Our Future is in Our Past

Chapter 12

Ron sat in his small cubical in the back of the room at Carleton's coffee house. Most of the troops had moved out and now surrounded Yorktown. Cannons, mostly really big cannons had been moving past the Coffee house on the way out of Williamsburg. The wagons that Ron assumed were carrying the shells and the powder followed close behind. While business had dropped off as the troops moved out of town, things at Washington's Headquarters had gotten a lot busier. As Kim was one of the most trusted servants at the Wythe house she was called on constantly to serve the men at the meetings to discuss the strategy of the coming battle. Even though the Wythe house was at the other end of town, several of the officers would come up to the Coffee House for something to drink. Also, Ron had been called into filling in at the headquarters when extra help was needed. Washington would soon move his headquarters to the field to be closer to his troops. Kim and Ron had already been asked to follow his staff to the field. Mr. Carleton was not that happy to lose one of his best employees after only a few days but he knew the Ron would come to his business to get supplies for the headquarters. Mr. Carleton had made arrangement with Col. Possible for just that reason.

"Ronald, would you please come back to my office."

Ron put down the mug of ale he had been sipping on while he waited on the group of officers. At one table, a group of officers were playing a card game. At another table, a group of Calvary officers were talking about the coming battle. Ron glanced around and noticed that all the officers seemed to have everything they needed for the moment. He raised the bar that separated his booth from the room and stepped out. Lowering the bar he turned and opened the door that lead to the rear of the Coffeehouse. Mr. Carleton sat at his desk while another officer from Washington's headquarter stood nearby. Mr. Carleton sat his glasses down on his desktop.

"Ronald, this is Captain Price. He is here about the arrangements that Colonel Possible made for us to supply some items to the General's headquarters. The General has requested that you come with the items and to serve at his headquarters. Captain Price is here to escort you to where you will be staying."

Ron glanced over to the Captain and held out his hand.

"Nice to meet you Captain."

The dapper officer glanced down at Ron's hand for a moment before shaking it.

"It is an honor to meet the gentleman who has served his country so well. The supplies have already been loaded on a wagon and will leave soon. I will be waiting for you to finish your day and then escort you to your new quarters in the field."

Ron nodded.

"How about KP? Is she coming with us?"

The Captain shook his head.

"Not at this moment. It is my understanding that she will follow soon."

Ron scratched his head.

"That's funny. I thought the General told me that he wanted us to come out together."

The Captain shrugged his shoulders.

"I believe that Mrs. Stoppable has been asked to serve at a dinner at Mr. Randolph's home. Mr. Whythe and Mr. Randolph are hosting a dinner for some of the officers."

Ron nodded.

"Okay. I'll be ready as soon as I finish for the day. I'll need to go back to my cabin to get my clothes."

The Captain shook his head.

"That will not be necessary. A sergeant in my command will stop my your home and speak with your wife about packing your thing. He shall also make arrangements for her to have her things packed and to arrange transportation for her to the headquarters after the dinner."

Ron nodded.

"That sounds fine Captain. Where will I find you when I am ready to leave?"

The Captain waved his hat toward the front of the building.

"I shall remain here. We will ride out together."

Kim wiped the wineglass clean before she placed it with the others in the straw lined box. Reaching to the side, she gathered a large hand full of straw from the pile next to her and placed it on top of the glasses as they lay in the box. After adding a few more handfuls of straw to the top of the box, she picked up the top of the box and set it into place. Nodding to Malachi she stepped back while he nailed the lid down on the box. Kim wiped her hands on her apron and turned around to face Grace.

"All done here Grace, I'll get started on the silverware after I get a drink of cider."

Grace grinned.

"Alright chile, now while you are getting some cider get you some of those ginger cookies from the Raleigh Tavern. If you want, get you some of that ham and make you a sandwich."

