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"What do you mean, you can't let us in?"

"Sorry, this kid doesn't have a ticket. You guys can go in, but he can't." A burly man carefully guarded the door to the concert and hovered over the quartet – Dawn, Lucas, Brendan, and May – all while pointing at the ticket-less raven-haired boy.

"B-b-b-but we bought him a ticket! I swear!" Dawn retorted, although it wasn't as convincing as she had hoped it would be. Well, her stuttering didn't help.

"Yea, I paid for four tickets!" Brendan added in.

"So? If he doesn't have the ticket, then he can't go in." The bodyguard stated.

"What happened to your ticket, Lucas? Dawn, you gave it to him, right?" May looked at the other lady in their group. The blue-eyed girl felt her cheeks turn red as she tried to think of a lie. Truth be told, she was planning on taking Damion to the concert, but, with the previous events still fresh in her mind at the time of departure, she made a rash decision and shoved Lucas in the car.

"Um…oh yea!" Something snapped inside Dawn's mind, and a devious excuse was thought up, "I gave Damion your ticket! I wanted him to give it to you, but, y'know, he's kind of…"

"Stupid." They replied in unison.

"Yep. So, I guess he forgot."

"Typical…" Brendan muttered, although he was mildly smiling at the antics of the overly-hyper blonde, "I guess we should go home then, if, you know, Lucas can't get in."

"Nah, you guys go in. I'll take off, catch a bus home or something." Lucas said, waving as he started down the sidewalk, despite a slightly depressed look that adorned his face. Dawn sighed, casting a quick look that said, 'Sorry I have to leave you, but I know you understand' at May before running down the road after one of her boyfriends.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Cynthia screeched from the passenger seat of her car as Damion swerved down the road. The highway behind him was left in total chaos, but Damion just placed the pedal to metal, continuing to drive. He was an accident waiting to happen – literally.

"I'm driving!" He responded back, looking at Cynthia.

"EYES ON THE FREAKING ROAD!" She shouted, placing her hands on his face and turning it back to the cement jungle that lay ahead of them, "What are you doing? Why are you driving so freaking fast?!!"

"I need to get to the concert!"

"Why?! It's just a concert! You can show up a few minutes late!" She said, abruptly reaching out her hand and jerking the wheel, so the car dodged a Benz that was in front of them.

"Well, it's more than that. See, I was supposed to go, but now Dawn is taking Lucas, and I have the ticket, so he won't be allowed in, so I at least-"

"Wait, why is Dawn taking Lucas if she was planning on taken you?" As sudden as the swerves of the car, Cynthia snapped from annoyed to interested, no longer caring if Damion drove off the road and into a river.

"Ugh – ok, so, I am going to try and explain all that has been going on in the past few weeks in under five minutes. Want to time me?" He shot a glance at the blonde, eyebrows raised, that priceless goofy grin plastered on his face.

"EYES ON THE ROAD!" And, like that, she snapped back.

"I'm so sorry that I didn't explain this to you before. So, you see, I asked Damion to give you the tickets, but he, having the short-attention span he has, forgot. I really am sorry, and ok, I didn't tell you 'cuz-" Dawn sputtered out everything she could come up with, as a better excuse that explained a good deal more began to take shape in her mind.

"Save it, Dawn." Lucas cut in, not even moving his eyes from the sidewalk.

"What do you mean, 'save it'?"

"I know everything that has been going on. And seriously, I didn't mind. You were happy, and that's all that mattered. I'm actually flattered that you tried to take me to this concert. But you see, I just noticed something: you only wanted to take me as a way of getting back at Damion. So, you really like him. Possibly more than me. Again, I don't mind, as long as you're happy. But this charade is not going to last much longer, Dawn, and we're going to have to end this soon. So, tonight's the last night. We will have fun – we'll get coffee and joke around and take the bus back home – but tomorrow, I want an answer: me, or Damion?" Lucas stated almost emotionlessly. On the inside, though, he was smiling, knowing that he had just one-upped Damion secretly. The boy couldn't say a speech as profound as that, as the blonde could barely explain why two plus two equals four.

On the other side of the sidewalk, Dawn's eyes just widened. They grew to the size of dinner plates, and they just stared. And stared. And – guess what? – stared. She was speechless, only being able to make a few grunts and other inaudible noises.

"Anyway, want to go get some Starbucks?"

