her eyes glowing, like the day she declared she would destroy Britannia, the charred remains of her old life behind her...When her fight, and Lelouch's fight, started...Amaya closed her eyes a moment, before she declared, to the shocked Black Knights, and to Tokyo,

"We are fighting a Revolution! A Revolution we will win."

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