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"OH MAN!! I'M GOING TO BE LATE FOR CLASS!!"Danny Fenton your normal high school kid said as he raced through the halls of Casper High high school. The only thing that made him not as normal as the other kids in the world is the fact, that he has ghost powers and is known as the world's hero Danny Phantom, and he was about to be late for class because of a ghost (duh). Danny now grew 5'8, still had black hair and baby blue eyes (so cute) and wore pure red shirt with a leather jacket, blue jeans and black nike shoes. Danny was about to miss second period class math, his worse subject in school since grade 9, sorry, change that, grade 7. The bell rang and Danny wasn't watching where he was going so he accidentally bumbed into someone knocking himself over and nearly the person he hit.

"Jeez, watch where your going!"a famillier voice said. Danny looked up noticing it was somone he knew.

"Oh, sorry Sam. I didn't see you."Sam was now grew to be 5'4 (excluding here high heel leather boots that went just below her knees) her hair was know past her shoulders to the middle of her back with purple steaks, strapless black top that showed off her belly and had a funky purple design on the right side of her shirt, fishnet gloves, and black pants wiht a green belt.

"Yeah, figured."the black hair girl responded. Danny picked up his books and Sam got down and started to help him.

"Sam you better get to class, your gonna be late."he told her.

"I already am." she wanted to help him. Like I said Danny had math, and Sam had science, so it wasn't hard to seperate the children's work.

"Thanks, for helping me, and sorry..for knocking ya down...ya know."Danny said to her. Danny really liked her, and wanted to tell her but he just couldn't he was scared of what she'd think.

"It's ok..."there was a big silence between the two teens, the silence was broken by Mrs. Fontain, Danny's math teacher yelling at Danny for not being in

class on time.


"Be right with you Mrs. Fontain."Danny said to the increadibly small teacher.


"Well, I guess I'll see ya at lunch." the goth told the boy.

"Yeah...see ya at lunch." Danny said.

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