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Chapter 1

A casual glance.

They walked into the club. It was the most classy, upscale one in town. The girls were all beautiful and hot, only allowed the attire of bikinis. The only downside was that there was no nudity permitted.

He would have preferred to do this at a restaurant, but knowing that this was Hayato's way of making the extra effort to discuss the new merger contract, he decided to go with it. It would only be an hour or so and then he'd be home again, so he didn't mind.

Descending down the elegant staircase of a 20,000 square foot club, he couldn't help but feel slightly pleased at Hayato's choice. Just as he reached the bottom of the staircase, a very comfortable lounge set with stylish couches and chairs seemed to beg him to just sit and relax, letting go of his stresses and worries.

After the greeting lounge he passed through a velvet-lined hallway and into an open-air dance floor donned with three stages, one very huge main stage and two fairly large ones to the left and right.

Looking around he was greeted with a sophisticated interior colored in red, black and gold décor, subtly enhancing the suggestive eroticism of the intimate booth-styled marble tables surround by velvet walls. He glanced up in the direction in which they were headed- the V.I.P. section. Open tables with a comfortable velvet lined lounge chaise encircled around its marble. Whoever owned the place had expensive taste and a high sense of sophistication. He followed the hostess along with Hayato and together they settled into their table, placing their orders for alcohol.

Sipping his cognac, he paid no mind to the girls that the manager brought out to offer him company. He waved them away and motioned for his future partner to deal with the girls later. He wanted to get down to business right away. He knew what Hayato wanted, but he figured that if he could get enough alcohol in him, perhaps Hayato would sign them a better deal and give him the one percent stock that he wanted so badly.

'Not a chance.' Sesshoumaru thought.

One percent may not have sounded like much, but in a company with multi-million business deals, it could mean too much.

Sesshoumaru gathered a long breath and settled into his chair. He decided that he would knock this thing out of the ballpark fast and the rest would be history. His personal assistant Jaken could take over after he was satisfied with the new agreement.

As soon as Hayato was seated and comfortable they began to discuss terms of the merger agreement, just as the waitress set their drinks on the table. Without removing his attention from the conversation at hand, Hayato gave her his credit card.

Suddenly, the DJ's voice boomed over the loud speaker. "Ladies and gentlemen, you are in luck tonight. In a few minutes, we will have a very special guest on stage with us. She only shows up once a month and how fortunate for us that this month she has decided to grace us with a second appearance. Grab a seat at the main stage and fellas keep those slacks zipped! Here we go! Eden in the house!"

Loud applause filled the air as the girls rolled their eyes, clearly jealous of whoever this 'Eden' was.

Continuing to discuss business, Sesshoumaru stayed oblivious to any of the things that were going on in the club.

"Alright, here's the moment you've all been waiting for. Let me introduce to the main stage, Eden!"

Taking another sip of his cognac, he finally took a quick glance around the place. What his future partner was saying was inane as hell, not to mention irrelevant.

The lights dimmed on the main stage just as the music began and out stepped 'Lady Eden of the Moonlight'.

She caught his eyes briefly before she began to take each step slowly, carefully following the beat perfectly of the music being played.

Holding her right hand on the pole, she ran her fingers down the blonde tresses that fell to the middle of her back. Tilting her head back and closing her eyes, she walked around the pole, slowly, seductively, never missing a beat. The words began to play over the loud speakers and she swayed her hips from side to side, rotating them in a tantalizing circle. Lifting her leg straight up in the air, completely parallel with the pole, she flashed everyone with a perfect vertical split. Placing her back to the pole, she grabbed it and did three carefree spins, her hair flowing softly behind her. She danced and swayed her body, enticing the audience.

Mesmerized, Sesshoumaru nodded and added a few occasional "uh-huh's" to his conversation with Hayato as he watched her dance in between cognac sips. This Eden was quite talented and intriguing, the way her body teased him with its movements.

The song ended and he watched as money flew onto the stage for her. She collected the money and individually thanked the customers who had paid her, not bothering to linger too long with each one that she came by.

He could sense the indifferent attitude radiating off of her from where he sat.

The next song started and he picked up his cognac again, but noticing that it was low, he set it down on the table in front of him.