Kim smiled. Grace never gave up on getting her to eat something at every opportunity. If she continued to eat that way Grace wanted her to she would definitely need to let out some of her clothes so that they would fit. The entire house staff had been busy getting ready to move General Washington's headquarters to the field. The officers had already left but they had to pack all the stuff that went with the headquarters. This included all the silverware, plates, glasses and everything else that was needed to serve the officers. This was somewhat a new experience to her. After spending time in the field with different military units from around the world and eating with the men and officers, the thought of having fine linen, china and glassware was pretty interesting.

Kim stepped out the rear door and headed for the kitchen. She was careful going down the steps. They could be slick at times. There was a large bruise on her backside that gave evidence of that. Luckily Ron was not around to see her take a quick and slick trip down the steps on her bottom. Ron may not have seen it however the Marquis de Lafayette just happened to be standing at the bottom of the steps talking with another officer when it happened. The young officer instantly went to her aid helping her to stand up. Kim's face had flamed red as the Lafayette asked her repeatedly if she was okay. After assuring him several times that she was quite alright he allowed her to go on her way. Kim swung open the door to the kitchen and stepped up into the warm room. Belle looked up from the roast that she had turning over the fire.

"Come on in Kim, Grace told me she be sending you out here. Malcolm just got back from the Tavern with a bunch of those fresh cookies. Get you some cider and I'll cut you some ham."

Kim picked up a tankard and filled it with cider from the jug sitting on the floor. She reached over into a cloth covered basket and pulled out a still warm cookie. Taking a quick slurp of the cider she started to nibble at the cookie. Her eyes rolled back from the sweet goodness of the gingerbread cookie. She would have to get Ron to get the recipe. Belle stepped over and put a plate down on the table next to her. Two thick slices of ham sat between two slices of bread. She quickly finished off the sandwich followed by the remainder of the cookie. She had just finished her cider when there was a knock at the door. The door opened and a Continental soldier with Sergeants' stripes came into the room. He took off his hat as he nodded to Kim.

"Ms. Stoppable?"

Kim nodded as she stood up. The sergeant's face broke into a smile.

"My Captain has asked me to help you pack you and your husband's things. The General has asked the Captain and me to escort the two of you to his camp."

Kim looked at the Sergeant and frowned.

"That's funny. The General didn't mention it this morning. Are you sure? I mean I know that we are supposed to go out to his headquarters but I thought we were not supposed to go out for another day or two."

The Sergeant shrugged his shoulders.

"Don't know Ms. Stoppable. It's just that the General wanted you out there was soon as possible."

Kim shook her head.

"Okay, but I'll need to get Ron if…"

The Sergeant shook his head.

"Twont be any need in that. My Captain is waiting for your husband now."

Kim placed her hands on her hips and thought for a moment and then started for the door.

"I better check with the Marquis. He'll know."

The Sergeant stepped in front of her.

"There won't be any need in that Ms. Stoppable. Why don't you go on and start getting your things together and I'll get one of the staff to tell what I am saying is true."

Kim shook her head.

"If you don't mind I'll check for myself. Now let me by."

Kim tried to sidestep the soldier when something hit her from behind. The soldier's grinning face was the last thing she saw as she slipped to the floor unconscious.

The Sergeant quickly closed the door and snapped at Belle.

"Check the windows and make sure no one saw."

Belle put down the rolling pin that she had hit Kim in the back of the head with. Glancing out the window she noticed no one was outside. She turned back to the soldier.

"Nobody out there."

The soldier grabbed a length of rope from the floor and rolled Kim onto her stomach. Taking her wrists he quickly tied them behind her back. He grabbed a second piece of rope and tied her ankles together. Belle snatched the cloth that lay over the cookies and handed it to the soldier. He quickly gagged Kim and stood up.

"Okay, so some plans look like they have to change. Now how are we gonna get her out of here?"

He walked into the store room just off the kitchen and picked up a large canvas sack. Stepping back into the room, he tossed it onto the floor next to Kim.

"We can put her in that but how can we get past the guards and how do we explain her disappearing."

Belle thought for a moment.

"I got an idea. Wait just a minute."

