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Chapter 1

BPOV - Bella's Point of View (I will occasionally change POVs so you guys can hear conversations that Bella doesn't hear.)

I slammed my hand against my annoying alarm clock. The stupid little thing wouldn't shut up!

I angrily picked up the little clock and slammed it into the wall. I happily rested my head on the pillow trying to go back to sleep.

Wait a minute…Crap! I have school!

I sat up in a rush and the first thing I noticed was that my head was throbbing. Memories from last night's party increased the pain in my head. The day after parties, I always have headaches even though I haven't ever had an alcoholic drink at a party. In a vain hope to stop the pain, I clamped my hand to my forehead. Quickly, I swallowed some Tylenol.

It was first day back from my private school. My best friend, Alice, had convinced me to come to her house for a 'small gathering'-aka a big party- to celebrate my return to the local high school. The last time I went to that school was my last day of my freshmen year and now I was already into my junior year. Alice forced me into a ridiculous outfit last night because she doesn't like what I wear. Around one in the morning, she dropped me off at my house.

I went to a private school last year. It was okay. I was blended into the walls like wallpaper. When I was at my old school, I wasn't noticed very much with the exception of my friends and teachers. I was considered "popular" because of the people I hung out with. Back to the topic of my private school – It was okay. I mean, I didn't have any friends there really. All of the people who went there were rich and just loved to flash their money. First, I had decided that I was going back there for school this year until I changed my mind at the last minute due to heavy persuasion by two anonymous people. Cough, Alice and my older brother, Emmett, cough. My private school started school last week while the public school started several weeks ago so I was going to be new. This is going to be fun. If you think being stared at like you're something unheard of is fun.

I decided it was time to get up. I quickly did my regular morning routine like I would if I was still going to my private school but never bothered with make up. I put on a regular gray t-shirt and jeans – nothing special, as always.

"Hey bonehead! Wake up!" I yelled to Emmett when I didn't hear him get up.

I heard mumblings and the thud of footsteps.

"What did you say?!" I yelled.

"I said 'I'm up!'" he hollered back. "Oh…and don't call me BONEHEAD!"

I squealed as he ran into my room in his pajamas and started tickling my sides. I tried to squirm out of his big muscled arms.

"Stop! Emmett…stop!" I managed to gasp out.

"Not until you say 'Emmett, you are nowhere near a bonehead brilliant brother of mine who drives me to my fancy private school every day.' Oh I mean 'who dives me to my new school with him' and you also have to say that you're a midget," he said smiling triumphantly.

"Never! And anyway, 5 foot 9 is normal – not short!"

He started tickling me more. I was laughing so hard that there were tears streaming down my face.

"Fine…I'll say it," I gasped.

He chucked and released me.

I darted out of my room and into his and locked the door.

Emmett started pounding on the door and yelling at me. "C'mon squirt! Lemme in! I don't want to break my door down!"

I didn't doubt his ability to break his door. He constantly worked out and was intimidating because he was on the football team.

"Are you going to not tickle me?" I asked.

He sighed. "Yes, I promise. Now open up, I need to get ready," he whined.

I held back laughter as I opened the door.

"Thank you!" he called as I left his room.

We had only twenty minutes before we had to go to school so I connected my iPod to the stereo and ate cereal. I lightly tapped my foot in time with the music.

After putting my dishes away, I made Emmett a bowl of cereal to be nice and also because he's my ride and I just locked him out of his room.

Through the windows, I could see the early November clouds. I grabbed a jacket since it was supposed to start raining soon.

Emmett thundered down the stairs. "Gonna be late. Gonna be late," he mumbled under his breath.

"You have ten minutes until the time we regularly leave. Chill," I said rolling my eyes and biting back laughter. He had this fear of being late and having more detention – not like he didn't get it a lot. I nudged the bowl of cereal towards him.

"Did you put anything in this?" Emmett asked suspiciously.

I sighed dramatically and walked over to him at the table. "If I did put anything in your cereal, would I be doing this?" I grabbed his spoon and took a huge bite.

"All you had to say was yes or no, not eat my food," he muttered.

I laughed giving him his spoon.

"Ready for your first day?" he asked.

"Yeah, just let me get my backpack and gymnastics bag."

"Don't you mean your 'cheerleading' bag?" he teased.

I huffed angrily. "No, I mean my gymnastics bag. I'm not a one of those sluts who just do pretty little flips to encourage school spirit. I'm a gymnast end of discussion."

He likes to tease me about being a gymnast so he called me a cheerleader. I despise them! But, I'm not like every other gymnast. I'm really good and I've trained forever. I'm also not supper skinny. If I didn't have to run all the time for training, I'd be really overweight if I'm not already. I love ice cream and fried food. But that's not the point. We had this argument several times and he only did it to anger me.