Seeing that Sesshoumaru had actually enjoyed watching a girl dance, Hayato decided that he would resume the business conversation later. He motioned for the waitress to bring a new glass of cognac for Sesshoumaru and some appetizers. Sesshoumaru sat there finishing up the last of his cognac, intent on watching 'Lady Eden' sway her body on the stage once again.

What he sensed from her was not an eagerness to earn money, but an enjoyment of what she was doing. Each time the music played and hit a note, her body moved perfectly to it, as if the music flowed within her veins and transformed her body.

It was fascinating for him to see. She caught his eyes and held him captivated for about 15 seconds while the music seemed as though it flowed across her body. She fluttered her lashes, caressing her neck as if his lips were upon it.

For the remainder of the song, he watched as she danced and teased him. Every time she opened her eyes, she held his gaze as if she knew of the power that she held over him. Even when she wasn't looking in his direction, she would move her body a certain way, as if secretly telling him that it was all for him.

She was making love to him without even having to touch him.

Soon enough, he felt his throat get dry, his pants tighten and he wondered in irritation where his drink was.

'What is taking the waitress so long?'

The song ended but he made no attempt to go and greet her. Nor did he try to give her a tip. It wasn't because he was cheap, it was just because he'd never done it before and it felt awkward to him.


"Come on Eden, you've got to come out there with me!" Her friend begged.

"Venus, you know I don't socialize with strange customers." Eden's voice showed no compromising.

"Liar, I've seen you talk to a few of them. C'mon, it's not like I'm asking you to give him a lap dance. I just want you to come with me. It's a very important client and he really needs you to be there to help distract Mr. Taisho so he can sign the new contract over. And besides, I really, really need the extra money! My roommate moved out, you know that. I need the extra cash for the apartment until I can find a new one. And with this customer, I'd probably earn enough to keep me going for another two months! Come on!!" Her friend begged, trying to reason with the other dancer.

Sighing, Eden agreed with her friend. "Alright. Just this one time, ok?"

"Kami! Thanks so much. I owe you one," Her friend said graciously.

"Whatever. Try ten!" Eden said as she pushed her friend.

The girl giggled as she pulled Eden towards the dressing room exit. Pushing her boobs even further up, Venus smiled at her friend and dragged her closer to the V.I.P. table.

"You go over ahead first to see your client. I have to say hi to a friend. I'll meet you there," Eden told the girl.

"Alright. Hurry, ok?" Her friend insisted.

Eden went to the bar and sat down next to her ex-boyfriend. She had on a short black dress that showed off her long legs, with a low back that gathered in between her buttocks, showing the round curves perfectly. The front had a cowl drape and revealed just a tad of her full bosom.

Sesshoumaru watched from the corner of his eyes as she sat down next to a man in slacks and a buttoned down shirt. The man pushed a drink over to her and she smiled as she accepted it, adding a straw to the drink before she sipped it slowly.

Thanks to his demonic ears, he was able to filter through the noise of the club to listen in to the couple's conversation.

"How are you, El?" She asked him.

"I'm good and you? What's with the double appearance this month?" He asked, curious.

"Oh, I don't know, just, well, I guess school's over and I have a little extra time so why not, you know?" She shrugged as she answered, her voice sweet and sultry.

"Yeah, I guess." He replied. From afar, Sesshoumaru could tell that the man was extremely aroused for her – as many others in the club were.

He was disrupted when a girl with heaving bosoms spilling out of her tiny bikini top shrieked in excitement at seeing Hayato. Rolling his eyes, he thought of what a bimbo she was.

The girl sat down next to Hayato just as Sesshoumaru returned his gaze back to Eden. She tilted her head back and let out a resounding laugh. Something inside him stirred as the curiosity of what the guy had said to make her laugh weighed on him.

He heard her excused herself from the man with the mention of helping out a friend. She then gave him a quick peck on the cheek, and stood up to leave, abandoning her drink.

He quickly turned his attention elsewhere when she started to walk toward their table. He sloshed the cognac in his hand and chugged it down with one big gulp. She wasn't halfway across the room and he could already smell her scent. She smelled of Jasmine and Lilies, mixed in with a little of her own aroma and a pinch of sweat from the pole workout.

When she finally stood in front of the table she smiled softly at them.

