"Sam…tell me who." Danny's eyes now brightened a litter green.

"I-ca-an-'t te-l-l, oth-ther wi-ise he-he'll ki-ll m-ee." Sam seemed serious about this.

"Don't worry Sam….I'll find out… now this guy… is going to become… the hunted."

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Sam's P.O.V

I sat in my dark, dark room waiting for Danny to come.

"I'm bored." I said out loud to myself, I got up off my bed and walked over to my purple and green vanity and opened the top left drawer to grab a lime green book. I walked back to my bed and sat down on my comfortable mattress and wrote this…

Dear Diary,

Guess wat? I'm pregnant, yup and no not with Danny's kid… I wish…anyway I didn't tell Danny who the father was…. I told the doctor that examined me that I was raped and he told Danny but I didn't revel who… he would kill me… I'm back with and ex-boyfriend of mine for the last 6 weeks now you know that. Mark, you remember Mark that I told you about, right? And no he didn't do it but we have had sex before remember I told you that... Anyway I'm going to tell him that it's his, he doesn't know what happened that one night… I didn't tell him… it's too painful to remember, but I can't get those images out of my head… not something that big… not at all. I keep on having dreams about it, about how it might have went if Danny was there… but he wasn't…


I'm walking the streets back home, just as I was the night it happened, I took a short cut through an ally, just like I did, anyway all of a sudden 3 guys pop out of nowhere… just what had happened… then just like it happened those guys are all coming on to me, forcefully. Ripping up my top and trying to take off my pants, then suddenly, from out of nowhere Danny comes and beats up those bad guys…just like he didn't…

I always thought Danny would be there for me, I also can't get those 10 words that came out of his mouth yesterday after he dropped me off. "I will kill him when I find him…. I promise…"

Then for no reason at all me lights in my room flickered on and off, I looked over to my light switch and it went on and off by itself.

"Danny?" I questioned, he came out of his invisible phase.

"Boo!" Danny shrieked quietly, I giggled.

"How are ya?" He asked.

"I'm doin' better." He flew over to my bed and sat down on the edge, after doing that he reached up with is hand and wiped over a piece of my hair to behind my ear, I turned my head as I started to blush. The awkwardness was broken by a knock on my door.

"Sam, honey, it's me." My mom yelled through the door. I sprung up as I quietly yelled at Danny to hide, and then quickly and quietly walked to the door. I turned around to see if Danny had hidden yet, he was nowhere in sight, then I opened the door.

"Hi mom, how are you today?" I questioned in a happy yet sarcastic kind of way.

"Are you up yet honey, its 11:42?" My mom said with a bowl of soup in her hands.

"Does it look like I'm up?" I said to my mom with a crooked eyebrow. We walked over to my bed and sat down. My mom instructed me to get back under the covers.

"Lay down now, I heard your throwing up last night." I stopped what I was doing and listened to her attentively.

"What? You heard that?" I said surprisingly.

"Yes. I wanted you to stay home today, you're not feeling well and I want you to rest." I knew that my mom was concerned about me; I just didn't know it was enough to make me miss school.

"I know that you never get sick, and you are sick, so you're staying home until you get better." She put the soup on my dresser for a second then got out the food tray and then placed the soup on that.

"Eat… you'll feel better." After she said that she walked out of the room and shut the door behind her.

"Phew." With a sigh of relief, "Danny, you can come out now." I saw him come out of his invisible fast again. He is so beautiful.

"I'm gonna go or I'm gonna be late for school. I'll come by after school if my parents don't call me and say "DANNY! WHERE ARE YOU I WANT YOU HOME NOW!!" Danny said mimicking his mom pretending to hold a phone by his ear, I laughed again.

"I'll see you after, kay?" He came over and gave me a kiss on the forehead then took off.

Danny…. You kissed me……

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Danny: Come on you guys do you not like me?*Danny doing puppy dog face*

Me: Oh… shut up Danny really… (I'm joking)

Danny: HEY!! That's not nice.*Danny pretending to cry*

Me: I don't care; it's what you get for being like a baby.

Danny: I'm not a baby…..