Our Future is in Our Past

Chapter One

When we last left our two heroes...

Kim and Ron walked their horses for awhile to let them rest.

"Well, we didn't find the site of the old Indian Camp. But we did find this old rail line."

Kim slipped over to take Rons hand.

"Yeah. This whole trip has made me feel so much better."

Ron slipped his hand out of Kim's grasp and pulled her to him face to face. Kim put her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. The kiss grew longer and deeper with each passing second. The need for oxygen finally forced the two blushing teens apart gasping for breath.

"B-o-o-o-y-a-a-a-h-h-h-h!" they whispered together.

Kim laughed.

"Jinx! You owe me a..."


The air blast knocked them to the ground.

The two rolled over to glance back at the train that had appeared out of nowhere. It was the same train as before when…

The doors to the enclosed train cab flew open and a wild-haired man stuck his head out.

"GREAT SCOTT! KIMBERLY! RONALD! I'm glad I found you. Dr. Director sent me for you. Drakken and Shego have stolen your father's Time Tunnel device and gone back into time. She doesn't know what they plan to do, but you two are the only ones with experience like this. Come on and get in!"

Kim glanced over at Ron and shrugged her shoulders.

"Oh, well. Here we go again."

Ron gave her a quick kiss.

"Oh, well. Time travel: it's a cornucopia of disturbing concepts."

The two teens climbed into the train cab as the door shut behind them. The lights on the train started to flash faster and faster. Soon the vehicle levitated off the tracks and disappeared into the sky.

With Ron's scream still reverberating in her ears, Kim stepped from the tube that had brought them to Global Justice headquarters.

"Really Ron, do you have to scream like that every time we use the tubes to get here?"

Ron looked at Kim with an indignant glare.

"Hey, they surprised me again. Besides, what does this place have against elevators? Speaking of screams , did I not happen to hear a slight 'eeep' come from those lovely lips of yours?"

Kim elbowed Ron.

"Okay, so I was not quite ready to be dropped down some tube that only a maniac could have designed. Anyway, here we are."

Kim growled slightly as she saw Will Du waving them into a conference room. As they entered the door, Will closed it behind them and stood outside the room. Crossing the room, Kim and Ron took seats at the end of the table as they took each others hand. Normally they were not nervous, but hearing what Drakken had done, they arrived here and were not surprised to see who was seated at the table. Dr. Director was at the other end of the table, and on both sides to her immediate right and left were all the directors from all of the GJ districts. The General from Area 51 was there with some of his staff, Kim's dad was there, as were Wade and Agents Smith and Smith. Dr. Brown stormed into the room with his arms full of papers. Tripping, he nearly fell flat on his face on the floor but regained his footing to drop his papers on the table next to Kim's dad.

Dr. Director rolled her eyes and began the meeting.

"Kim... Ron, we are sorry that we had to pull you from your vacation. I am not happy about this, but as Dr. Brown has mentioned, we need your experience."

Kim shifted uncomfortably in her chair.

"Dr. Director, I don't know if Ron and I are ready for a trip like that again. I mean jumping from place to place not knowing exactly when or where we would end up. We were lucky, but I don't think we have much luck left."

Betty placed her hands on the table and faced the two teens.

"Kimberly... Ronald... I know that this may be difficult for you to handle, but the two of you are the only ones even close to being able to complete this mission. One thing I want you to realize is that this time you will have almost total control of your time travel."

Ron sat up.

"How are we going to do that?"

Betty gestured to Dr. Brown and Kim's dad.

"Dr. Brown and Dr. Possible will be modifying your car, Kim. With Dr. Brown's expertise and with your fathers knowledge, we hope that the Sloth will carry you through time to your proper destinations."

Kim nodded.

"Okay, but Ron and I have to ask the million dollar question."

Everyone stopped and gazed back at the two young heroes. Both were sitting at the table with their arms crossed and scowls on their faces.

Dr. Director hesitated a moment, then asked the stupid question.

"What is your question, Kim?"

Kim looked straight at Dr. Director.


Dr. Possible jumped to his feet.

"Kimberly Anne Possible! How dare you use..."

James got one look from his daughter and decided it was better to shut up and sit down. There were several red faces around the table, all studying the papers in front of them very diligently. Kim looked around the table and continued in a level voice.

"I would like to know so I can meet them face to face. If you think hopping through time is a barrel of laughs, then you put your butt in my car and you take the trip! Ron and I had a hard enough time trying to stay alive sometimes. We had no idea where we would land next, we landed in the middle on one disaster, three wars, and only one nice calm time where we still ended up saving someone."