She opened the back door and mumbled some words to someone outside the door. A young black man stepped into the room as Belle closed the door.

"Dis is my boy William. He was supposed to get that job down at the coffeehouse. When this here girl and her man showed up it spoiled all our plans. He'll help you get all their things packed and help you get her into the wagon. I'll tell everyone that she went down to ride with her man."

The sergeant nodded.

"Okay, do you have someone one to send to my captain to tell him about the change in plans?"

Belle nodded.

"Yeah, I do. My girl Beth will go. She was supposed to get the job in the house that this girl took. Now, you gonna get us free and let my boy join the army?"

The sergeant smiled.

"Okay, those loyal to the King will always be rewarded. Now get your girl going and let get this little package on her way. Colonel Tarleton will be quite pleased with this little gift."

Ron finished cleaning up his workspace and hung up his apron. The day had been mostly quiet as most of the troops and officers were in the field. About the only thing that really had happened all afternoon was that a girl Ron has seen around the kitchen at the Wythe house had stepped in and given a message to the Captain. Whatever it was he didn't seem to be really happy about it. Ron noticed the girl glaring at him from out of the corner of his eye. His weirdar came to full force and he concentrated on everything around him. Thinking back he realized that what the Captain had told him earlier didn't match what Kim had told him the day before. It also didn't match with what Col. Possible had told him earlier too. Something was wrong. He glanced over at the officer and thought. While there had been a lot of officers in and out of the coffeehouse over the last few days this one was new. Ron had never served him before. That was not unusual because there were a lot of units and many officers. Some would just naturally go to some of the other more well known taverns. Then there was one thing that REALLY stuck in his mind. Kim was supposed to send him his stocking cap after he forgot it earlier. That is something she would not forget to do. Ron turned to the officer.

"Okay Captain. All done. Let me go up the street. I forgot something and need to get it from my house."

The Captain shook his head.

"That will not be necessary Mr. Stoppable. My sergeant has already picked up your wife and your things. The little slave girl brought me a message from her telling me that she would met you at the General's camp."

Ron nodded and took his coat off the hook behind the door. He knew that what the Captain had just said was a complete lie. Kim would never send a message like that, she would bring it herself. He patted the knife at his side. It looked like a small utility knife but only he and Kim knew that is was the Lotus Blade.

"Okay sir, well then let's go for a ride."

The Captain motioned for Ron to precede him out of the door. Ron stepped out into the cool air. Looking up the street in the direction of the Wythe house all he could see was the normal hustle and bustle that had been Williamsburg over the past few days. The Captain stepped past him to mount a horse standing in the street. A soldier stood holding another horse while two more soldiers sat already mounted and ready to ride. Ron pointed to them.

"Friends of yours?"

The Captain smiled from atop his horse."

"Well Mr. Stoppable, it is known that you have enemies in the area. It was felt that a small escort might be needed to protect you. I am sure Colonel Tarleton, Squire Lipsky and Lady Go would be pleased to make your acquaintance again."

Ron hesitated as he prepared to climb up on his horse. The Captain had just put his foot in his mouth. NOBODY but General Washington and Colonel Possible knew about Squire Lipsky and Lady Go. Another thing that the Captain didn't know, he and Kim had researched the two people who had caused them so much pain. They learned that right after the incidents at Valley Forge the Squire and Lady Go had returned to England. If the Captain mentioned those names then he had heard them from someone else and that was not in their favor. There could only be a certain pair who could be posing in their stead and that meant trouble with a capital T.

As he grabbed the reigns of his horse and turned it to follow the Captain there was something else in the back of his mind. That was if the Sergeant was not lying unconscious somewhere then Kim was not on her feet. That really worried him.

Kim woke up she realized a number of things very quickly. One, she had a really bad headache, two she was tied up and gagged and three she was cold and uncomfortable. The heavy canvas sack that was over her cut out most of the light, but she could tell that she was lying and some type of wagon and it was rolling over a rough road. A hard bump caused the bottom of the wagon to smack her in the head. A coarse grunt came out of her gagged mouth. The wagon came to a stop when a voice she recognized as the sergeant's called out.

