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It's Johnny's birthday

It's Johnny's birthday

"Shhh!" Flash insisted. Batman rolled his eyes.

"I know how to be stealthy." He grumbled.

"Good- then be quiet!" Flash snapped back in a whisper. "He's coming."

It's Johnny's Birthday

John walked slowly and cautiously down the hall, wondering where everyone was. Flash had told him it would be in the loungeroom, but it seemed pretty quiet. It seemed impossible for Flash to be quiet...

"Flash?" He called warily. There was no response. His suspicions arose to a new height as he approached the door.

And we would like to wish him all the very best!

Hawkgirl fingered the box. She couldn't wait to see his face.

"I hope you like it," She murmured to herself with a sly smirk.

It's Johnny's birthday

Superman used his X-ray vision, searching for green. He smiled as he found his target.

"He's coming," He informed the others.

It's Johnny's Birthday

John stepped into the room, his eyes taking in a strange sight. He smiled, and dove behind the couch before he saw him.

And it's so nice to have you back to be our guest!

"Surprise!" They shouted. J'onn smiled softly at them, glancing at cake, adorned with too many candles to count, yet too few. He didn't know how they found out it was his birthday. Batman must have found his writings.

"Thank you everyone," He said with a large smile, feigning surprise. He had known they were in there- he was a telepath after all- but he hadn't expected this...

Flash grinned, holding forward a box of oreos. Batman stood in the corner, seemingly sulking, though his hands fingered a brightly colored box beneath his cape. Superman handed him a sweater 'homemade by Ma,'. John wished him a happy birthday, and gave him a handshake and a small box filled with candies from all over the galaxy. Hawkgirl timidly stepped forward last.

She held up a t-shirt, and Flash's grin turned blinding.

"Aw! Try it on!" He commanded, before sending a slice of cake down his throat.

J'onn obliged.

It's Johnny's Birthday!

My Brain's On Vacation Back Home To Mars

"It was either for you or Flash," Hawkgirl explained with a smile. J'onn smiled.

"I love it." His face was definitely worth the five bucks for the t-shirt at Wal-mart.

The End

Yea, that was it. If you haven't heard the song, look it up. George (SO CUTE!) was a great musician, and even though this is a really short song, it's awesomeness. Oh, and if you haven't seen it (while I'm on the subject of George Harrison) check out the movie he produced (Which, btw, I don't own) Time Bandits. It's amazingly wonderful, plus the sweater guy (From Hard Days Night, or the Scientist from Help!) is in it. SUPER MOVIE! Just thought I'd let you know. I know it was short, and I know the style or whatevs was relaxed, and it might not be good, but that's because It's Friday. YAY! Please Review. Kindly. Pretty please? You know I probably wrote more in this little paragraph then I did in the story? Weird. To sum up:

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