"Eden!" Venus called out

"Hey," she said, her tone once again bored.

"I want you to meet my friend Hayato and this is his um… I think business partner, Mr. Taisho. Hayato, Mr. Taisho, this is my friend, the infamous Eden." Venus introduced.

"Nice to meet you," Eden said smiling.

"Would you like something to drink?" Hayato offered.

"Oh, no thanks, I don't drink much," Eden replied softly.

"Bullshit, she's being shy. She can drink. C'mon Eden, one drink with us." Venus flashed her a set of puppy eyes.

Sesshoumaru sensed Eden's rising irritation at her friend.

"Sure Venus," she replied, trying not to be rude.

He sensed something different about her the girl. She possessed the power of a miko.

'What is someone with miko powers doing performing in a place like this?' he wondered.

Eden sat there uncomfortably while her friend Venus boldly flirted with Hayato.

"Mr. Taisho is the CEO of the Taisho Inc and affiliates." Venus informed her, winking at Eden as to tell her to make a move on the rich CEO.

She smiled uncomfortably and nodded. When the waitress came by with their drinks, everyone watched as she removed them from her tray and set it on the table.

"Just add everything to the tab we have on file." Hayato instructed the waitress.

"No, take this. Keep the change." Sesshoumaru handed her a wad of money for the drinks.

Thanking him she bowed graciously as she moved away.

Hayato smiled "Thanks, Sesshoumaru."

"Sure." he replied in a soft monotone voice.

They all picked up their shots and with a smile Eden said "Thank you."

He nodded, his heart immediately doing a somersault at the sight of her beautiful smile. For a second, he couldn't recognize himself.

They sat there not speaking much, looking around the club, trying not to pay attention to Hayato and Venus' flirts and giggles. Occasionally they would come up with something small to say to each other. Sesshoumaru could feel that, unlike Venus, Eden was not comfortable dealing with the men.

"May I get everyone's attention? In a few minutes Eden will be gracing the stage with her presence once more. This is going to be her last show for the night gentlemen, so get ready because you won't see her for a while!" The DJ announced.

"That'll be me again," she said with a sigh before excusing herself from the group.

The manager came out to greet the group in the VIP section, bringing four new girls with him. Hayato motioned for them to sit next to Sesshoumaru who only waved his hand dismissively at them. "No thanks. I'll be leaving soon."

Disappointed the girls followed their manager away.

"What's with him?" he heard one of the girls asked.

"Maybe he's gay." the other responded. It was not the first time he heard girls saying that about him. It was only to sooth their damaged pride.

He liked his privacy and hated the fake friendliness of women, especially in a place like this where they were only pretending for the money.

"Too bad. He's hot!" the last one commented.

Taking his drink in his hand, he tried to ignore Hayato as he stroked and fondled Venus' back and thigh, eliciting a playful giggle from her. He rolled his eyes as he sensed their arousal before quickly placing his attention elsewhere.

The music once again blared throughout the club just as Eden stepped onto the stage. She moved her right hand from her neck to her shoulder and stretched it out, arching her palm in the most elegant manner. She repeated the same with her left.

Chuzogo ne beri,

Svoyo ne otdavai

Sozhmur'sya i umri,

Lyubi i umirai

Wrapping her hands around her shoulders, she swayed around, then grabbed the pole and spun around it twice.

Vecher bez lyubvi

Utro bez obidy



She thrust out her chest and thrust it again perfectly to the beat.

Vecher bez lyubvi

Utro bez obidy



Rotating her hips in a circle, she stared at Sesshoumaru, once again gathering all of his attention.

She moved like a snake, popping and bouncing her most appetizing body parts, making his shaft twitch.

Grabbing the pole, she climbed up it with grace until she reached the ceiling where she then bent over backward. She managed to lay back on the pole upside down, with her ankle wrapped around the top to hold her in place. Her hand caressed her neck, moving slowly down her chest to the middle of her breast. Eden grabbed the pole with both hands and did a perfect straight split while still upside down, her legs perpendicular to the pole. She slid down around and around in that perfect position, making him suddenly aware of his tightened pants and throbbing shaft. Her head touched the stage and she flipped backwards landing on her ass on the stage, all while still holding her perfect split.