I needed my gym bag because I had gymnastics on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. If I left the bag in my locker, I could save a trip home and be on time.

I glared at him for the cheerleader comment.

"Whatever. Sorry I asked. I'll meet you in the car," Emmett muttered.

I quickly grabbed my things and checked that I had my glasses.

I rarely needed them because the only things I had trouble reading were small far away words like writing on a whiteboard. Sometimes I could read it and other times I couldn't.

I quickly headed out locking the door on my way.

"I'm sorry I got mad at you Emmett," I said once I was in the passenger seat of his car. "I just hate it that people will put a miniskirt on, do some little flips, and call it a form of gymnastics."

"No, I'm sorry. I only did it to tease you and I shouldn't have," he told me.

"You know, you aren't that bad of a big brother. I forgive you but I'll only feel better if you forgive me." I smiled.

"Of course you're forgiven. You know, you aren't that bad of a little sister." He smiled and ruffled my hair.
"True, very true. You could have it worse."

"I'm just glad you don't drag me to the mall," he laughed.

We joked the rest of the way to school.

"Are you ready?" he asked once the car was off.

I sucked in a deep breath and nodded my head nervously while I shrunk back into the seat.

Truthfully, I dreaded going to school the day after parties because of my usual headaches. Scratch that – I dreaded going to school period. Especially today.

There is always a social hierarchy that started in middle school and it is always there no matter what school you go to. The head cheerleader is the bimbo queen of all. Don't get me wrong, some cheerleaders are nice but from what I've heard from Alice, the one at my new school isn't nice at all. Usually, the captain of the basketball team is the 'king' for lack of a better word. Under the 'king' and 'queen' are the jocks including Emmett who is on the football team and the head cheerleaders' minions. Below them are semi-popular people – mainly nice popular people who don't suck up to people above them at all – which includes Alice. And then the list goes on and on until you hit nerds, band geeks, and the people who are rarely noticed. Like me.

I was a social outcast, a wallflower, or invisible. Take your pick.

People's social status also depends on if you're pretty or not. And, obviously, I'm not with my straightened waist length mahogany hair and my average looking face.

"After you get you schedule can you meet me over there? I want to introduce you to a few people," Emmett said pointing to the gym building.

"'Kay," I called as I got out of the car and made my way to the office to get my schedule.

"Bella!" Alice squealed out of nowhere and ran over to me with a large group of girls.

"Hey Alice!" I said as we hugged.

At least I have one friend here.

"I missed you so much! Where are you going?" she asked excitedly.

I smiled at her enthusiasm. "I'm going to the office to get my schedule."

"Ooh! Can I come with?"

I nodded.

"I'll be right back, 'kay?" Alice addressed the giant group of girls behind her.

They all murmured things like "See you later."

Alice and I walked back to the office with her updating me on the things that I missed. I smiled and nodded my head to her babble. All of the sudden she was quiet and bit her lip. I looked at her questioningly urging her to talk. She still didn't say anything.

I sighed. "Just tell me what you don't want to tell me. I'll hear it either way."

"Fine…so I was just going to say that one of the cheerleaders broke her leg and I think you should tryout."

I opened my mouth to complain but she cut me off.

"You are a 'gymnast' not a cheerleading slut, I know. I just think you're so good and our cheer squad goes to a national competition every year but we never get first and I think that with you we could. You have great talent. I mean, you could've gone to nationals last year for Pete's sake but you said no!"

I sighed. She was starting to sound like my gymnastics coach with the nationals thing. "Alice, you are a great friend but I don't like pressure. I'm not good with it. That's why I didn't go to nationals and think of the paparazzi! I hate them! I also don't like cheerleading because where's the challenge? I mastered all of their silly tricks a million years ago."

"Whatever Bella," she muttered.

We entered the warm little office and walked up to the lady behind the desk. She had mocha colored skin with black frizzy curly hair. She looked up from her black-rimmed glasses and smiled warmly.

We smiled back politely.

"I'm Bella Swan. I'm new here and you're supposed to have my schedule," I said confidently.

"Ah, yes. It's right over here." She shuffled through some papers and handed me a green one. "You went here your freshman year so you know your way around, correct?"


"Good. You need to have all you teachers sign this," she handed me a peach colored paper, "and then you need to come back here and turn it in."

I nodded in understanding. "Thank you," I said and went back outside with Alice.

"So let me see your schedule," Alice said impatiently.

I didn't bother looking at the green piece of paper and handed it to her. She squealed right away.

"We have first together, witch by the way, is Math, and we have history and PE together! Yes!" By the time she was finished, she was jumping up and down and about to go into a victory dance.

"Alice, calm down," I told her in between laughs.

"WOO!" She pumped her fist into the air. "Okay, I'm done."

"Did you have sugar this morning?"

She shook her head furiously fast. "Nooo. Only coffee!"