"Damion! We're in a city now – slow down! OH MY ARCEUS!" Cynthia made another jerk at the wheel, sending the car flying on to the sidewalk, but also sending the automobile far away from a woman pushing a stroller, "YOU'RE GOING TO KILL SOMEONE!"

"Screw however gets hurt! The concert's starting soon and I need to get there!"

"You don't need to become a serial killer though! No wonder you never passed your driver's test!"

"Hey! That thing's biased!"

"Yea, biased towards bad drivers! Bad drivers, like you!" Cynthia emphasized, making it clear that he was obviously the most horrific driver that had ever graced the presence of her BMW.

"It's fine! I haven't crashed this thing yet!" He continued to race down the, oddly empty except for the occasional pedestrian, blocks.

"Yeah, you haven't crashed it yet!"

"Oh, whatever." A pause ensued, silence finally consuming the slightly excited duo, only for it to be broken with a loud slur of, "HOLY WHAT THE F-" But, before Damion could even finish his obscenity, his foot was being slammed on to the break, Cynthia was suffering from whiplash, and a frightened couple stood beside them, caught mid-kiss.

And, all across the city on that chilly Friday night, the words 'Lucas!' and 'Damion!' echoed.

A blonde boy with a short-attention span paced the floor of the emergency room while rubbing his sore fingers. Despite his anxious demeanor, he looked the least worried of all who were tapping their feet in the waiting room, "When are we going to get out of here? They can't possibly be taking that long to check out his nose, right?"

"Damion!" Dawn exclaimed, "How could you not care about the condition of your best friend?! You punched him!"

"Ok, I did, and I feel bad, but it was only a minor punch! It couldn't possibly have caused him to break his nose - seriously!"

"Be caring, damn it!" Out of nowhere, Dawn shot up and slapped him across the cheek.

"Ok, ok, we don't need to get all worked up over this!" Cynthia bellowed, waltzing up to the two shorter students, grabbing them by their collars and hoisting them up into the air, "Damion, it wasn't right for you to hit Lucas. But, Dawn, given the circumstances, I can see why he hit Lucas."

"Put me down!" Dawn cried, wiggling under the grasp of the eighteen-year-old.

"Promise not to hit Damion again?"

"Stop treating me like a child!" Dawn whined.

Cynthia held her higher from the ground.

"Fine! Fine. I promise!"

"Good girl." Finally having their feet touching the ground, Damion cooled down while Dawn continued to scream.

"I don't get it! How could you punch him?! You knew that we were dating – you agreed to the circumstances! His girl Friday, remember?"

"Well, ok, I know I said yes to being the other guy, but it doesn't mean it didn't hurt when I saw you two kissing!" Damion pretended to be sad, but obviously wasn't that hurt. It was more probable that Damion just felt offended, not sad, even though he really wanted to feel that emotion when he thought about the past series of events.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Brendan, who had been reclining in one of the not-so comfortable chairs, suddenly put up his hands, signaling for them to stop, "Who is Dawn dating?"

"Uh, well, er - you see - it's sort of like - kind of - ish-" They both stammered in unison, allowing the calmest of them to explain the situation.

"She was dating both Lucas and Damion. Lucas was her full-time boyfriend that everyone knew about, and Damion was her other boyfriend, that she was dating for fun. 'His girl Friday' was a reference to how Dawn would be with Damion all week, but she would always be Lucas's girl on Fridays." Cynthia replied all-knowingly, while May nodded at her response. Nobody here could have explained this better.

Dawn shot a look in Damion's direction, only to have, "I explained it to her in the car!" given as a response.

"Wait, so how many people knew about this?" Brendan asked, now even more confused than he was in the first place.

"At first it was only Dawn and Damion, but then May found out, and I have reason to believe that Lucas knew as well. Obviously, I know as well, but I learned about it only in the past-hour." Cynthia continued, counting on her fingers, "That brings the total to four, and it is six when you and I are counted.

"Yea, I never knew somebody could go from hysterics to being so calm all of the sudden." Damion snorted, smiling at his own reply.


"…See?" He smirked, while Cynthia went on a rant, listing every dangerous situation he had put them in.

All five characters continued to bicker, vent, or aimlessly listen to each other do one of those two things for the next few minutes. None of them could really hear anything, the volume rising every few seconds.

"Uh…excuse me?" A timid, pink-haired nurse poked her head into the room, and, surprisingly, the chatter ceased. She smiled confidently, finally achieving the task of making people shut up as soon as she spoke, but that was aside from the point, "Um, I guess you're the friends of Lucas?"