He was baffled by her song selection, especially considering the place that it was being played in. Although, in an ironic way he thought it fitted perfectly. To say that the men who frequented such a place were handicapped or disabled for their lack of moralities; she was mocking her own customers without them realizing the implications of the song.

He chuckled inwardly, amused by her creativity and sense of humor. As he continued to watch her perform, he was amazed at the flexibility and strength that she portrayed.

Arching her back, she tilted her head back and stared at him while she pleasured herself on stage. He'd never been so mesmerized and when he heard her let out a soft moan, he swallowed hard.

Getting out of his seat, he walked over to her as she laid there on stage still writhing in her exotic dance. She then turned over and got on her knees to crawl toward the end of the stage, still holding onto his deep gaze. She looked down and noticed that he was hard. She smiled at the effect she had on him. She had heard much about the great Taisho Inc CEO. He was detached, cold and distant, not to mention extremely handsome.

Although the tabloids and news pictures of him did not do him justice, she thought him to be far more magnificent then what they portrayed. She'd never seen anyone like him before. Shimmering golden eyes, skin white and soft as the clouds themselves, and long silver hair that flowed carelessly behind him with each step.

Lips… those elegant slim lips that she longed to touch and kiss with her own before she plundered his mouth with her tongue.

Standing at the end of her stage, he watched, transfixed by her movements and the expression on her face.

She crawled on all fours toward him and licked her lips, gently biting the side of her bottom lip. She moved up and pushed her breast together while still on her knees. He looked down at her swollen bosom, spilling out of her tiny bikini top. She laid back down on the stage on her back and spread her legs into a perfect split again.

With her index finger she motioned for him to come closer.

Watching her lie there with her legs spread, her nipples now hardened, desire swarmed through him like a virus, and soon he couldn't take it any longer. Before he knew it he had reached over and ripped her panties apart with his claws.

She gasped at the sudden action and then smiled, watching as he unzipped himself. Not even bothering to take his pants off, he rammed into her tightness and started to fuck her right there on the stage.

He didn't care who was watching. To him, it was just he and she on the stage and all he wanted to do was drive deeper and deeper inside of her tight wet walls… and he did.

She panted and moaned, arching her back and groping on her own breasts. He thrust harder and faster and she began to scream his name at the hard penetration. He pounded away at her and she begged for more and more.

"Harder please. Harder." She laid there begging him to dive deeper into her. He complied to her demands with a hard thrust and dove deeper into her, feeling the back of her walls pushing back against him. He then pulled out and exploded his seed all over her hot, wet, gaped womanhood. She lay there panting with his fluids all over her thighs and wet spot.

She looked at him and smiled as she turned over on her belly and stuck her ass up in the air. She grabbed her tight ass with both hands and spread her cheeks so that she was once again wide open for him.

He stared down at her in disbelief. "Sesshoumaru…" she called out. "What are you going to do with it?"

"Mmmm…" He stood there smiling.

"Sesshoumaru, what are you going to do with the new building on the East side of the city?"

"Huh? What?" He shook his head.

"Sesshoumaru, I was saying that the new building on the East side needs a lot of plumbing work. What are you going to do about it? Are you going to demolish it completely and start over or just reroute the old ones?" Hayato's voice rushed back into his ears.

Shaking his head to clear his mind from his little fantasy, he noticed that Eden had long stepped off the staged and a new girl had replaced her, winking and smiling at him in order to gain his attention.

Taking a last sip of his cognac he looked over at Hayato, "The thought hadn't crossed my mind." He answered in an uninterested and indifferent tone.

"She's gorgeous, isn't she?" His friend and business partner asked.

"Huh? Who?"

"Eden." Hayato nodded her way, watching as she came out of the dressing room.

"Hn." He followed Hayato's gaze and met Eden's gaze for a second. She smiled and bowed, then returned to the same man at the bar earlier.

"I've never seen you look at a woman like that Sesshoumaru. You didn't even blink!" Hayato pointed out.

Looking at his empty cognac glass, he chuckled softly at the obvious infatuation. Sesshoumaru set the glass down. "We'll pick up with the contract another day. Call my secretary tomorrow."

With that he stood up and left, leaving Hayato there with Venus in his lap, speechless.

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