Shirley, at least at the moment, is dead in Code Geass R2. Even if I still hope that she will be somehow sunrised at the end of the Series by supernatural powers given to Lelouch. As I liked her character very much and think of her as a great emotional support for Lelouch which he lacked in Season 1 due to geassing Shirley's memory of him into the cage of oblivion I will write this FF. She always supported him though. Even if it was not clear to her who Lelouch truly was. Following Episode R2 07 this is clearly visible. This FF is supposed to be an alternate Story. I will follow the Geass Episodes up to the end and will only modify one thing: Shirley lives. Certain things of course will change due to that fact. I will somehow try to identify the parts which would have been altered with Shirley alive. So have fun! I am looking forward to your reviews.

I will hook in starting in Episode 13. I will not rewrite the whole Episodes as some things were already planned by Lelouch in the first place and where only made more extreme by Shirley's death or at least speeded up.

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Situation: Shirley has entered the shopping mall and picked up the gun despite of Suzaku's orders to be driven home safely. Lelouch is in battle with Lord Jerimiah and Rolo is en Route for the mall.

Rolo had just ended his conversation with Lelouch telling him that Jeremiah had come as an assassin from the Order. He had also told him not to do anything reckless until he'd get there. Rolo's thoughts where kind of messed up. He feared for Lelouch's live as he knew the cruelty the Order could act with. "What if Nii-san cannot fight him alone?" echoed in his head all the time. When he looked at the injured Sayoko his worries even became bigger as he knew that her fighting abilities could not be used for this battle. How could Jeremiah counter my Geass? That is supposed to be impossible. Or was I too weak to properly use it?

Rolo nearly despaired over these questions. As they had arrived in the hospital which would treat Sayoko Rolo quickly jumped in the helicopter he had ordered for the intelligence division. "Give it your best, Nii-san. I will be by your side as soon as possible and I will rescue you!".

This resolve prevented him from despairing totally. At the corner of his eye he noticed an ambulance car disappearing at high speed which had probably been called to an emergency.

Rolo noticed that the driver dropped the sandwich he had been eating. However, this image did not really reach Rolo's conscience as his worries about Lelouch were enormous.

As the engine of the helicopter started hauling the roaring sound was suddenly cut sharply by a high pitched sound. "Oh shit! The engine has sucked something in!" screamed the pilot. Rolo was taken out of his thoughts and instantly shouted "I need to fly NOW. My mission depends on that so you better solve that problem instantly!" Rolo was screaming as he would be fighting for his life. The Pilot jumped outside like a maniac and looked at the engine. The engine had sucked in a whole swarm of doves which had happily begun to eat the breakfast of the ambulance driver. The engine was full of blood and feathers. "Sorry, Sir. I cannot do anything about it. The engine has to be replaced and – " the pilot tried to explain but before he could finish his sentence Rolo's Geass had been activated and the pilot was thrown down into the depths of the settlement by an enraged Rolo. "WHY DID THIS STUPID ABULANCE GUY LEAVE HIS STUPID FOOD HERE NOW? AND WHY DID THESE STUPID DOVES HAVE TO FLY INTO THIS STUPID ENGINE??" Rolo ignored the fact that a heavily injured person, probably from a traffic accident at high speed, was perhaps the cause for this. He had thrown the pilot away like a maniac. "I MUST HELP NII-SAN!!" echoed again in his head. His eyes suddenly spotted an ambulance helicopter which was standing on its landing site. Without hesitating Rolo ran towards it, hacked the authorisation system and started the engine ignoring the ambulance men screaming for the helicopter as needed to save lives. This did not matter to Rolo at all. He was still a little panicking but his resolve to help Lelouch was still as strong as usual.

Lelouch was still in the middle of his battle with Lord Jerimiah. He had just immobilized him.

Shirley was one level under the train station in a big room with wide open windows. She had been here for the last five minutes as she could not pinpoint the sounds of fighting. She was unsure if she should go upstairs or downstairs. "I want to help Lulu," she formed her resolve in her head. "I am sure he has a good reason to fight. He is so kind. He did not intent to kill Daddy. I have forgiven him and want to become the one thing truthful to him. As he needs to lie to everybody else, that would be what he needs." She carried a gun. Again she was ready to fight or even kill for Lulus sake. She wanted to protect him. Footsteps approached. Rolo entered the room.

Lelouch had just received Lord Jeremiah's absolute allegiance by being called upon the title only an emperor bears. "Yes, Your Majesty!" With that he went downstairs to meet up with Rolo and the others when he just overheard Shirley and Rolo speaking.

"You are Lulu's ally, right? Please let me join as well! I want to protect Lulu, too. I want to get back Lulus happiness for him! And his little sister, Nunna-chan, as well!" Shirley uttered with great resolve and determination.