"You know you're not supposed to have coffee," I scolded. I was desperately trying not to laugh as we looked at each other in silence. Suddenly we burst out laughing.

"Okay, okay," I said after we stopped cracking up. "Emmett wanted me to meet some people. I'll see you in about-," I checked my phone for the time, "-five minutes when class starts."

Alice nodded and skipped off to the group of girls she was with earlier. I swear, she is like a rich kid after she went to the candy store.

"Hey Bella!" Emmett called from his group of jock friends.

They all looked my way.

"Hi Emmett!" I jogged over to him and he crushed me in a hug.

"I thought the only girl you were allowed to hug was your girlfriend," someone snickered.

Emmett set me down and turned to glare at whoever was laughing at our immatureness.

"Bella!" Rosalie, Emmett's supper nice girlfriend, squealed and hugged me.

"Hey Rosalie! You haven't come over in a while. We should hand out."

"Yeah, we haven't done anything in a while. I was thinking we should have a sleepover soon. Oh, and Emmett? Your sister it the one exception to the rule of hugging girls."

"You have a rule that he can't hug any girls?" I asked about to burst out laughing.

Rosalie nodded. "You see, Emmett here hugs girls who are his friends and then they go lusting over him. I don't like it and the last time I got pretty mad."

I laughed. Rosalie could be the most considerate person one second and be screaming and about to bite your head off the next.

"Well you did break her nose," Emmett chuckled.

Rosalie just grinned sheepishly at everyone.

Emmett introduced me to everybody after we could stop laughing.

"So, Bella. If any guys ask you out just tell me because I will hunt them down, beat them up, shoot them, and then cut their head off."

"Aw, you're such a nice brother," I teased and went over to hug him with my arms outstretched.

Emmett outstretched his arms but instead of hugging me he picked me up at the legs and threw the upper half of my body over his shoulder like a sack of flower.

"Emmett! Put me down! NOW!" I screamed kicking his hard stomach and pounding my fists on his back.

He just chuckled and ignored my struggles.

"Emmett! Put me down!" I screamed. A lot of people were staring now but quickly looked away.

"Nope. Not unless you…try out for the cheer squad."

"NEVER!" I shrieked angrily.

Emmett started walking into the hallway while I pouted. Lots of people were giving us weird looks. Eventually, I gave up trying to get off and stayed limp on his shoulder.

"What's your locker number?" Emmett asked.

I reached into my pocket and tried to get my schedule out. "Locker number…89."

Emmett walked for several minutes and soon put me down in front of my locker.

"Thanks for the ride but I'm not physically disabled."

He just smirked and ruffled my hair. "Anytime little sis!" and with that he walked off.

Scattering the halls were banners, tables for fundraisers, info for a dance before winter break, a trip during winter break, clubs, and sports teams.

I sighed in frustration and opened my locker. After putting away several things I wouldn't need for my first classes, the chatter started to die down in the hall. People were closer to the walls to clear a pathway.

In through the entrance walked a gorgeous boy. He had red brown hair and beautiful piercing green eyes. His button up shirt barely exposed his four pack through the material. The sleeves were rolled up to about his elbows. The light tan skin of his muscled forearm was visible. He had a wide smile on his face that my heart soared at. I could immediately tell he was a player – a boy who likes to play and toy with girls' emotions. I could also tell that he had an over inflated ego by the way he carried himself and in the way he talked to others. Not the best first impression…

On either of his sides were several jocks that he was laughing with while the blond girl he had in his arm looked at him dreamily while flaunting her exposed skin. She obviously was a stuck up slut.

I mentally gagged.

Everyone in the hallway acknowledged him if not verbally then by staring. Some guys slapped his back while others pounded his fist.

"'Sup Edward!" one of the passing jocks called.

So that's his name…

"Hey, Jasper!" Edward shouted. Everyone could and was listening to their conversation.

Jasper walked up to him. "Dude, the coach is going ban you from the game this Friday if you don't come to practice today!"

Edward rolled his eyes, "Oh yeah, the coach will definitely ban the captain from playing in the game. You tell him I'll be there today." Ah, so this is the leader of the jocks. He just happens to also be the hottest one- Wait! What did I just think? Calm down. Oh, who am I kidding? He is hot – admit it.

Jasper nodded obediently and scurried off.

The girl on Edward's arm – whose name I later leaned was Ally - whispered something in his ear and his gorgeous smile got bigger. He kissed the girl while I felt anger towards her. Why, I didn't know. I felt like punching her and ripping out her blond hair. I would never admit this to anyone, but I think I was jealous.

"I'll meet you at seven tonight." He winked and Ally giggled.

Someone please gag me and shoot the slut on his arm!

As usual, they pranced past me without a care in the world. Isn't that that how it always is – the popular kids just prance past the social outcasts like they have no worries at all.

I sighed headed off to class.

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