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Fish Tails

A Journey Begins

Written by: Tiffanie

Dedicated to her two friends, the real Layla and Liana,

Samantha and Kristen


Three best friends, Akira Marellas, Layla Belle, and Liana Baye, have a huge secret that only themselves and their families know about; THEY'RE MERMAID PRINCESSES. Each of them has special powers given to them when they were born, by the ocean goddess, Aquamarine. They are to protect the ocean world from any danger. On land, they are known as three regular girls having fun like anyone else, but a crisis was about to change their point of view forever…

Chapter 1

A Mysterious Voice

"Hey, Layla, Liana!" Akira called from her car. "Come on!" She stuck her face out of the window.

"Coming!" Liana and Layla shouted back. Akira could see two heads, one black with dark blue highlights and one dark brown with one strand of lime green, bopping up and down racing to Akira's mom's new blue Mercedes-Benz car.

"Aren't you excited that we're staying at your sister Kara's beach house for the summer!?" Liana asked, as she climbed into the car. Kara was a sea sprite, someone who could tell if there was danger in the sea. She lived on a beach house near the Atlantic Ocean in the summer, but returned to college at Harvard University after the break.

"Totally!" Akira answered. "We get to stay up ALL night not worrying about school and homework!"

"Plus, I heard that your sister is going to host a beach party at the end of the summer," Mrs. Marellas informed. "There will be a live DJ and at night time, Kara is going to set up a huge campfire and we can roast marshmallows!

"Great!" Layla said. "I can't wait!"

"The only bad part is that we have to take a 3 hour road trip there," Liana complained.

"Don't worry!" Layla comforted. "It won't be THAT boring!"

As they were driving, Akira heard a strange noise.

"Help me…," whispered the noise.

"Huh?" Akira said.

"Is there something wrong Akira?" asked Layla.

"Oh, nothing," Akira answered. "Must be my imagination," she thought.

"Come' on, let's play your DS Liana," suggested Layla.

"OK," Akira agreed. They played Liana's DS for a half hour. Liana chose to play the game, "Rush Hour," but it wasn't a very good decision. She had failed to make enough donuts in time, while Akira and Layla were laughing until their stomachs hurt. Soon, they got tired and drifted off to sleep. Suddenly, Akira heard the strange noise again.

"Help me, I need youuuu…," whispered the strange noise.

"There it is again!" Akira thought. "This time I know it wasn't my imagination. "Maybe when I get to the beach house, Kara can tell me something about it."

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