"Whoaaaa there."

The wagon swayed slightly as the soldier apparently turned and stepped into the rear of the wagon. Hands pulled her roughly to a sitting position and the sack pulled from her head. The sunlight blinded her for a moment until her eyes adjusted to the light. Looking around she noticed that they were somewhere out of Williamsburg. There were two other men on horseback with them all grinning at her. A rough hand tousled her head.

"Listen here girl. We are a long ways from town so there's no need in yelling for help. I'm getting paid a good amount to deliver you to my benefactors. They really didn't care what condition you were in at delivery just that you were awake. Now lay down here quiet and we'll leave you alone. Try and make some noise and I guess we will just have to find a way to keep you quiet."

Kim glared back at the soldier. He grinned as he pushed her back down in the back of the wagon and got back in the seat at the front of the wagon. With a whistle he called to the horses pulling the wagon and it started forward again. She didn't know how long they had been riding when they came to a stop in a deep stand of trees. The sergeant jumped down and spoke to the other men.

"Our friends should be getting here soon. Go ahead and hide out in the woods. If something goes wrong then move in."

The two men merely nodded as they rode off into the woods. The sergeant rubbed his hands together as he leaned back against the wagon. He turned and leered back at her.

"Too bad we don't have time for a little entertainment, but the Captain should be here directly with your husband. Of course, I doubt he'll be in as good a condition as you."

A voice came from the woods.

"I really hope that he is not in too bad a condition. I want him to know just who has him."

Kim rolled over to look up as the jingling of a sword and a saddle came close to the wagon. Her eyes went wide as she recognized the face beneath the tall fur shako. It was Tarleton.

"Well, well, well. We meet again. I have been looking forward to this for a long time. As soon as the other party arrives our little meeting with begin in earnest. I have a few questions for you and your companion. Surely you remember the last time we had a little discussion?"

Kim's mind went back to the basement and what they endured. Tarleton smiled as he gazed at her face.

"Ahhhh, I see by the expression on your face that you do remember. Good. Then it will be my pleasure to do the questioning this time. I will not be as gentle as my sergeant was the last time."

Ron rode beside the Captain as they rode out of town. After a few minutes the Captain started to turn off the road they were on. Ron glanced down the road and back at the officer.

"I thought the General's camp was down this road?"

The Captain turned his horse to face Ron.

"Well, we might have to take a different route."

As the officer spoke there were two distinct clacks behind him. Ron had heard that sound enough to know what it was. He slowly turned to see the two other men with flintlock pistols pointed at him. The hammers were fully pulled back. The Captain pulled a pistol from his pistol from his saddle, cocked it and pointed at Ron.

"Now, we are going to continue on this route. If you wish to see that lovely young lass of yours then I would suggest you do as I say."

Ron glared back at the traitor.

"Where is she?"

The officer pointed his pistol down the road that he had turned on.

"She be awaiting down this road a few miles. I am sure an old friend of yours is waiting for you to join in a reunion."

Ron sneered back at the officer.

"And just who might that be?"

The Captain grinned.

"Oh, a certain Colonel Tarleton."

Ron's mind went into overdrive. It was time to go monkey.


Kim tried to get some feeling back in her hands. They were stretched over her head with her toes barely touching the ground. Tarleton had ordered her to be tied up to a tree to wait for Ron. Apparently the group of men bringing Ron would be along soon. The two men the sergeant had told to go off into the woods had been brought in by more of Tarleton's troopers. They sat off to the side stripped of their weapons and their horses.

Tarleton sat tall in his saddle nearby while gazing down at Kim. After a few moments he rode over and pulled the gag from her mouth. Kim tried to spit the lint out of her mouth but her mouth was too dry. Tarleton pulled a flask from inside his tunic and offered it to her. She would detect the smell of rum or something like it. Hesitating at first she figured she might as well. Besides it might numb what was coming. She took a hesitant sip. The fluid burned like fire as it went down her throat. She started coughing. Tarleton sat back in his saddle and put the flask back in his tunic. He called out to the sergeant.

