Ok, so I got The Academy Is…'s new CD, "Fast Times at Barrington High". OMG, I love it. It's just so awesome. I definitely recommend it to ALL who want to listen to some good music. It's all about high school, and I was listening to it once, and I thought, I could make a pretty good story from some of the songs. What do I mean by that? Well, I'm going to make a high school, possibly using some of the songs as bases for chapters. I'm trying to make this fic rather short, but you never know what's going to happen, eh? Oh yeah, the ships. Um, lots of Scarfshipping and some minor Hoennshipping. I'm going to focus on in-game characters, but I threw Reggie in there for the heck of it. Ok, the T-rating is just to be safe. Some of the things I plan on doing in the next few chapters might not fly in a K+ fic. Well, maybe they would, but I am just going to stay on the safe side and all. Yea…Anyway, I hope you like it!

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or any of the songs on 'Fast Times at Barrington High'.

Dawn smiled as she sprawled out on her bed. What had happened in the past day…mind-blowing. She couldn't believe that this was the last weekend before school started. It was just unbelievable. Life went by so fast; she could swear it was just yesterday that she was having her start of summer sleep-over with May. Now, the first day of school was simply a few days away. Tomorrow she would head over to May's and pick out outfits, chatting aimlessly about how excited they were.

But what had happened only a few hours ago was amazing. It was the last weekend before summer ended; that last weekend. However, one weekend was all it took for all of her friends to make the past months feel like nothing. When they recollected everything that they had went through - vacations, shopping trips, jobs, and the like – this is what would come to mind first.

One party. One party on one weekend, and they were set.

That party though…

… five hours earlier --

"Ooh, Dawn!" May squealed as her best friend walked through her doorway, embracing her in a bone-crushing hug.

"May!" After the embrace broke off, the blue-haired girl surveyed the room, "I see you're serious about this party. I thought it was just going to be me, you, Maylene, and a couple of others."

"It was…" May had a suspicious look in her eyes. Dawn knew this look, which meant she must have had some sort of devious plan, "But then, I was just like, we should make this a party! This is our last weekend! The last weekend…well, it's virtually a law to throw a party! I just had to!"

"You and you're big ideas…I know you must have some sort of plan involving me or Maylene and some boys. Fess up, you can't hide this from me!" Giggling happily, Dawn plopped down on the couch and pointed at the empty bottle May had placed on their coffee table.

"Ok, I admit it! I couldn't resist getting Maylene and that boy she likes, Reggie, together."

"But, we barely know him. How did you get him to come?"

"I got Cynthia to tell Flint to tell Volkner to tell him about it."

"Flint?! You told Flint?! He probably has half the school coming!"

"Do you think that I could fit this many kids in my living room?" May put a finger on her chin as she tried to think of how many kids the space could hold.


"Oh, wait. I could use the basement too!"

Dawn thrust her palm into her face, but was subconsciously laughing at her friends stupidity.

"May! Do you even know half these kids?" Dawn and her best friend stood, staring at the chaos that was going on in the house at that moment.

"Of course I do!"

"Can you name all of them?"

"Well, um. Let's see. There's Flannery, Brawly, umm…I see Wallace and Winona, and there's Flint, Candice, and Cynthia, teasing Volkner, as usual…um…Maylene's talking with Reggie. And there's Damion!"

"Where?!" At the sound of that name, Dawn began to search the room recklessly for the blonde.

"Hahaha! You like him, don't you?" The brunette jabbed Dawn in the side, much to the blue-haired one's distaste.

"Oh my Arceus! I see Brendan!" Dawn began to point wildly at the cap wearing boy.

"Really?! I see him too!"

"Oh, as if you don't like him!"

"Let's just drop this subject!"





"FI-Who's he?" In the middle of their heated 'discussion', Dawn's eyes leapt across the room to an average height boy with jet-black hair that peeked out of a red cap.

"I don't know, but he is cute."