"Ok, well, he's fine. Nothing was wrong with him really…"

"IN YOUR FACE!" Damion screeched, although no one was really listening.

"He just had a bloody nose, not much else. Whoever hit him is a lightweight…"

Dawn stuck out her tongue.

"So, he can go home now." She finished, the rapt attention she had held in the beginning now fading.




Dawn and Damion were in the middle of a heated argument when the last person they'd expect to butt in pushed himself into the conversation, ready to take any chances needed to get them to listen to him.


"A – what?" Dawn asked, oblivious to the situation.

"I was the one that got punched!"

"And you know I'm sorry, dude." Damion added mournfully.

"I know you are, but that's aside from the point. Anyway, I got punched, and I should be yelling! But I'm not!"

"Yea, why aren't you yelling?" Damion asked, and Dawn nodded, as if to say, 'Yea, why not?'

"Because I know that it was all a big misunderstanding."


"And, yes, I do know that Damion is going out with you along with me."

"…Dude, how did you find this out?" Damion asked.

"I saw you two making out."

Their mouths went ajar, and everyone faced Lucas as he delved into his side of the story. He described everything – asking Volkner for advice, following them home, and watching them make-out in Dawn's room. Heads hung low as he went on, Dawn shot angry glares at Damion who began to scratch his neck whenever his name was mentioned or said glare was received, and Brendan continued to listen despite his limited understanding.

"Now, guys, we're going inside to get some coffee. Please try and make-up by the end of the night." Instructed Cynthia, who was clicking her keys to the child lock and forcing Dawn and Damion to stay in the car while the remaining people – otherwise known as May, Brendan, Lucas, and herself – began to walk into a convenience store that they had parked in front of. Less than five minutes ago, Lucas had finished accurately describing all the events that had happened within the past two weeks, much to the embarrassment of Damion and Dawn. Finally, after some scheming, the four others determined that the best punishment for the 'His girl Friday' couple was to force them to make-up, no matter the circumstances.

Then, it was also determined that the best way to force them to make-up was to lock them in a room.

May leaned over to Brendan and whispered, "Don't you think that they know how to unlock the child locks by now?"

"It's Dawn and Damion. I doubt it." They laughed, and he quickly kissed her on the cheek.

The other two – Dawn and Damion - huffed as the sliding doors shut behind their 'friends' – they weren't sure if they were going to be able to call them that after they committed this horrible of a deed – seriously, they locked them in a car together, especially when they were this mad at each other! Dawn was the first to break, though, seeing as no matter what the circumstances were, Damion would stay stubborn, and she is the female in this situation. Along with those two very good points, Dawn had felt herself calm down since before, therefore clearing her mind. This made thinking easier for her, and allowed her to think of a good way to solve her problem. In the end, she felt that the only way she could let her opinions and reasons be heard was if she got her part-time boyfriend to listen, "Ok, Damion, seeing as we are both mad at each other, let's talk out our feelings. I'm obviously madder, so I'll start." Dawn began, taking the feminine view on solving their issues.

"What?! I have more reasons to be angry! And why do we have to talk about this? I bet I can get us out of this car in ten seconds flat! Want to time me?" Damion rambled, without taking a single breath, all while emphasizing his slightly-hyper, slightly-crazy demeanor with broad and equally crazed gestures.


"Fine…" He pouted, crossing his arms across his chest and staring out the window, only to find a very nice view of someone taking a leak in an alley, "…Ok, maybe I'll turn the other way…"

"Anyway, I'm mad at you because we made an agreement, and we both fully understood that I would be seeing another person, and yet you freaked out when you saw Lucas with me!"

"Wait, wait, wait!" Damion held his hands in the air, as if saying 'STOP!', "First of all, I thought this would only be temporary until you got the guts to break up with Lucas. Second of all, why are you the only one that gets to date other people?! Seriously, I saw you having one of your confined spazz attacks when I was dancing with Cynthia!"

"What?!" And, for the second time that night, Damion got slapped.

"See! Whenever I say something you yell at me!"

"Ugh! You're so stupid sometimes!" Once more, Dawn could feel a heavy fog being draped over her brain, and, like a piece of cloth covering a light bulb, all of her smart ideas and understandable reasons disappeared, giving her the mental capacity to only make rash decisions based on what had happened in the past few seconds.