"Mr. Haynes, would you happen to be carrying some of that cider? I do believe the lass is no used to a gentleman's drink."

The sergeant walked over to the wagon and pulled a jug from under the seat and a metal cup.

"It's a waste to give it to a traitor."

Tarleton smiled.

"Now, now Mr. Haynes, let us to cordial to our guest. We ARE planning to have a nice conversation later and it would be a shame if she was not able to talk because her throat was dry."

Tarleton got down from his horse, pulled the stopper from the bottle and poured the cider into the cup. He raised the cup to Kim's lips as she drank greedily. He let her have the entire cup before he pulled the cup down.

"Now there I am sure that is a lot better. After your husband arrives we shall take our little party into Yorktown. I am sure General Cornwallis will be interested in your answers. Too bad we can't have a conversation here but I am afraid that there are too many patrols in the area and they just might hear."

Kim opened her mouth to speak but Tarleton put the gag back into place. At that moment one of the troopers called out that someone was coming. Tarleton spun and looked through the trees. Kim could barely see but there seemed to be three horses approaching. Two riders were mounted and a third was laid across the back of the last horse. Tarleton grunted.

"Well it appears that your husband was a little reluctant to come and my friends had to persuade him to come."

As Tarleton stepped over to the men Kim noticed something. The person hanging over the horse had dark hair. It was NOT Ron. The person was too big to be Ron. The two riders were silent as they approached the group. A couple of troopers got close to them and started to yell. The troopers jumped forward to grab the reigns for the horses. Confusion reigned as the troopers and soldiers rushed to the three horses. Kim watched as the two riders were pulled from their saddles. They had been tied to their saddles and were unconscious. The sergeant checked the person hanging over the horse and was stunned to see that it was his Captain.

Tarleton strode up to the two men laying on the ground and at the Captain hanging over the back of the horse. He stared out into the forest as if looking for something. It was then that Kim sensed a presence. Ron was somewhere near and he was in full monkey ninja mode. Even she could not see him, but knew he was close. Tarleton started to shout orders to his troopers and the other men. They started to pull the unconscious Captain from off the horse. They Kim felt a familiar presence. The rope holding her up was sliced as she settled into some comforting arms. A hand went over her mouth and she knew that he wanted her to be quiet.

Ron quickly untied her hands and slowly led her over to one of the Calvary horses standing nearby. He guided her on the far side of the horse and slowly helped her mount the horse. Dropping a small package onto the ground, he jumped up behind her and kicked the horse forward it reared and leaped into a gallop.

Tarleton and the others whirled around to see that somehow the girl and gotten loose and had stolen one of the horses. Tarleton muttered a curse as he started running toward his own mount.


All the men ran toward their horses. Tarleton had just about reached the area where his horse was which happened to be the same place where Ron had released Kim and dropped his little package. The package took this moment to explode with bright flash and stinging particles. All the horses started to rear and jump. A couple of them broke free and ran off into the woods. Tarleton was momentarily stunned by the blast but reached his horse and mounted it. He brushed the stinging at his face and bud something out of his skin. He looked closely at it. It was rock salt. No wonder the horses were upset. He noticed that his troopers were mounted and waiting for him. Without a word he charged after Kim and Ron. The troopers fell into place behind him.

Kim reached up to pull the gag from the mouth. Even though they were going at a full gallop and weaving through trees she was able to turn around and give Ron a quick kiss. Ron held onto her tighter.

"Not that I mind but so not the time. We've got company."

Kim looked back to see glimpses of Tarleton and his troopers riding after them. While they were riding one of the Calvary horses, there were two of them on this horse and the men chasing them were all riding alone. While the weight difference might not be much the Calvary troopers were better horsemen. There was no chance of outrunning them. Ron kissed the back of her neck.

