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A Lesson Well Un-learned


-Sequel to Rhyme Over Reason- Everyone makes mistakes in their lifetimes, but no one can run from them forever. When Joshua's forced to confront his past, he'll have to choose whether to learn from his mistakes... or make them all over again. JoshuaxRhyme, Preexsisting NekuxShiki.




-Chapter One-

-Charity and Effect -


Whoever said business trips weren't fun were in the wrong business.

The ashen-haired almost 17 year old thinking this let the corner of his mouth quirk up in a smirk, adjusting his mirrored sunglasses as he coasted down the highway in his sleek black sports car. A good Composer needed to check up on the UGs outside of Shibuya, and Joshua was taking this trip to visit a Game in France and talk to the new Composers. Two people running a Game were rare, but if any two could handle it, it was Uzuki Yoshiro and Koki Kariya. Old Reapers of his, he still felt superior to them and had the need to exert his authority over them once more.

He chuckled again to himself. He was going to enjoy this- a five star hotel far, FAR away from the painful reminder of his past mistakes. One in particular- a certain kiss with a certain someone ending with a broken nose about 5 months ago. This memory still made him flinch.

Heh, at least I've managed to be 'busy' for so long; avoiding people is my specialty, after all. This trip is just what I need to finally get over her- I mean, it. The unfortunate mistake. Riiiight.

We all think that some time to one's self will clear one's mind. It absolutely never does.

A few minutes later, Yoshira Kirya (also known as Joshua) was pulling into the parking lot of a rather expensive hotel just south of Paris. I love France, he mentally stated. Good food, good architecture.. not to mention one of the smoothest running Games around. Polar opposites work rather well together.

I wonder if Rhyme and I could-

No. I promised myself, back when I became the Composer, that business would always come before personal. I just need to get away for a time, then everything will sort itself out.

Tossing his keys to the valet, Joshua adjusted his loose collar, straightening his black jacket over the typical blue shirt. Only he could wear Pegaso like jeans and a t-shirt. And look good doing it.

Leaning over the reception counter seductively, he spoke to the blushing female behind the counter, the seductive native language rolling off his tongue. She handed him his suite's card key, and he smartly slipped off again as the main door opened behind him.

"We need a room, yo! " A blonde-haired 17 year old slapped his palms on the counter, followed by another teenage male with orange hair, a girl of the same age with black waves and glasses, and...a 14 year old girl.

The universe just LOVES royally screwing me over, doesn't it. The irony...

Beat continued to try to talk to the foreign receptionist as his friends stared around at their luxurious surrounding with the word TOURIST seemingly branded on their foreheads. Their collective lives were probably worth less money then the chandelier. "Say what? "

"Have you no reservations? Then have you no room. " She replied and broken but snotty English. Shiki took over. "But our plane's delayed and we can't leave here for 2 days, plus every other place is full! "

"Sorry for you. " The receptionist turned back around, ignoring the distraught teenagers. Then a sapphire gaze swept over Joshua, leaving behind a rush of heat to his face. Rhyme didn't say one word, and she didn't have too. He knew exactly what she was thinking.

His father had always said that Joshua was allergic to being nice. This was very possible, considering last time he had opened his house to visitor, he lost all sense of reason and played 'tonsil hockey' with a 13 year old.

Still...he could almost hear Rhyme's silent plea.


Joshua took in a deep breath, then turned around and spoke to the receptionist. "They're with me. "

At last, the rest of the group saw him. Beat was openly shocked, Shiki was confused, Neku was looking dubious, and Rhyme... Her pure blue gaze was filled with gratitude... so deep that for the briefest moment, all Joshua wanted to do was get lost in them. Quickly, he snapped himself back to reality.

"I didn't know you were visiting France... " otherwise I would be on the other side of the planet right now, he mentally finished. "What are you doing here? "

Beat was slightly bristling from Joshua's icy and disdainful tone, but Shiki beat him to the punch. "Our school was doing a study abroad thing, and we couldn't leave Rhyme at home, so we got a separate plane then the rest of our group because the other one was fully booked. Then our plane got damaged yesterday, and now we're stranded here until it's fixed. "

"And that is...? "

Neku spoke up at last. "Two or so days. What are you doing here? "

Joshua chuckled, and looked at them over the top of his aviators. "Business. " Looking up, he snapped over a bellboy. "You there, follow the blonde gentleman and bring his bags to the Princess Suite. Got it? "

"Yes, sir. "

He could sense Neku smirking behind his oversized shirt collar. "Whatever you're about to say, don't say it. "

As soon as Joshua opened the door to his room, however, Neku wasn't able to say anything at all. In front of them lay a luxurious sitting room with leather couches, designer lamps, and a plush Persian rug. To the right, a short hallway lead off into the kitchen and dining room, to the right a bathroom bigger than most hotel rooms, complete with Jacuzzi, and a gorgeous bedroom with a elegant bed you could park two cars on and have room to spare.

The three guests just stood in the doorway, taking it all in.

"Wow... " Rhyme's rapturous sigh seemed to turn the air to silver. "Like it? " Joshua could not resist asking.

"Holy mother of... " Neku gaped openly. "How can you afford something like this? "

"Bribe the hotel owners and reserve it 4 months in advance, " he quipped back. "Make yourselves at home. "

He flopped himself down in the center of the couch, picking the remote off of the coffee table as he did so. Pressing a button, he let himself have a small smile of satisfaction as the plasma TV fully the size of a king-sized mattress seemed to descend from the heavens. Money can't buy happiness... Pffft. Whoever said that must have been poor and miserable.

Behind them, Beat and the bellboy walked in. "Fuck, dude! " Rhyme's brother has a tendency to swear, in case nobody noticed. "This is bad ASS, man! "

He punched Joshua lightly on the shoulder, taking a seat on the far left side of the couch. Neku and Shiki quickly claimed the right side, and Rhyme delicately seated herself between her brother and Joshua.

Neku started to reach for the remote, but the ashen-haired teenager slapped his hand away. "My hotel room, I get the remote. "

He turned on the screen, and all were treated to high definition porn for a moment before the channel was hastily changed. Next up was the classic horror film Jaws, causing a collective flinch from the viewers- all remembering Rhyme's in-Game death painfully.

Joshua changed the channel again; a sigh of relief emanating from his friends, only to be followed by gasps of glee from the females and groans from the males.

"Pride and Prejudice! " Shiki gasped!

"My favorite movie, " Rhyme breathed. Neku succeeded in snatching the remote from Joshua. "No chick movies, prince. "

The channel changed again, as an apparent Cuban male picked up a huge gun. "Say hello to my little friend!! " Gunshots rang out, and random people spasmed and died as the Composer rescued the remote. "NO BLOOD!! "

At last, they settled on 'The Illusionist', and as the opening credits rolled, Joshua let himself relax. I can do this... I am fine. This is going to be a breeze.

Just then, Rhyme's hand ever-so-lightly brushed against his, sending electric sparks up his arm. His gaze flicked over to her innocent face, and he knew.

Yoshiya Kiryu had fallen for a pair of big blue eyes.