"I'm stupid?! That's it, I'm getting out!" Damion yelled, thrusting his hand to the door handle, attempting to make a dramatic exit. However, there was no such success, as Damion ended up yanking that door with all his might while it refused to budge, "Ok, how do I open this thing?!"

"He-llo? Ever heard of child locks?" Dawn sneered.

"Child locks?!"


"Well, if you're so smart, then you open them!"

"Fine, I will!"



"GO-mph!" Damion was about to keep pressing his argument – or lack thereof – when two lips were pressed against his. The crashing sensation beat the feeling of colliding with another car, the moment of sudden adrenaline rushing through his veins caused him only to kiss her back. And for a few seconds, the two teenagers sat in that car, confined by child locks that, even that this age, they couldn't unlock, kissing each other like one had just come back from the dead.

Heck, it was ironic, for the last time they had kissed was probably less than twenty-four hours ago.

"Woah, sorry about that." Dawn said, quickly returning to the matter of opening the child locks.

"Uh…ok? May I ask what just happened?"

"I kissed you. It happens all the time."

"Hm…" Damion was about to shrug off what just happened, but he couldn't help but feel a few questions rise up, "Why did you kiss me, though?"

"Well, I dunno, I felt like it." To put it simply, Dawn had no idea why she had kissed Damion. All she knew was that one second, she was yelling at him for being a stupid boy, and then the next thing she knew, the whole 'stupid-idiot-short-attention-span' thing was turning her on. Before she knew it, she just had to kiss him.

"Yea, but why did you feel like kissing me now?"

"Ok, the truth would kind of sting, Damion." Even though the kiss had been a spur-of-the-moment action, she couldn't help but analyze it frame-by-frame.

The initial sensation?

Well, Dawn believed that it felt good at first – sweet and nice, like all her kisses with Damion. However, it still felt hyperactive and excited, another thing that was signature to the blonde.

The middle?

It lacked something – a spark, perhaps? Dawn couldn't quite define it. There was just something that wasn't there, and it was something important.

The parting feeling?

It was almost as if she was dying to end the sign of affection. She felt this odd urge to kiss Lucas, not Damion. The end was this desperate break-away, this need to just finish this kiss, to unlock the child-locks, to throw her arms around Lucas's neck, and to say, 'I'm sorry.'

"Oh, c'mon Dawn. You know I can handle it! I'm Damion, the fiercest dude in all of Sinnoh!" He smiled, puffing out his chest with pride.

"Then, if you're so sure…"

"Lay it on me!"

And that is exactly what she did. She tried to explain everything she had just gone over in her brain, trying to make sense of it and translate it into words, "I just wanted to check if I still felt that feeling, you know? Like, when we used to kiss, I used to get this warm feeling in my stomach or something, and I would feel all happy, and sort of giddy. And I'm sorry…but…it's just like…I dunno, like I lost that."


Dawn silently slapped herself. First, she cursed him for being such a moron. Next, she re-stated what she had said in her mind. Then she noticed that it didn't even make sense to her, subsequently causing her to forgive him.

"Ok, Damion, let me explain this in phrases you can understand." Heck, even I couldn't understand that, "I used to feel all happy when I was with you," That's not a lie, "but it's like that feeling…is gone." Is that what the middle of the kiss was missing? "I'm sorry, but…I choose Lucas." That's what it all boils down to, I guess.

Damion gaped, and Dawn smiled triumphantly as she finally was able to open the door. "Hey, Damion, I'll go pick up some of that gum you like!" Dawn couldn't help but feel stupid, just to end it right there like that. However, she needed to go find Lucas – for Lucas was her choice.

With that she left, and Damion just sat there, his eye twitching.




His blood ran cold as realization dawned upon him.

Dawn dumped him.

This was a new sensation for Damion – a girl broke up with him, and he actually cared! It's not like this hadn't happened before, but it was never so blunt, and it never stung so much.

It never had mattered as much.

I just had…

And he didn't know exactly what to do. She kissed him, she broke up with him, and then she promised to buy him some gum. This chick was seriously messed up.

Or was it he that was messed up? Did he mess up his best friend's life? Did he tear apart her relationship with her perfect man, only for his own selfish reasons? Was he taking responsibility for his actions, wanting to mend the feelings he injured?

my heart…

If he truly wanted to fix himself, he had to fix what he had done.


And that's the end.

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