"No matter what, keep going."

Before Kim could protest Ron guided them under a tree with a low branch. With a dexterity that impressed her he reached up, caught the branch and flipped up off of the horse and into the branches of the tree. Kim kept going hoping that he was able to do what he was planning to do.

Tarleton kept getting glances of the girl through the trees. There was no doubt the boy somehow had overpowered the Captain and his men and had used the distraction of letting the unconscious men ride into their group as a diversion. Then he had snuck into camp and released the girl. But they were on a slow horse and they had no chance to escape. His troopers were in a single line behind them dodging through the trees. He passed under a low branch and kept his eyes on the fleeing horse in front of him.

Ron waited for the last trooper to pass under him. He figured that they would have to ride in line due to the trees. It was perfect for what he had planned. He only hoped that he could pull it off. He waited for the last trooper to pass under and dropped down on the unsuspecting man. A quick hit in a certain spot and the man fell from his saddle. Ron grabbed the reins and urged the horse faster. He caught up with the next soldier and knocked him senseless from the saddle. There were two more to go as the group broke into an open field. The two troopers in front of him started to ride side by side. He started to gain on them. Just as he reached them he turned around in the saddle and urged his horse between the two of them. The two surprised troopers were surprised to see Ron ride between them. He threw two punches that dropped the troopers off their horses. As he turned back around he looked up to see Tarleton draw another pistol and fire. There was an animal scream and Kim's horse crumbled to the ground tossing Kim forward to the ground.

Kim had some idea of what Ron had planned but hoped he was not crazy enough to attempt it. She glanced back after she had broke into the open space. Tarleton was close behind with two of his troopers behind them. Behind the two troopers rode Ron. She made a jump over a ditch and chanced a look back again. Tarleton was closer but only Ron was behind Tarleton. All the other troopers had disappeared. She heard the crack of a pistol and the horse under her screamed and collapsed. Kicking herself clear she rolled as she hit the ground. Running back to the struggling horse, Kim pulled the extra saber nestled in its scabbard along the side of the saddle. She looked up to see Tarleton jumped his horse over the ditch and draw his own saber. Standing still for a moment she waited until Tarleton committed how he was going to run her down. Tarleton yelled and couched his saber to his right as he charged down on her. Kim waited until the last moment and then dove under Tarleton's horse.

She could see the surprise in Tarleton's eyes as this movement was the last thing he expected her to do. He attempted to slash at her but he would hit his own horse if he tried. As Kim dove under his horse she spun in the air and slashed upward with the saber she had. Her blow sliced the harness of the saddle cleanly and only grazed the horse.

Although the horse was only grazed the sting of the slice caused it to buck and rear. Tarleton's eye went wide as his saddle slipped off the horse's back. He tried to jump clear but his spurs got caught in the straps to his stirrups. He fell with a bone-jarring thud to the ground. Struggling, he kicked himself clear of his saddle and turned to face the slip of a girl. He found her standing just a few feet away her saber at the ready.

Ron's heart went to his throat when he saw Kim fall to the ground after the shot. He watched as she grabbed a saber from the saddle of her horse and turned to face Tarleton. She dove under the his horse and somehow cut his saddle loose. Tarleton fell to the ground in a tangle of straps and stirrups. He jumped to his feet to face Kim. Ron was about to join the fight when two yells behind him told him that more people were joining the party. It was the two troopers that he had decked earlier. Ron turned his horse around and called the Lotus Blade. With a responding yell he turned and charged at the two startled troopers.

He waited until he got close then turned to one side to pass on the outside of the first trooper. Raising the Lotus Blade, he traded two quick blows across the trooper's saber. Then, without a second thought he whirled the blade around his back and blocked a blow from the second trooper who had turned and attacked from the rear. The trooper stared in shock for a moment, then attacked again. Ron twisted his horse around to face the second trooper and changed the Blade into its true Katana form. Jumping from the horse he turned to face both troopers on his feet. He held the Lotus Blade in front of him with a two handed grip. The two troopers stopped for a moment and stared at him. They grinned and spurred their horses forward when there was the sound of a pistol shot.