Kim stared at all at the table. Everyone seemed to be intently studying their hands closely. Kim continued.

"We are just getting over our little jaunt through time. At least we were not chasing anyone or was anyone expecting us. Now you want us to go right back into time, but THIS time you want us to run down Drakken and Shego? Said duo could be waiting for us anywhere in the time stream."

Kim stopped talking and just looked over at Ron. He smiled and nodded. The room stayed silent for a few minutes until Dr. Director started to speak. But before she could start Agents Smith and Smith stepped forward.

"Miss Possible, Mr. Stoppable. We are responsible for the loss of the Tunnel"

Kim and Ron's gaze turned to the two agents.

The first Agent Smith continued.

"We had the equipment loaded and halfway through the transport to Area 51. For the first time we used a different protocol. We thought by spreading rumors about what we were really hauling that no one would believe us and we would have total security over the entire trip. We didn't think that..."

Kim interrupted the agent.

"That anyone would be dumb enough to really believe you. And you were dealing with Drakken here?"

Kim shook her head into her hands.

"This is giving me a headache."

She looked up at the two agents.

"Let me guess... you had a lot of guards and made a big show of everything but Shego blew everyone away and Drakken came in with his hover car used his graviton beam to pick up the truck and disappeared while Shego waved goodbye."

Agents Smith and Smith started studying the shine on their shoes and several others started to study the designs in the ceiling tiles. Dr. Director cleared her throat with a smile and spoke up.

"And people wonder why I call Team Possible in when there is a problem. Kim, Ron, you are correct. But we can't turn back time..."

Dr. Director stopped and shook her head as Kim gave her a look.

"Okay we can't do anything about it at this time. We need you to go after Drakken and Shego. You will not be out there on a limb as you were last time. We will be equipping you with some special equipment and you will have control of when and where you will be going. While you will not have full voice and video communication, you will have full text communication. If the Sloth is destroyed, then we may have no way to retrieve you immediately. However, in that case, we can only hope that Dr. Possible and Dr. Brown will be able to come get you either on Dr. Brown's train or another vehicle they build."

Dr. Director hesitated a moment then continued.

"Kim... Ron... I cannot, will not order you into this mission. I can only ask you. If you refuse, I will not blame you. You have faced enough over this last incident. If not, we will look for other agents to take the trip."

Kim and Ron nodded. Ron glanced over to Kim as he gave her hand a squeeze, then he turned back to Dr. Director.

"Okay, we are in. When do we leave?"


The sound of a dropped wrench reverberated though the garage at the space center. A muted oath came from under the Sloth. A hand came out from under the car, then a head followed covered in white hair. Doc Brown tried to feel around for the missing wrench.

"I sure need Einstein here. He always brought me my tools when I dropped them."

A pink blur zoomed across the floor as Rufus picked up the wrench and handed it back to Doc Brown. He took it from Rufus then did a double take. Rufus just smiled and waved.

"Huh, HI!"

Doc Brown stared at Rufus as he climbed up on the Sloth to watch Tim and Jim. Doc Brown shook his head and pulled himself back under the car.

"Talking naked mole rats! Just what I need."

Tim leaned under the car.

"Dr. Brown, when we get ready to connect the flux capacitor to the pan dimensional vortex inducer.."

Jim added his face under the car.

"..shouldn't we route it through the phase inverter before we attach the wave motion gun?"

Doc Brown slid from under the car.

"No, boys. We need to connect the phase inverter to the flux capacitor first, then connect that to the pan dimensional vortex inducer. Then we will connect the wave motion gun."

The twins looked at each other.


James Possible walked in the door carrying another piece of electronics. Wade came in the room right behind him pushing a covered cart. James turned to Wade.

"Now you are sure that the Hephaestus project will work in this application?"

Wade nodded as he pushed the cart up next to the Sloth.

"Yes, Dr. Possible. We have gone over the data three times. By incorporating the living metal of your project into the Sloth, it will allow Kim and Ron to convert the exterior of the sloth into different shapes. This should allow them to hide the sloth or use it without being seen. But only as a last resort."

Doc Brown slid from under the car.

"The hovercraft mode equipment has been upgraded. They should be able to travel over water."

Jim and Tim stepped from around the side of the car.

"The engines will allow them to get up to 88 mph with no problem."

Doc Brown patted them on the head.

"Good job, boys. Now as soon as Ron and your sister are ready their transportation will be also."