Before Lelouch's head came up with an interpretation of Shirley's words he saw Rolo activating his Geass like it would have been triggered by the words "sister" and "Nunna-chan". It did luckily not reach as for as his position. In the fraction of a second Lelouch's brain could foresee what Rolo was about to do. With all his power and speed he was able to pull off, Lelouch rushed into the room and screamed maniac-like:"ROLO! NOOOO!! DON'T DO THAT!!"

Shocked by Lelouch's roaring scream, which was trembling with worry and fear as if his own live was in danger, Rolo dropped Shirley's pistol which he had taken from her using his Geass and which he was about to fire at Shirley's stomach at point-blank range.

All this reminded Rolo of the other day. He had read Sayoko's report. Lelouch had rescued Shirley from Mortred's arm that had broken through the library's window by jumping at her and throwing him and her down some stairs. Lelouch could have broken his neck. He put everything he has accomplished so far en pair with his very own live the line. For just one girl. Rolo did not know why but his attitude towards Shirley had been soaked with hatred starting that day. He did not see how Lelouch could care that much about a person totally useless.

Rolo was not able to see what support she meant to Lelouch.

"Nii-san! You are alive! I'm so glad.". Rolo pointed at Shirley, who was still stunned by his Geass. "She has regained her memories. I need to –"

"DID YOU ACTUALLY LISTEN TO WHAT SHE SAID?!" Lelouch interfered with an accusing voice which scared Rolo deep in his heart.

Rolo had never seen Lelouch freak out like that. There was something unknown to Rolo in his voice. As if he had just threatened Lelouch himself with death.

"What was that? When did I drop my pistol?" Shirley asked herself as Rolo's Geass stopped influencing her. "Rolo what's wrong. Why do you –" Shirley approached Rolo who looked like he had just escaped death by a scratch. Suddenly she saw something in the corner of her eye. "Lulu! There you are. I am so glad. You are alive and you did it all by yourself! I wanted to help you so much." Shirley exclaimed happily to a rather startled Lelouch. She smiled brightly while she looked at Lelouch's face which was full of confusion.

Lelouch suddenly regained his senses asking what was bugging him "Sh.. Shirley. You have regained your…. your Memories?" Lelouch stuttered.

"Yes. Yesterday. Initially I was so scared: A fake teacher, whom I had once nearly shot to death and friends with no memories. I felt like the whole world would lie to me. But now I have found my resolve. Lulu, I know you have unintentionally killed my father while acting as Zero. That you have erased my memories of you after I had nearly shot you to death. And then the Emperor has changed my memories again. But as you can see I always came to like you again. I forgive you all your sins and now I want to join you and your just cause. You must not bear everything on your shoulders alone! I want to help. I want to understand why you act as Zero" Shirley expressed her thoughts in a very determinate voice indicating how deep her resolve was. She felt a certain warmth inside of her while she said this. She recognized it was right and that THIS was what her heart truly desired. "Watch me, Milly. I have changed. I will now deepen my relationship with Lulu. You told me that things that do not change will vanish. I will now do my best to prevent Lulu from vanishing. I have lost him 2 times but now I will hold on tight to him!" Shirley's brain assembled while she looked deeply into Lelouch's violet eyes. That was her desire. Milly had gone her way. Nina had gone her way. And this was hers.

"Shirley.. I…I do not know what to say. We..We need to talk this all over-" Lelouch grasped for words.

"Nii-san we should get away from here. The Army will be here soon", Rolo interrupted. He had just recovered to a normal state. He hid that he did not appreciate that Shirley was still living. He thought of her as a threat in two ways. A danger to Lelouch's identity and as someone Lelouch seemed to care about as much as Nunnally. Or even more. Rolo knew that he had just gone mad as Shirley had mentioned Nunnally's name. He could not bear that Lelouch had a sister that occupied a great part of Lelouch's heart. Lelouch was everything he had close to a family. And he did not want to lose him. Even sharing was difficult. He had not liked Shirley on the president's "Cupid Event" where she had been officially received the status of Lelouch's girlfriend. He knew that Shirley had crushed on Lelouch even after the memory alteration. He did not know of Lelouch's alteration after the Narita incident though. Everything he knew was that her love for him was deep enough to kill. What was bugging him most was that she had even fallen in love with him again after her memories had been altered.

They fled the place altogether with the slightly injured Lord Jerimiah. Nobody said an unnecessary word as everyone knew that they had to talk at calm over the whole situation. Shirley sat in the adjoining seat to Lelouch. She glared at sky and was again feeling the warmth form before rising in her.

"Lulu. Now I can support you. Do not worry" She reached out for his hand. Lelouch instantly grasped hers and glared at her. Smiling. Shirley also smiled at his face. Rolo looked out of the window at the sky and felt a little lonely. He did not like Lelouch and Shirley resonating in that way.

End of the first chapter and Turn 13

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