Title: Under Pressure

Author: Kytten

Pairing: Jareth/Sarah

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Don't own.

Summary: Jareth was just as determined to catch her as Sarah was not to be caught. Eventually something had break.

Author's Note: Have a great big writer's block from hell so I'm going to do another prompt table. Stole this one from Isaviel and changed a few. Hopefully she doesn't notice. XD Anyway, you know the drill. 100 prompts, 100 words each. Enjoy.

080. Under Pressure

The day started innocently enough. Sarah got out of bed as usual, grabbed a bagel on her way out and began her daily war with the rusted lump Karen insisted was really a car. When the engine turned over on the second try, Sarah grinned, feeling rather pleased with herself.

And then the radio started.

Sarah stared at it with wide eyes, feeling the bottom dropping out of her stomach. She knew that voice.

"Love's such an old fashioned word…"

She shot out of the car a second later, scrambling across the yard and into the house without looking back.