The girls were in the middle of staring at the boy, when Damion, being his normal, hyper self, bounced on up, pulling the hot mystery guy behind him, "Hiya!" He, smiling his goofy smile, was oblivious to the un-blinking eyes of his two best friends, "I'd like you guys to meet my best friend, Lucas!" Shoving the boy in front of him, he continued the introductions, "Lucas, these are two of my best friends. Their names are May and Dawn."

"Uh…hi." Lucas slowly waved his hand, noticing the fact that the girls were totally spaced out.

"…wha? I mean, hi! I'm Dawn!" After snapping out of her trance, Dawn blurted out her classic hello and extended her hand for a shake.

"Nice to meet you." He flashed his pure white teeth at them, causing the ladies to swoon even further.

Now, we could tell you all about the band-playing, music-blasting, pool-jumping, car-crashing craziness, but that would be boring, right? Yea. So, we'll skip straight to the most exciting part of the night. Oh, you know where this is going. A small group of the party's attendants sat in a circle, all of them close friends. May bounced up; holding an empty Coke bottle in her hands, and placed it in the middle of the circle, before assuming her seat next to Dawn.

"Who goes first?" Maylene asked calmly.

"Well, since I'm the host of this party, I say that…Flannery goes first!" May gestured towards the Fire-Type Trainer.

"Me?" The red-head pointed at herself, dumbfounded, "Um…ok." She spun the bottle with a light flick of her wrist. Everyone knew that deep-down inside, she was hoping that it would land on Brawly. She had a very obvious crush on him (obvious, of course, to everyone but Brawly). Everyone watched in awe, as the circles started taking a longer time to finish, and then, as the small glass container stopped completely on…Flint.

The Ronald McDonald look-alike raised his eyebrows and smirked, "Pucker up sweetie!" He added, as he approached the poor girl. Cynthia had a look of jealousy on her face, and Volkner was smiling slightly.

"The deed is done!" Damion shouted, as the two gave each other a quick peck. Dawn gave him a quizzical look, and he shrugged it off, "Just trying to make things interesting…"

"My turn." Flint made the bottle spin at an unbelievably fast pace. It felt as though they had been waiting for it to stop for hours (accompanied by random outbursts from Damion yelling), when Volkner yelled, "Arceus, no!" which alerted their attention back to what was happening in the circle. Either way, the cap was pointing towards the blonde, and he looked completely horrified. Candice and Cynthia were rolling on the floor in laughter, and tears were forming in their eyes.

After the two friends kissed (and people finally stopped laughing and were able to breathe once more), the game continued. More odd couples appeared, like, Brawly and May, Volkner and Flannery, Dawn and Flint (she used a whole Liter of mouthwash after that lip-lock), Winona and Brendan, etc. And other pairings made sense, like Winona and Wallace, Volkner and Candice, along with May and Brendan.

It was the final round, as the night was coming to a close, and soon all would have to leave. So, for this final round, Dawn gave it her all, pushed the neck of the bottle, prayed that it wouldn't land on Flint again (if she ever had to do that again, she would think that the legendaries were trying to punish her for something), and closed her eyes. May nudged her in the arm, indicating that the wait was over, and she couldn't have been happier with the result. Lucas looked semi-excited, and semi-nervous.

When their lips met, firework's went off in Dawn's head. Something clicked, it felt right to be with him. A while later, they were unsure how long though, an angry Damion pulled them apart and said, "Dudes. The party's over."

Dawn didn't know what exactly that kiss meant. All she did know was that this year was going to be an exciting one.

Eh, not that good. Stupid fluffy spin the bottle, eww. I just had to put it in there. This chapter's just a prologue though, setting up what's going to happen over the next few. I know that I made the party seem like some huge deal in the first paragraphs, which it was (in my imagination, at least), but I just took the most important part and wrote about that. Trust me, it's key to the rest of the story. And just to add, everyone is single right now. I'm planning to make the timeline for this fic from the weekend before school starts until sometime in the winter. May I add, I promise the next chapter will be a ton better. This was just setting up the couples. Anyway, I hoped you liked it, and if you have anything to say, drop me a review!

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