Tarleton leered at Kim as he slowly stepped forward.

"Do YOU really think you can fight me girl?"

Kim slowly stepped to the side keeping him in front of her.

"Oh I know I can. What's the matter, afraid of being beaten by a girl? We beat you before. Do you have trouble sitting once in awhile?"

Tarleton's face twisted in rage as he attacked. Kim blocked his first blow and slashed back at him. He barely dodged the blade as it slashed the arm of his uniform. He looked down to see sleeve hanging open. He growled and attacked again. This time he faked the attack and then changed his attack. Kim was fooled and the only reason her stomach was not slit open was the fact she had good reflexes and her cheer skills. Still the steel blade opened a small cut across her stomach. It stung but barely started to bleed. She flipped into the air and slashed down. Her saber sliced a cut in Tarleton's shoulder. Landing on the other side of him she heard the sharp crack of a couple of pistols. Looking up she saw a group of French and American Calvary riding toward them.

"Well, I see our party has ending with the arrival of some other guest. I believe it is time for me to take my leave."

Kim turned to see Tarleton flip up his saber in a mock salute and then jump on the bareback of his horse. Spurring the horse viciously he galloped off across the field. She noticed the two remaining troopers joining him as they retreated into the distance. Ron was running across the field toward her. Dropping the saber to her ground she ran toward him. They collided in the middle of the field at the same moment that the approaching Calvary unit arrived in their midst. Several stopped and surrounded them as others continued to chase Tarleton and his men.

Kim hissed slightly as the doctor wrapped a bandage across her stomach. Ron sat in a chair next to her in the room at the Weatherburn's Tavern. They learned later that Grace missed Kim at the Whythe house and started to ask some questions. Belle's daughter blurted out what was going on when one of Washington's officers had questioned her. It didn't take long to track them down. When Washington and Colonel Possible found out who was behind their capture they sent out several Calvary patrols in to hope of catching up with them. Now they were stay in the tavern under the care of Washington's personal doctor and under guard by a platoon from the Marquis's soldiers. The doctor let Kim pull her nightshirt down and sit back in the bed she was laying in.

"Well young lady, you have had a rather exciting day. The cut will heal well with no marks. You have a nice lump on the back of your head. That should go down after the next few days. I will tell the General that you should have some rest for the next few days. You two have pushed providence twice now. I do not think that you should push your luck any more. I think General Washington agrees. I will make my leave now. Let me know if you have any pain."

The doctor picked up his bag and left the room. Kim and Ron could see Washington standing just outside the door. He stepped into the room after the doctor left. Kim started to get up. Washington motioned with his hand telling her to remain where she was and that Ron was to remained seated.

"Mrs. Stoppable, it is good to see you well."

Kim composed herself in front of the man who would soon become the first President of the nation he would help bring to life.

"With a lot of thanks to you General Washington, if you had not sent those soldiers after us I believe that we would not be having this conversation."

The General smiled.

"It is no matter. I would do the same for any of my officers or anyone else who has served their nation as well as the two of you. Now what I am to do with the two of you? You can't seem to stay out of harm's way and I doubt that sending you away will do any good. So I am going to make you my guests here with a guard at least for the next few days. After that you will be part of my personal staff. At least there I will be able to keep my eye on you."

Washington stepped forward and patted Kim on the head. Turning to Ron he cuffed him on his shoulder.

"I am afraid that all of your clothes were taken so I have arranged for a line of credit at Tarpley's Store next door as well at the Nicholson's store across the street. The tavern's have all been notified that you are my guests. Now I want the two of you to get some rest for the next few days and that is an order do I make myself clear?"

Kim and Ron nodded as Washington smiled.

"That is good. Now it would be my pleasure to have dinner with the two of you in a couple of days. Will you accept?"

Kim bowed from her bed.

"It would be an honor Mr. Pre… General Washington."

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