Ron gave one last slurp of his drink. Kim lay on the couch with him with her head in his lap. Unlike everyone else, they didn't have anything to do. All they could do is sit and wait until all of the preparations for the car and their equipment were ready. Sitting his cup down, Ron reached his hand over and brushed a few errant strands of hair from Kim's face. She opened her eyes and smiled up at him.

"You ready?"

Ron cupped her cheek with his hand. Kim placed her hand on top of his pressing it against her skin.

"As long as we are together I am always ready."

Kim giggled.

"Okay, Mr. Romance. Nice try. Try again."

Ron bent over and kissed her on the nose. She grinned back at him.

"Really, KP. I'm ready if you are."

Sitting up, Kim took his hands in hers.

"Ron, this will be a different sitch. This time we will be after Drakken and Shego. They have to know that we will be coming after them. The fact that something has not happened to us already means that they are waiting for us or or not bothering with us right now."

Nodding, Ron pulled one of his hands loose to stroke Kim's hair.

"I know, KP. I'm so scared that I can barely think."

Kim shook her head.

"Ron, you are always scared."

Ron nodded.

"Yeah, but I am more scared that something will happen to you."

Tears started to come from Kim's eyes.

"Do you think I don't think the same thing? Losing you scares me more than anything. So here we are... two scared teenagers ready to do something that has never been done before. Ron, I am not used to being... scared."

She pulled Ron into a hug. He held her tight as the door to the room opened. Dr. Director stepped into the room.

"Kim... Ron... It's time."

Kim and Ron had changed into their old style mission clothes and then walked over to the equipment table.

Wade handed them their equipment as he explained the use of each one.

"Okay, the Kimmunicators have been modified. Since we have little chance of voice and video communication, we have taken those functions out and installed more computer memory. They have been loaded with historical information, clothing styles, cultural information and other data you will need to blend in. Each Kimmunicator is logged with tracers that will be able to scan for Drakken and Shego. Some of the Tunnel equipment was not on the trucks. It so happens that it was the backup tracking system. This means we will be able to track Drakken and Shego at least to the point that we will know where and when the Tunnel has taken them. We do not know what modifications that Dr. Drakken may have made to the Tunnel systems, but he must have developed a way to control the tunnel from within the time stream."

Kim and Ron took the new communicators from Wade and slipped them into their belts.

"Your mission clothes are an upgrade similar to the Sloth, Kim. They can morph into any style that you may need. Make the selection according to the time period on your Kimmunicators. We don't have a way for you to have whatever they call money in any period so you'll just have to do the best you can in that area."

Wade stepped back for Dr. Director to step up. She approached the two teens.

"Kim... Ron... What we are asking you to do is beyond anything any agent has ever attempted. We can only hope that you will be successful. Be careful and take care of each other. We will monitor you as best we can from this end. Know that at any time you can return to this time for anything. I have no doubt that Drakken and Shego are waiting for you. They may even try and attack your ancestors. We just do not know what their plans are. If for whatever reason, something happens, then we will attempt to retrieve you as best we can. Now, I think you will want some time with your parents."

Dr. Director and Wade left the room. James, Ann, Jean, and Gene approached their children. James cleared his throat.

"To keep this from being some sob fest I have been told to be the spokesman for all of us. We are proud of you for what you have done and what you are getting ready to do. You two have done some incredible things. But the one thing that we are proud of the most, is that you have found each other. You are adults now, not just by age, but by the way you have lived your lives. Telling you to take care of each other is something we don't have to do. You have been doing that since you met. We will be waiting for you when you get back."

The parents and the teens evolved into a group hug. No crying or sniffling was heard. Kim pulled away to see her brothers standing to the side. She stepped over and pulled them into a hug.

"I said it before and I'll say it again. You guys rock."

The landing strip at the Space Center was clear in front of the Sloth. Kim was behind the wheel as she snapped her seatbelt closed. Ron was typing their destination into the targeting computer. As he finished he sat back and pulled his seat belt and clicked it shut. Kim punched the code into the keyboard and the engine cranked up. Ron reached down and flipped one switch. The tires swiveled down under the car and lifted the car into it's hover craft mode. Moving his hand slightly over, Ron flipped another switch and the Kepler rocket engines deployed out of the trunk.

Kim held the car there for a moment, then leaned over to give Ron a kiss.

"For luck"

Ron smiled.

"We are gonna need it."

Settling down in her seat, Kim took a firm grip on the steering wheel.

"Well Ron, it looks like our future is in our past."

Flooring the accelerator, the car sped down the landing strip. As the Sloth accelerated, glowing lines started to form along it's sides, sparks flew in different directions. Then in a flash of light and a scream from Ron, the car disappeared into the sky.

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