I don't own POTO...I only own this story...thingie...It's not my best, but I suppose it's enjoyable.

Sulking in the darkness of his own mind, and like the emo he is, cutting himself with a spork, Erik heard the robotic and familiar footsteps of his hated friend, Nadir. Erik's yellow eyes spotted the Daroga several minutes before the approaching nonthreatening authority figure even felt the ghoul's presence.

Erik smirked. The ghoul.

"Ah, Daroga, how friendly of you to come and see me," The sentence started innocent enough, but as each word crept out of his mouth, they grew colder by each syllable.

Nadir came to a halt stiffly. "Good evening, Erik. How has your music been? Have you finished practicing your favorite piece, Crazy Loop, that song by Dan Balan?"

"Yes, I have, and I'm surprised that a busy gentleman like you could even remember my hobbies of singing unheard-of pop music,"

"Oh, I remember a lot of things," he sniffed, trying to ease the silence, for in the silence, both of the men knew Nadir actually had a lot of time on his hands, and during that time, he became very busy with his hands...

"And I also prefer The Pointer Sisters. But I came here for a more specific reason, and you know why."

"Oh, then why? I thought you were coming for your weekly share of pot and rubbers." Erik toyed dumbly.

The Daroga solemnly shook his head and exploded "Because Raoul is dead and I know you killed him!"

"The mother-fudging pansy had it coming,"

"Wh-what?...are you even speaking French or Persian anymore?"

Erik laughed darkly, knowing just what else to call the dead, mother-fudging pansy.

"You don't need to punish me, Daroga, I actually did the world some good by this deed of mine! He took my Christine! My beautiful Christine! She's so easy!"

"I beg for your pardon?"

"Come, now, Daroga, Christine is a slut. Who else would love a deformed stalker, besides my beloved horny phangirls? She was perfect...well, almost...Raoul won her over with a franc and a lollipop. Her only flaw was that she was cheap..."

"What is of her now?"

"Oh, well, she's probably miscounting her alphabet in my room, again..."

"How--" But Nadir was cut off.

"Don't ask. None, not even Erik, shall know how one shall miscount their ABC's. Except for Raoul. But he's dead."

"Oh, the poor Count De Chagny!"

"Oh, the poor fop!"



"Are you gangsta, now?"

"Yes, Erik is a gangsta! And Christine is my hoe! And everybody knows that a gangsta talks in third person!"



Ok...I don't think this is really that funny...I just had to rid my system of calling Raoul a fop...and Erik being an emo-gangsta... ha ha...